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  1. - WTB/WTT: Galant VR4 -

    Price Range:your asking price Location: Monument,CO Range: any,will pay for shipping to CO Contact: email: [email protected] or text 8182902764 Details: Looking for galant vr4,eclipse gsx,evo.Not looking for a project,the car needs to be in good running condition,with everything sorted...
  2. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    SOLD! Quoting trexn8: You better act a little nicer if you want to sell that thing.
  3. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    Please,do your own research.This is for sale post,not a discussion post.Thank you.
  4. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    Yes.Stiffen the chassis.Very rare piece for our cars.Pretty sure you cant find it for sale for our cars,but who knows.Quoting mooserage: Yeah I believe its just meant to stiffen the chassis across the c-pillars. I've never seen one for a galant before though. Is it a custom piece?
  5. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    Hi,i have this brace bar i want to sell.$100 shipped continental US.
  6. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    Wheels are sold.
  7. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    First pic was just a reference pic only.They are 4 x 114.3Quoting belize1334: 1st pic is 5-lug wheels. But the ones on car are 4-lug. Odd.Also, what dunlops are those?
  8. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    Wheels and tires are almost new,no damage or even scratches on the wheels.One of the tires has some fender rub scratches(not from the galant),tire itself is great.Less than 1k miles on the whole setup.Rims are 17x8j,30 offset.On my car they were flush in the rear,front almost flush.I will post...
  9. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    I have a set of almost new 17 inch Rays 707 daytona wheels with almost new dunlop tires 225/45zr/17(less than 1k miles),asking 650 obo.
  10. N00b

    Wow,this thread went south quickly Anyway,Ligo,welcome to the forums.And dont crush that car What are your plans for the gvr4?Are you going to build it?
  11. Power door locks?

    Adorsey,could your problem be 100amp fusible link related?When my alternator went out,it burned 100amp fusible link and it took all the good stuff with it(windows,heat,a/c,etc.) Replaced the alternator and the fuse,and all back to normal.
  12. Hello.... New to the forum....

    Looks like a spam to me.
  13. Bump stops on a lowered car?

    Nobody knows?
  14. Bump stops on a lowered car?

    Im about to replace my struts/shocks and i got a set of new bumpstops to go with them.What i was wondering is,since the car will be lowered about 2" all around,do i need to cut the bumpstops?I've read in one of the posts that you have to cut rear bumpstops,but i dont remember how much...
  15. sold: Rare 1995.5 audi s6 quattro 300whp Standalone7,500 firm or trades FL

    You have to be very patient if you want to sell it,like the others have said.And you need to advertise it all over the place,its not the type of the car that people are looking for(unfortunately),so it is up to you to find a buyer.Good luck.
  16. FS:hyundai smooth valve cover,spark plug cover

    VC SOLD,plug cover still for sale
  17. sold: Rare 1995.5 audi s6 quattro 300whp Standalone7,500 firm or trades FL

    They only charge $100 flat fee if the car sells.If it doesnt,you dont pay.Quoting 3rdstrikedsm: Not really but I can't afford to pay their fees lol
  18. sold: Rare 1995.5 audi s6 quattro 300whp Standalone7,500 firm or trades FL

    Have you thought of trying to sell it on ebay?
  19. HELP! -> Weird Noise: Video included!

    Does the sound go away when the car warms up?
  20. FS:hyundai smooth valve cover,spark plug cover

    Both items are still for sale,none of the potential buyers came through with the payment.Please PM me if you want the item,letting me know that you are sending the payment to [email protected] , once the item is sold,ill remove it from here.
  21. Bogging,stalling.:(

    You mean CEL light?No,no lights are on. I checked the connection to the mas several times,even unpluged it and pluged back in...i should try my 1g mas probably... The best description of the problem would be that it feels like a rev limiter set to 3k,and it happens in every gear. Im...
  22. Bogging,stalling.:(

    Used ecm link to do a log,car wont rev pass 3k rpm in any gear.Can anyone help me witt ecm-link log?Thanx
  23. Preparing my GVR4 for a rediculous 250 a mile per day commute

    I wouldn't trust my galant to do this job.Constant problems,i only driven it 300 miles in all the time i owned it.Every time i take it out,i pray nothing goes wrong.And it usually doesnt,it likes to break overnight for some reason.
  24. Bogging,stalling.:(

    I know we dont have a carb,i copy/pasted description from cherrod8's link(found wich plug looks like mine).
  25. Bogging,stalling.:(

