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Need oil cooler lines help.

Terry Posten

Well-known member
I need to replace the cooler lines on my stock 90 filter/cooler setup.

I need 4 of the adapters that screw into the housing and cooler.

Where can I get them and what exact size do I look for?

I will get braided line and the nessisary 90 deg and straight fittings needed to connect the two together.



Well-known member
I have my receipt in my car from Summit for my oil cooler setup. I can post you the part numbers if you like.

It's a -10 setup though, but I think that might be advantageous for you as it increases the oil capacity. I'm sure your motor puts out a decent amount of heat. :p

Even if you don't run -10, I'd run 90* and a 120* fitting off of the housing side instead of two 90*. The clearance is very tight to the frame with two 90* fittings.