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Alternative way to mount 4 relay mini box


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Sep 30, 2004
Orlando FL
Ever since I relocated the batter to the trunk, the mini 4 relay box that is suppose to mount on the positive terminal of the battery just hangs and not secure to anything. Decided to at least find a way to have it secure rather than just hanging around. Depending on your setup and considering if you are running a MAF, intercooler piping, etc might locate your relay box somewhere else.

Here is the mini relay box prior not secured to anything.



I happened to have a spare HID ballast mounting bracket and thought it would be a great canidate as a bracket for the mini relay box.


It didn't fit I had to unbend the "arms" and rebend them to fit the relay box. The only issue now is how to fully secure the relay box to the bracket since it only held on 3 sides. So what I did was drill holes on the end of each arm so I can fit a zip tie through the hole. I had to use 2 regular length zip ties to wrap around the box to the other end of the bracket arms, if you have 1 single extra long zip tie..that will work too and have a "cleaner" look.


So basically you just secure the mine relay box to the bracket and the zip tie(s) to fully secure it to the bracket.


This is what it looks like fully tightened on the HID ballast bracket.



Not just snip the excess zip tie and mount the bracket. I used a existing hole on the frame and just had to make the holes on the HID bracket bigger to flip the bolt through it and mount it to the frame. Depending where you mount yours will be different, but this is how I mounted mine with my setup.


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