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  1. WTB: 3.307 diff and auto transfer case

    HeyLooking for an auto transfer case and a 3.307 rear diff crown and pinion vr4 or rvr etc. postage to Australia!Thanks, Brock
  2. FS: Galant Vr4 AMG Bodykits >> 3 Pieces AMG Wing <<

    Reliable seller, bought most of my amg kit from 988! Always Has the rare stuff too
  3. Spatchana (aka Pot)

    Bought a transmission starter plate from pot, very helpful, lots of follow up to make sure I got the item, good seller!
  4. WTB: AMG rear bar

    Hey BuddyI'm trying to find this bar! no one has it haha
  5. WTB: AMG rear bar

    Hey guys,Chasing an AMG rear bar posted to Australia, pm me if you have or know anyone willing to sell one. Not looking for full set, just rear bar.Thanks, Brock
  6. FS: Galant Vr4 AMG Parts SOLD!!!!

    Wouldn't happen to have a AMG rear bar by any chance?Brock
  7. FS: VR4 front bumper lip **** $210 Ship ****

    Would like to order aswel boostx! please PM me when you have these ready to go and i can make payment $$Cheers, Brock
  8. Rear steering rack repair (Finally)

    HeyAs most vr4 owners are aware if there is a problem with the rear rack (Leaking or doesn't work, etc) the first option is to delete the system. Some people will argue that the car will handle better with or without. In my instance i never have felt AWS and now after this simple fix, i will...
  9. Spatchana (aka Pot)

    Posted Overseas no worries, very helpful! thanks
  10. Steering rack rebuild

    All good, I will ask lots of questions on the forums to as I'm no qualified mechanic, I'm a fast food manager who only gets to do this stuff In my free time. I appreciate the help through these forums for sure. It should be straight forward, I'm ordering $300 in parts from Rock auto this week to...
  11. Steering rack rebuild

    Ball joints and wheel bearings have been replaced. End links have not, neither have the sub bushes or arm bushes. It's been a year since I have drove the thing but it's in the rack I believe.
  12. Steering rack rebuild

    HeyI've had steering play for as long as I can remember, (minimal leaks too) and I want my steering to be tight again, it's the first time I've had to pull my steering out and it wasn't that bad. I've rebuilt a starion steering box before and it was just seals.I got quoted $600 to rebuild...
  13. New intake manifold questions

    Cheers TimIt's more i want to get rid of the stock manifold completely too, its the only thing left on my setup that's original and it sticks out, the car is off the road so i have plenty of time/time to save to do it all right, magnus cast manifold is going to be my choice when i'm...
  14. New intake manifold questions

    That's $2000 Aussie which would be like $1700 us
  15. New intake manifold questions

    Thanks for the quick reply'sI've contacted the seller and organized a refund. Those hyptertune manifolds are really pricey, they are local to me which i didn't know but i can't comprehend $2000 for an intake manifold, i'll stick with a magnus cast i think, thanks for the help.Brock
  16. New intake manifold questions

    hey guysMy GVR4 has been off the road for over a year and has undergone some big changes from stock, I have changed the turbo setup to a GT35r from ebay (Chinese) i rebuilt the turbo as soon as i got it and replaced the internals with a kit from I wanted to change the intake...
  17. WTB: Coolant line along engine block

    Thanks for all the offers guys I have found oneThanks, Brock
  18. WTB: Coolant line along engine block

    Hey guysi bent and broke my steel line along the block that runs from the oil filter housing to the water block, does anyone have a spare that they would ship to australia? ive had a post on the aus forums for 3 weeks and had nothing, if anyone can help pm me with price with postage, can pay...
  19. WTB: J pipe and oil line

    I have both of these, there yours for $40 posted, pm me.
  20. FS: GT35 hot side Mitsubishi flange and Misc items

    Hey,Went through all the stuff i don't need/can't use, someone may need some stock GVR piping.GT35 hot side to suit Mitsubishi flange and 6cm manifold. Bought this for my "GT35" from eBay but mine was a T04E, images are attached of inner diameters for reference. Made by Precision turbo i...
  21. Bad shifter movement

    I think my shifter is in bad condition, I made a brass sleeve to go around the bottom swinging arm With the adjuster and it made things better but as you can see I have the adjustment all the way out which seems to make shifts better. I want to improve on my Shifts and this isn't helping. Any...
  22. Bumper trim

    Hey guysI resprayed my bumpers and am looking for some new chrome bumper trim. Any ideas where to buy it? Thanks
  23. Turbo upgrade suggestions

    Fits stock throttle body? I emailed them and they have them in stock so I will order one this week and get started on my fmic setup.
  24. Turbo upgrade suggestions

    Thanks Tim, good to hear the erl will clear my radiator, I was looking at that, a gt35 (cheap one for initially tuning and fitting) I have a perfect core here, sorry I forgot to mention its an aus spec but has the rs bars. My core is 530 by 300 by 70, 2.5 inch inlets. I can do the intercooler...
  25. Turbo upgrade suggestions

    2.4 bottom end 272 brian crower cams TD05 16g 3" straight exhaust Stock manifold and Aus spec intercooler/piping 850cc injectors dw301 fuel pump
  26. Turbo upgrade suggestions

