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FS: Gvr4 974/2000 automatic project schaumburg ,il


New member
Galant vr4
Automatic trans

974 is not finished i have another vr4
And dont have the time to finish 974
Price is negotiable need it gone A.S.A.P
Or its becoming a shell

272 cams
Forced four shift box
60-1 turbo
255 walbro
5 lug conversion
4 bolt rear end lsd
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Apexi exhaust
Holley fuel rail
Battery relocated in trunk
No rust its a solid car
The hood was painted
Fender is losing the clear coat



Well-known member


Well-known member
Just seen this in the craigslist section. 3500 is what it says on there.


i would be interested in the shell. let me know when you decide to sell just the shell. thanks.


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whats it need to be a driver?


Well-known member
^ what did I just read? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif


Well-known member
Quoting bluzvr4:
whats it need to be a driver?

Something you're missing


Well-known member
First off there's no reason for you guys to be dicks. Second off he says its not finished then says it has a blown head gasket. So I want to make sure it's just a head gasket. So thanks again f*** off


Well-known member
He did say headgasket is blown, so at least a headgasket. Second were grammar nazis. You should have said, What does the car need to get it running or to be driving again. I'm not just saying but I'm just saying. Welcome to forum.


Well-known member
With you guys being into grammar as much as you are should understand why I ask what all it needs. A head gasket is a broken car. And to me a broken car and a unfinished car are 2 different things. I am I interested in either but would like to know if its both. Make sense? Oh and ur been here for years /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif


Turn Right Racing
Staff member
What were first?


Well-known member
^was. Sorry had to do it. The head gasket was first.


Well-known member
^ Oblivious to the obvious.


Well-known member
Well the good news is my poor grammar won't stop me from saving 51/2000 thanks guys