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  1. ThreeSpeed meet

    Depends on the date. I might swoop in from the other side of the planet.
  2. GVR4 crunch

    I gotta pour some liquor out for 931
  3. Turbo that lasted for only 5 passes/ #931's last hurrah

    Imploding turbo ftlWell, here's to better days with 139
  4. 139/1000 Rebuild

    Glad to see 139's back in good hands. 931 was a trusty steed, I'll pour a bit of motor oil out for her.True story: I bought the suspension from Tommy back when originally parted it out, that stuff should fit like a glove.Good luck with restoring 139, I hope I get a chance to see it in...
  5. Does anyone HERE make an I/c kit?

    I doubt it. Best you can do is fab up your own. I bought my piping from here and used a Dave Brode upper I/C pipe (though I'm not sure if Brode is still in that business. His last known contact address is [email protected] (not sure if that address is still working, either).
  6. #761 Getting some lovin' PICS

    Quote: 150-140-0-0 and yet it still ran.See? Headgaskets are overrated.
  7. Galant VR4 goes 218mph

    Quoting JNR:Well, technically a turbo is an exhaust-driven supercharger.Or is a supercharger an engine driven turbo?
  8. FS: 91 GVR-4 (931/2000), Queens, NY (SOLD)

    It pains me to do it, but with one project inbound, another one must go outbound.1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (931/2000) 150k miles (estimated)Goodies:Under the hood: -Stock engine -90-style external oil cooler -Evo3 16G turbo -2G manifold -XS Power FMIC w/ 2.5”...
  9. Acronym Lexicon for this forum!

    Quote: sst: special service tool (read HAMMER)I thought that was a BFH?
  10. Sunroof stopped working

    Problem solved. It was a bum motor. All is semi-right with the world once again.
  11. Sunroof stopped working

    I don't think the relay is supplying power to the motor. Even though it clicks, I don't hear the motor working at all. I pulled the motor out and tried it, and got nothing. I checked the FSM and it looks like that relay box has two relays and some other circuits inside. I'm going to go to...
  12. Sunroof stopped working

    Quote: most sunroofs come with a place you can crank by hand in case of failure.Does it open on it's own now that you closed it??Nope. After I cranked it closed, it's still the same problem. Relay clicks, but nothing happens. Where is the limit switch located for the sunroof?
  13. Sunroof stopped working

    On my commute home, the sunroof was fine. When I got home, it wasn't fine. I press the button to close it up, and all I hear is the relay clicking, but it doesn't sound like the motor is getting any juice. Had to crank it closed by hand. Checked the wiring, everything looks like it's in...
  14. Front Balance shaft bearing installation

    When it splits, the only thing you can do is pick up a replacement bearing from the dealer.
  15. Agent 1051 in Modified Magazine

    Holy sh*t, I'm going to grab a copy right nowEDIT:dammit, September issue is still out
  16. dave brode still make stuff?

    Quote: I didn't know he made stuff for the vr4. anybody have any pics of his vr4 stuff?P.S. I'm sorry quasi, I'm ripping off your sig and using it on another board.No worries. This sig was ripped off of somebody else.
  17. Need help to 4WS

    Or replace the diff with a nice LSD one.
  18. DSG Time Attack VR4 build *Tons of Pics**

    Where'd you get those foglight inserts?
  19. DSG Time Attack VR4 build *Tons of Pics**

    It's coming along quite nicely.
  20. The ultimate street galant in the making? Cheekychimp's

    Quote: Quote: You have seen it?Pwnt.But seriously, will we ever see it?I'm beginning to question the existence of said GVR-4. I think we've been hoodwinked, shamrocked, and bamboozled by Paul.
  21. 3rd annual Three Speed Valley Forge GT 10-21-06

    Very cool video.
  22. 3G steering wheel installed.