    250 was only an estimate, i have a base tune now with 16psi on speed density and ECMlink running the 2g maps. WOT AFR is at 10.5 on 98 oct or (93 for US) it just seems like it has no power after 6000 rpm, I will post logs later of what I mean. It has plenty of timing and fuel.My other option...
  27. Turbo upgrade suggestions

    One day down the track I would go with that setup but this is my first vr4 and is a daily, it's a test Pig. With that turbo is to pricy anyway, plus its externally gated, can't run it with my stock evo 3 manifold. Just need to know would a gt35 clear the block/water pipe and stock radiator with...
  28. Turbo upgrade suggestions

    HeyI've had my 2.4 for a year now in my vr4 with a standard 16g running 16psi and making approx 250hp. The turbo runs out in the top end, struggle to make it to 8000 rpm.I want to get to a t3 as quick as possible, and I've thought about how I want to do it. Adaptor plate from eBay from td05...
  29. Starting on 3 cylinders

    Just an update. I've done a compression test and coolant compression test. Compression is good, around 180psi each cylinder. Coolant lost presssure so removed plugs and cranked motor, cylinder 1 is pushing coolant out the spark plug hole. So in the mornings it wets the plug making it run on 3...
  30. Starting on 3 cylinders

    Yes it's using coolant, sorry, it could be the head gasket. It has a cometic steel head gasket with arp head studs. I would be surprised if it is a head gasket.
  31. Starting on 3 cylinders

    Thanks for all the replys! I've narrowed it down to the possibily of a cracked head, head gasket or leaking intake gasket. It has been using water now, someone told me it could be FIAV but I have blocked that off and there is no cooling running to it anymore, I will take a spark plug out in the...
  32. Starting on 3 cylinders

    My lifters have been ticking for a while so its likely that could be true. The fuel pump is fine, brand new 301 with 42.5 psi fuel pressure. I don't have the car back till this afternoon and I will put the new plugs in. I just hope it's not something serious like a cracked block, a different...
  33. Starting on 3 cylinders

    Last week I checked the plugs they were all tan in colour, all good, not burning oil either, I'm buying a set of bp6es tomorrow and I will update how it goes.
  34. Starting on 3 cylinders

    I have changed plugs from bp7 to 8's with no difference, spark plug leads are only a year old, 7mm. I don't have a compression tester, I live on the south side. Redlands area. Victoria pointCheers, Brock
  35. Starting on 3 cylinders

    HeyRecently in the past three weeks my VR4 has been starting on 3 cylinders for a period of about 5-10 seconds before the forth kicks in and the idle jumps to 2000, I have tried making it richer with no difference, I ran 2 bottles of injector cleaner through the tank and nothing. I know basics...
  36. Turbo bolts coming loose.

    HeyI've had allot of drama's with turbo's since the ownership of my vr4. I have just installed a brand new TD05-16g, i used ultra copper thermal and i let it dry for 15 minutes before assembly of turbo dump and turbo to manifold. The 4 bolts keep coming loose.. i put red thread locker...
  37. Wastegate Actuator Arm

    I set my Compressor to 7 psi and push air through the vacuum line works great
  38. Overheating issues.

    Yea Tim the radiator brackets broke so I fabricated my own. It all did line up but the old radiator and fan were pretty beat up
  39. Overheating issues.

    Thanks ozyvr4 for the tip, i was told once to move that temp sensor to the top but never thought of doing it until now.There is two fans, one in front of the condenser and one behind the radiator. The a/c one comes on when the air con is turned on, not sure if it turns on when it gets hot...
  40. Overheating issues.

    Thanks for the help, I was just throughing up ideas why it is overheating, I put the 88 degrees thermostat back in and it gets to temp, still slowly climbs on idle but never reached 100 when stopped. Thermo fan kicks in around 93-95, is there a slow speed before this? My fan is either on or off...
  41. Overheating issues.

    Cheers Tim i will give that a go tomorrow.
  42. Overheating issues.

    Hey guysI will make this as quick as i can.Cooling: Evo 3 Racing aluminum radiator 78 degree thermostat (now removed) Coolant and no blockage or airlocks Stock radiator fan shroud (Not sure)Stock TD05 turbo 3" stainless downpipe and turbo dump Ceramic coated inside and out EVO 3 manifold...
  43. Shifter play.

    The bottom shift lever, it moves around at least 10-15 mm after I used some washers underneath it, and before it had around 30mm of movement. The base is fine, that's definetly not the problem.
  44. Shifter play.

    HeyI have an issue with my shifter assembly. it its worn out on the lower arm and rocks up and down which is really ruining my shifting. What can i do? is there an aftermarket bushing kit i can use to space it up and make it tight again?
  45. 78 Degree thermostat

    okay cheers, this head seems to be bullet proof. I will try to put a hotter thermostat back in, cheers
  46. 78 Degree thermostat

    Hey guysI have noticed this recently and i'm hoping that my head isn't cracked but i would like some advice on what to do. The car runs great and pulls hard, i have a 78 degree thermostat in my car and when i'm driving coolant temperature gets to 95-1xx degrees, it gets to 100 degrees and sits...
  47. 93 headlights

    Thats exactly what i'm looking for.. they would be perfect for what i would want, i would like to setup some HID projectors that have a nice horizontal cut on them so i don't blind anyone and looks good, shame i can't grab a set of them.
  48. Good size FMIC on RS bar

    It goes around haha, someone gets in an accident "I need a new front bar" lol
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