    Carbon Fouled-Soft, black, sooty deposits easily identify this plug condition. This is most often caused by an over-rich, air/fuel mixture. Check for a sticking choke, clogged air cleaner, or a carburetor problem - float level high, defective needle or seat, etc. This may also be attributed to...
  26. Bogging,stalling.:(

    pulled the plugs,look black/dry.
  27. Bogging,stalling.:(

    I finally made a boost leak tester and performed a test.Major leak somewhere at the throttle body area.Couldnt pinpoint it,the air goes out so quickly,and i only had 40 psi in my air tank(just enough por 2 tests).Could that be my problem? Im also going to test the isc and pull the plugs to see...
  28. Bogging,stalling.:(

    How can a car not be able to last more than 200 miles at a time without something braking or happening is beyond me Im not even driving it hard and its not my daily driver.Drove it yesterday,no problems.Go start it today,barely starts,take it out and it kinda drives fine,untill i make a...
  29. FS:hyundai smooth valve cover,spark plug cover

    Mitsubishi spark plug cover $15 shippedHyundai smooth valve cover,corner has little piece cracked off.Check in the 2nd pic.Tried stripping the paint off,didnt work too good.I do have all the bolts that are needed to mount $30 shipped
  30. Some CF pieces to think about...with pictures

    I like the rounded look better.Square not so much.Quoting Garfield Wright: Crap!!! That was quick. This isn't installed just sitting there so it's a little lean but you get the idea
  31. FS: 92 belize green ,813/1000 Tarzana , CA 3700 obo

    Not for sale anymore,decided to keep the 813.
  32. Suspension info needed

    As far as bumpstops go,do i have to cut them when lowering the car,or leave stock length?
  33. Brake hydralic hoses

    Did a little reasearch and found these on tuner nation.Doesnt look like they are too expensive afterall. click
  34. Brake hydralic hoses

    I do want stainless lines,but i think they are out of my buget.I will check the prices to see what they cost.
  35. Brake hydralic hoses

    Im checking right now and it says Front outer and front inner,same for the rears.I only saw one rubber hose...wich ones do i need to order,outer or inner? thanx
  36. Brake hydralic hoses

    Im about to order all 4 hydralic brake hoses.I inspected the hoses,and all of them have cracks on the rubber part,but not leaking.Looks like a pretty straight forward job to me,and ive done it before on other cars.Any pointers for our cars?Anything else i should order for this job?
  37. Suspension info needed

    I currently have a combo kyb agx/megan springs on my car.Ive read if you want an even drop you have to use 1.5 drop rear springs.I think megan are 1.9 drop.I've read a member saying you can use some sort of a spacer with a 1.9 in drop springs and it will even it out.What exactly can you use...
  38. Galant S Upgrade to VR4 engine/i4orv6 HELP

    Maybe better off selling your 7th gen.,and finding galant vr4?
  39. FS: 2g cold air filter adapter kit

    price drop $20 shipped
  40. FS: Super Advans and Greddy front mount

    These are the wheels i really want for my galant,unfortunately you are too far away.Looks like a good deal,good luck with sale.
  41. Alternator :(

    I have same reasoning as far as relocating the alternator and deleting the a/c.Summers can get pretty hot out here,so that is not an option.Probably just going to remove the dump pipe and install a regular o2 housing.As much as i like the dump pipe,in the end its just not worth it.
  42. 100 amp fuse

    The battery is relocated from its stock position,but i left it inside the engine bay.So it is fairly stock.Weird thing happened yesterday.I parked the car,and in about an hour i had to go to my friends house.So i decided to check the voltage again,and it was charging fine,reading about 14.7...So...
  43. 100 amp fuse

    It turned out to be the alternator that blew my 100amp fuse.Replaced it with a used alternator,and the car ran great.Drove it around for couple of hours doing chores,then on the way home decided to do a pull.I was in a second gear,and all of the sudden i noticed my headlight dimmed for a split...
  44. Alternator :(

    Where would you buy a heat shield?I have a dump pipe,wich dumps the hot exhaust right onto the alternator.Im actually thinking of replacing it now,because i go trough alternators too much.
  45. I finally made it here...

    Car looks nice,im kinda liking the evo wing.Welcome to the forums .
  46. FS: 92 belize green ,813/1000 Tarzana , CA 3700 obo

    Replaced the alternator today,car runs great and is very fast.Looking to get $3500 for it.
  47. FS: 1998 Talon TSi AWD Manual *NORCAL* $3000

    Hey,man,check out my for sale thread,i might be interested in a trade.
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