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  1. Upcoming server move

    while this doesnt pertain to the merger, as a newcomer I think it would be really nice to have some of the old information compiled together, dead links removed, and information placed in maybe a cleaner section. just my 1 cent.
  2. The "Registry"

    currently own 1519
  3. CV axel

    I'm mostly concerned about quality. Lot of reviews so I want to make sure I do this whole front end restoration right.
  4. CV axel

    I went to order new cv axel on rock auto, and there are a few different brands. Didnt know if anyone had input on which brand was preferable. I plan on ordering DS and PS for the front. trying to replace as much as possible up there with that metal on metal/ grind noise.
  5. Dash Lifting

    damn thats a bummer, suppose I will look into a new dash at the same time if i am going to be ripping it out
  6. Dash Lifting

    Sorry about the glare but i was a bit upset. had to move the car for a few weeks and didnt pay attention to the sun. Any way to fix this lifting or am I needing a new dash?
  7. Not new, newbie.

    Im fairly new as well but welcome! would love to see everything your working on.
  8. Hello from Ohio! 809/1000

    Hell yea! Did you drive it that whole way or ship it?
  9. Suggested double sided tape

    Thank you I will go and look into that, I have a friend that does body work, I will ask him.
  10. New owner, hello new friends

    I have taken off the caliper and one piston seems to drag, as in doesnt extend out as far as the other. not sure if that is normal
  11. New owner, hello new friends

    I havent tried a autozone or advanced yet, but the dealer could not find new, and said even if they could would be 600, each.
  12. Suggested double sided tape

    thank you for that, i found that with another search. It seems most of the devolve into just another double sided ribbon tape.So I will go ahead and dig deeperclick the FSM for newer searches
  13. Suggested double sided tape

    hello I did some digging through the search function for the last couple years.This morning I tried to open my back door and the paneling on the bottom of the door seems to have come loose. After some pulling I believe the double sided tape holding the panel to the door has gone bad. Was...
  14. New owner, hello new friends

    after doing some digging on a throw out bearing, it seems that it is not the case as it is simply able to be heard more, no engine noise or exhaust.does anyone have a lead on a rebuild kit?
  15. New owner, hello new friends

    "Engine and trans zone: oil pump, water pump, timing components, alternator, starter. AC pump if you still have it." none of this is speed sensative. its rpm sensative yes. But if i go 45 miles an hour, hear it, then shift into neutral. the sound still remains as if i were in gear.I dont...
  16. New owner, hello new friends

    Negative, no abs
  17. New owner, hello new friends

    I dont think it would be the downpipe as its speed dependable, not rpm.
  18. New owner, hello new friends

    Heyo, Well i have changed the DS caliper up front, and the sound was no different it sooooounds like pad drag, like just ever so soft. The PO left a bearing and 2 seals so i will be swapping that. I also will be going ahead and ordering 2 new axels and just send it with that too. can anyone...
  19. New owner, hello new friends

    Helloit seems to be rotational and variable by speed. it may just be pads sitting against the rotor, but i bought another caliper and its unlikely that another one is doing the same thing. I have a bearing and seals that I am going to try and have pressed, but plan to order both axels for the...
  20. Oil pump shot, acl pump otw. Rock auto felpro HG set for $22

    I am running the acl, no issues so far
  21. New owner, hello new friends

    Hello everyone, I am new to the dsm/gvr4 and even new to the mitsu brand.I have picked up #1519/2000 and have been working on it now for about a month replacing odds and ends, I cannot seem to figure out a metal on metal sound from the front but its still on going. not sure what else to put...
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