    Quote: You just leave it disconnected (not that there is any place to connect it on our cars). That wheels looks REALLY good, I've gotta keep an eye on for one on ebay.JohnThis might be the biggest craze since the blue driving shoes. I might have to track down one myself.
  23. 3rd annual Three Speed Valley Forge GT 10-21-06

    The event was great. Congratulations to the raffle winners, and post your pics if you have them!!!
  24. 90 Oil Cooler Mounting Location

    If you replace the stock lines with some AN fittings, you can mount that cooler in the same location that the stock intercooler would go, which coincidentally is where the oil cooler sits on the JDM RS models.
  25. Reading boost from data logger

    That connector is for the EGRT. On Federal ECU's (any ecu that didn't have California emissions), that connector is not used. It's still active though and will still read a 0-5v input.
  26. 3rd annual Three Speed Valley Forge GT 10-21-06

    I'm for it. I never was good with remembering names anyway.
  27. FS: Blinging Battery Tray

    Are these battery trays still available? I want to pick one up so I can move my battery back under the hood.
  28. 3rd annual Three Speed Valley Forge GT 10-21-06

    The first ten people who meet up with me on the NYC caravan gets a coupon for a free Jr Frosty.
  29. 3rd annual Three Speed Valley Forge GT 10-21-06

    Is anybody planning to meet up first at the Vince Lombardi rest stop on the Turnpike near the GW Bridge? We had a small group meet up there last year and caravan down to the picnic from there.
  30. 3rd annual Three Speed Valley Forge GT 10-21-06

    Oh, say it is so!!!
  31. 3rd annual Three Speed Valley Forge GT 10-21-06

    Armando Muir, just me.
  32. SIMPLE

    +1. Got my axles and rear diff in pristine condition, and I'm putting it in this weekend.
  33. Keydiver

    Jeff's chip has made me fall in love with my car all over again.
  34. The ultimate street galant in the making? Cheekychimp's

    I just spit lemonade all over my monitor again.
  35. 4WS/power steering problems!! parts?!

    It's not worth learning. If you take a close look at the system, it's just a bar that pushes against the trailing arm bushings to 'steer' the wheels. Parts are unavailable, the system constantly leaks, and your best bet is to eliminate the system altogether.There are a number of threads...
  36. Galants with 1g springs, any pics?

    Personally, I don't think stock DSM springs are all that good. If you're looking just for a lower ride height and nothing else, that's fine, but I never felt comfortable with stock dsm springs on my stock dsm. I was bold enough to take my old Talon up to 130 on the NJ Turnpike, and as soon as...
  37. The ultimate street galant in the making? Cheekychimp's

    I spit lemonade all over my monitor.
  38. 931's Maiden Voyage!!!

    Still some work to be done on it. O2 sensor took a crap and I had a weird electrical gremlin that would kill the ecu, but at least it can run on its own two.I miss my Nostradamus title.
  39. 931's Maiden Voyage!!!

    So I finally got the plates, and the insurance, and the title is 6-8 weeks in delivery. But I got plates, biatches!!!I slap the plates on, fire her up, ease her out the driveway and I go for a cruise. Runs like sh*t when it's not idling. No problem, just make some handy dandy adjustments on...
  40. How many VR4s are left

    You too?
  41. CAPS Requests

    Do you have a price for that part?
  42. CAPS Requests

    Just the shaft. The splines are all stripped out.
  43. CAPS Requests

    What's the part number and price for #5?
  44. Why remove the balance shafts?

    So, why should balance shafts be removed? Here's why.
  45. Why remove the balance shafts?

    Maybe you saw the Sport Compact car issue which featured a Galant VR-4, Mk3 Supra, and a few other old cars versus an Evo and STi. Maybe you saw the article where Daryl Samson's Galant blew the motor twice. What's not in the article is Daryl's explaination that the reason his motor went is...
  46. Thread size for stock oil pressure sender

    Quote: A 1/8" NPT will fit but is not the right size. I believe it is 1/8" BPT but if you wan't to search for a great post by RayH that discusses this and where to get adapters to make NPT stuff fit in properly you'll get a definite answer.JohnI just took a look at that post and I want to...
  47. Thread size for stock oil pressure sender

    Anybody know what the thread size is for the oil pressure sender on the oil filter housing? I want to buy a sender for an electronic oil pressure gauge, but I don't want to get the wrong sized sender.
  48. Project 1649 *warning, tons of photos*

    They don't get more beautiful than that.
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