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Good Guy: V8EATER


Well-known member
I bought some t-bolt clamps from him and they came as expected. I would do business with him again.



Well-known member
Bought an AC condenser from Andy for my Volvo. It was everything he promised along with great service and a follow up call after the transaction was completed.

Would definitely do business with him again.


Well-known member
SUPER NICE GUY! Very inthused to have me as a new Galant owner. Thanks for all the information.
Hope to see to you at the next meet. Thanks again Andy!

I'm gonna add my praises as well. Bought the Turbo Timer from him, though I havent had a chance to put it in yet. It came fast and as promised.

Hey got some coilovers from him and he shipped them fast and packaged them nicely.



Staff member
Bought some Intrepid Coils from Andy -- perfect transaction, fast shipment.

He can drink carbombs too.


Well-known member
yeah hertz, we have to do those everytime we see each other now, don't we?


Well-known member
I've gotten a magnaflow, and an abs computer from Andy, and had nothing but good purchase experiences. He's a standup guy and a great asset to our community.


Well-known member
I traded Andy a wirelss keyboard and mouse for a GE vaccum manifold from a SRT-4 he parted out..He didnt bring it down to Des Moines, so he overnighted it to me from Kansas need to, but he did.

I just cleaned it up and wetsanded it as I was bored and took a picture - I said I was bored, yo! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


Terry Posten

Well-known member
Andy is DA MAN!.

Excellent parts, in excellent shape, for a excellent price. Super fast shipping too.


Well-known member
Once again Andy has helped me out. He got me parts for my sentra for a decent price. Everything was shipped quick, and in decent conditon. Thanks again.



Well-known member
Great Guy...I actually bought an Infiniti Wheel off him on eBay without knowing...Shipped it fast and was flawless!


Well-known member
Got a 2g valve cover from him. Just as described and packaged very well. Fast shipping too.