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  1. I just met "Miles" from here on GalantVR4

    Is was nice getting meet Miles, we literally passed at a stop light. 1st board member I've ever gotten to meet, and after only 9 years as a member.Nice to meet you Miles!!!
  2. Baby needed a new pair of shoes...

    I had been noticing a vibration that had been getting more and more prominent and the feeling of the suspension and steering had changed. Sure enough, it was one of the rear tires (they lived a long useful life). Today I went and picked up a new set of rims and tires. I am once again reminded...
  3. The answer to a long standing question... 17 Gallons

    That is how much fuel I was able to pump into the Galant after running out of gas (only had to push the car about 50 feet, which is about as far as I would ever want to push this car).I have rarely ever been able to get more than 15.4 gallons in the tank when filling up. The capacity of the...
  4. Smog testing and general tuning in Salt Lake, Utah

    Can anyone give me the rundown about how invasive the smog testing in Salt Lake is? Do they look for mods (or just numbers), or do they care?? Is the stock emissions equipment sufficient on a GVR4? What are the gotchas(O2, Air Filter, EGR, etc)? Does leaning out work? I noticed a lot of...
  5. Steve Monroe AKA

    I ordered several parts including shaft seals to complete rebuilding my throttle body from Steve Monroe( I do not believe I have ever met any vendor who was more attentive, helpful, and communicative. He offered his advice freely (very sound advice), and even sent a picture...
  6. 4G63_GSR

    I bought a set of headlights from 4G63_GSR. Excellent condition for the price. Kept in constant communication. He did an outstanding job of packaging.I would definitely do business again.
  7. gaylantvr4

    I bought a set of headlights from Joe AKA gaylantvr4. Package arrived quickly in the as stated condition. Excellent transaction. I would certainly do business again.
  8. GreensleevesVR4

    Bought a set of OEM EVO springs from Bryan Freed AKA GreensleevesVR4. He shipped them like lightning. The springs arrived and are in good shape. I would definitely do business with him again!
  9. AC removal question

    This question was sent to me via PM regarding the removal of the AC compressor. The service manual shows a spacer for the half-shaft bolts once the compressor is removed.Quote:Quote:hi, i have a question about removing the ac. after removing the compressor, there is a gap where the axle...
  10. Suspension (beating the dead horse)

    I'm rounding up parts to replace my 15 year old suspension. I have done a lot of reading and I am just as undecided as when I started due to the overall disparity of opinions.I will begin this post with saying I really do *NOT* want to lower the car. I live in Mississippi and our roads make...
  11. Condensers and finned products in general

    This is just a quick informational post about finned cooling products for reference. Particularly what not to buy. I'm basing this on a condenser I just bought that I'm not happy with the construction of. I intend to single out why, and how it should have been done.Aluminum is used in a lot...
  12. Parts Dinosaur (Bruce Roller)

    Good prices, fast shipping. Ordered several parts(Hydraulic adjuster, pulleys, Lower Gasket Kit). Parts arrived with hand written note indicating that lower gasket kit had been opened only to hand verify the parts were for the proper 4g63 6-Bolt.
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