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FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (1335/2000) NB *Updated September 22, 2021


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Quoting pot:
Vince, I'm afraid I no longer have any of the parts your looking for.



I was seeing if you have the front bumper filler piece. The long one that goes between the headlights/grille and bumper?


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I used to own this car. Was clean when I owned it. Videos of it in 2008 on my YouTube, funkbuster. Hate to see it being parted out. I can say my cousin before me, then me, then guy I sold it to were all NC owners so it has been in the area a while.


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Is the 14b still available and in good condition?

How about the resistor pack?


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Are the rear CV axles still available? Are the rubber boots still intact and not cracked?


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I'm interested in the pair of front control arm clamps. How is the condition of the bushing?

Do you also have the other front control arm bolt, the one that goes through the rear bushing?

Finally, do you have the gas tank, and what is the condition?

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Do you have the driver's side internal trim that goes from the A to the C pillar? It's the strip that goes by your head.


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Do you have the engine bay harness by chance?


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Ebrake cables?
Hello I am looking for the following:
Left fender
Rear strut dust caps
Gauge cluster surround trim
Driver's seat bolt covers/caps
If they're still available would you be willing to ship to Canada?:)


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Pm sent.