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  1. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    7326869665664668Expires Jan 21, 2018
  2. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    4776636427986108Expires 9/4/16
  3. lets see where you guys mounted your aftermarket gauges

    web page Not my photo, but one just like it.
  4. lets see where you guys mounted your aftermarket gauges

    I have a 2 pod Ortiz Custom mounted where the drivers side tweeter cover goes. I like it.
  5. Shifter boot You can choose the material and colors. Order a 3000gt boot. Worked great in my car with a shorter 1g shift arm.
  6. Found Even More WRONG Wiring.

    Your power to the fan might be arc-ing to the radiator itself. I'd check the wiring and seal everything up well.
  7. VRSF Intake

    I would run an AEM Dryflow intake filter. You can make custom intake piping or go with the FP cast intake like everyone else.
  8. Battery charger/ maintainer

    That doesn't look too bad. I use the Battery Tender Jr and it works as a trickle charger well.
  9. GVR4 specific custom engine and chassis wire harnesses

    Connectors were more than we expected, but if 20+ people sign up, it'll be the same price as the competitors. But made with higher quality and standards.On the group buy, specify what connectors you'd like changed or deleted. And Auto/Manual If you want AEM or Haltech, also specify.I'm...
  10. GVR4 specific custom engine and chassis wire harnesses

    Quoting galantgti: I would be very interested, but my car has oem headlight washers. Would it be possible to include that wiring in the loom?That's awesome, I think the washers would be integrated into the chassis harness, not the engine harness, correct? We are starting with engine...
  11. GVR4 specific custom engine and chassis wire harnesses

    UPDATE: Should have pricing by Friday. Just finishing up pricing with all of the needed connectors. Found a vendor that can supply new ecu plugs. These harnesses will have 100% new connectors, new wiring, braided nylon loom, heat shrink, and quick connect injector clips. Basic harnesses will be...
  12. GVR4 specific custom engine and chassis wire harnesses

    I relocated it to my glove box. I know a few galant owners that have tucked theirs to the drivers side fender well where ABS used to be.
  13. GVR4 specific custom engine and chassis wire harnesses

    Hey everyone, I'm joining up with my friend that makes custom harnesses for Formula Drift cars to make Galant specific harnesses. Prices will come later and depend on how customized the customer wants, for now, I'm trying to get a head count on legitimately interested people. Most likely we...
  14. Changing out fuel filter

    I cut a section of a normal 14mm closed end wrench out just big enough to fit around the fuel line. It worked great. I use that tool all the time now.
  15. FS: 93 Galant Partout

    Do you have the full din radio bezel?
  16. New EcmLink User

    Sorry guys, Figured it out..The FPS Settings were set weird. I just clicked the stock setting box and it all looks good to go. Does everything else look good on the log? Anything weird that I haven't noticed?Thanks!
  17. New EcmLink User

    Hi everyone,I recently got ECMLink V3 for my car. I am building a new motor as we speak but I wanted to get ECM set so that the new motor will start and break in without any problems. The car seems to idle just fine and drives well until I attempt to go WOT. The motor will pull until nearly...
  18. ECMLink in Galant VR4

    Thanks guys, what I had was a 1g non-socketed ecu with the aftermarket socketed chip. My gvr4 is socketed, so I just pulled the ecmlink chip and added it to my ecu. Now I just have to learn how to tune it. Hahaha.
  19. ECMLink in Galant VR4

    Hello, I own a 91 Galant VR4 that was prevoiusly running with an unknown modded chip. I got ecmlink v3 from a friend that is installed in another ecu. That ecu says converted to awd on it. The only issue is the stock ecu and the new ecu look different (internally and different mounting points...
  20. FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    Count me in for a set too. Whenever you get them. Thanks!
  21. Oil supply feed Allen bolt

    I'm sure this is a dumb question but I can't find an answer anywhere. I have an oil leak from my front passenger side of the valve cover. It only leaks during boost. It is not coming from the supply line or banjo bolt, but possibly the valve cover, half moon seal, or the Allen head bolt that is...
  22. WTB: Radio Bezel

    It's insane how hard one of these are to come by. I just need the stock full DIN trim piece. I live in 80021. Let me know if anyone has one. Thanks so much!-Dillon 720.233.0466
  23. WOT 5k stutter w/ new evo 3 16g

    I have a recirculated bov, it's not a wrong setup. It doesn't die at a stop or run rich. It's a tuned [email protected], thanks for the info!! I couldn't find too many mmc friendly shops around town. Surprised that there's that many gvr4 guys here. I've only seen one other and it was years ago...
  24. WOT 5k stutter w/ new evo 3 16g

    Sorry, thought my build would show up on my post. I have a Tial BOV, so not stock diverter. Aftermarket boost gauge holds at 15psi. Running stock injectors and mas. Before turbo upgrade, car ran to 7.5k with no stutter at all. No logger, but my custom EPROM cancels the fuel cut. I have new plugs...
  25. WOT 5k stutter w/ new evo 3 16g

    Hey there!I just installed an Evo III 16g in my gvr4. Everything runs great, boost gauge holds at 15 pounds WOT, but at 5.5k it has a small stutter (engine just looses power, no noticeable sounds or anything) and then pulls slowly. I haven't held it to see if it will go to redline, kinda...
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