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  1. all intake rockers popped off

    The rockers jumping out is what happens when the valves get bent from piston contact. When these motors break or slip a TB,you'll find that.Check your timing marks before you do anything else.
  2. Who went to world Cup

    I was there,but not in my car nor did I see this one.I did see a post from someone (on FB perhaps?) from someone at WCF who had a GVR4,and spotted another one on the road on his way home.
  3. 1721/2000 Returns, beaten.

    Damn dude,this sucks! Sorry to see this. Not much consolation at the moment,bit glad you didn't get hurt,this could have really sucked..I know your pain,years ago I had a truck full of junk passing the opposite direction lose some sidewalk pavers as it passed.One smashed my front...
  4. #1607 Destroyed in Structure Fire Yesterday - Need Valuation Advice

    Sorry to see this man...I'm speachless.
  5. FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (560/2000) NB *Updated May 10th 2022

    (I'm not sure how I missed your response,but I appreciate it!)
  6. FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (560/2000) NB *Updated May 10th 2022

    I'm looking for (8) of the white clips that attach the roof trim strips to the body.
  7. Practical upgrades (keepin it real) for power

    50 hp isn't a problem at all. My car ran 12.90s at 105 with a super simple old school setup. "3 exhaust,ported 14b and 2g exhaust manifold,DP,"2 1/4 IC pipes with a Star quest (not ideal anymore),TT RX7 fuel pump,stock 1g MAF pipe,Grainger valve boost controller,stock MAF,450s etc etc. I think...
  8. help with window haze? I think

    This is getting pretty heavy duty,but a last resort we use something like this at the restoration shop I work at, I have made several pieces of 50 year old VW skylight glass useable that had some really acid rain/lime (whatever it is) haze that a razor blade wouldn't budge. It won't perform a...
  9. maaco paint job

    Looks good for the price,$860 is DIRT CHEAP.I work in a restoration shop,that amount doesn't go far toward matterials much less labor and all. 4 gallons of polyester primer for the main shell of my personal VW was almost $600 alone. (They aren't using that on a project like this,but gives...
  10. FS: 1988 MX-6 GT (Turbo) , Pittsburgh, PA - $2,400

    There is a older lady that comes into the shop where I work that owns a really nice low mileage garage kept one of these,even white like this one. I've worked on it a few times over the years. Neat car,I remember seeing them back in the day,but never anymore.
  11. FS: 1961 Comet S22 coupe w/ mustang II, disc, 350 v8 - $4200 (Chi)

    Neat! If that's all original paint you wouldn't want to repaint it. Original paint patina is where it's at now,fix the rust,blend the paint,and rock it.
  12. Ran galant in a small street car shootout (video)

    Nice! If you tried that here,the cops would show up before the second race!
  13. Surprised vette owner (video)

    Right on,Nice! I was there this weekend too,but drove a lowered VW bus. Missed your car,didn't see any GVR4s,or anything else Mitsubishi other than a couple Starquests, a few 2gs and tons of EVOs.
  14. End of the road for 205/1000?

    If that's the the only bad spots,and the rest of the car is really nice,I wouldn't scrap the car because of that.That would be a great place to learn sheetmetal repair panel fab and welding skills. The saving grace is that its under cladding so if you do a nice job but not %100 concours...
  15. Stock Block Galant VR4 Record

    I can't remember who the guys name was to save my life,but I remember Curt Brown driving the black GVR4 of a board member here,and ran 10.20s-10.30s @130+ on a stock bottom end. I remember that both guys drove the car,but Curt went way quicker with it.This was probably 10+ years ago,so...
  16. Decreasing 92 Taillight Suckage

    I hate amber lenses in anything.I had a A2 jetta years ago that I tinted the amber part of the lens red (with candy red model paint and cleared over for shine) and smoke tinted the clear reverse light portion. I've never liked the way smoke tint looks over amber lenses,but you couldn't see...
  17. Are galant parts that hard to find

    7-8+ years ago there used to be at least 3 or 4 Galants,plus several T/E/L in each junkyard around here,but once scrap prices went through the roof they've gone the way of the dinosaur.
  18. Stock Upgrades

    I've had both,the evo III Manifold,and the 2g. The runners are the same,but the evo has a 7cm collector,and the 2g is 6cm. If you port the 2g to the 7cm gasket they are identical.
  19. 3 inch exhaust vs 2.5 inch with cutout

    Both of my cars, seat of the pants wise, (on top of sounding like sh*t) feel like sleds with an open DP versus "3 turbo back,14b or 20g. Boost hits harder with through full exhaust,which may be deceptive of how hard the cars actually pull. Even if open DP was a little faster, unless I'm at...
  20. Whos driven new or fully stock vr4s?

    Quote: ever see how much you were putting down with those mods?No,I never did. At that time,I hadn't even bought a Pocketlogger yet. (When I did,I realized the 450's were WAY maxxed out,and I ran it that way for years.. )On the scale at my local track,it was 3550 with me in it (I...
  21. Whos driven new or fully stock vr4s?

    My first GVR4 in '98 was bone stock. Like everyone else said,slow and boring as hell-although not as slow as it felt because with the the AWD it didn't have the power to burn the tires (the boring part.. ) which tends a car "feel" fast. Danny (turbo4door1) bought his at the same time,his ran...
  22. Shooting for 300hp

    12PSI is sissy boost. Once you turn it up,you'll realize it actually runs like a sled right now. A simple and fun quick spooling s16 setup like yours should run in the 12's no problem.
  23. Shooting for 300hp

    "300hp" is kinda abstract to me.. So I can relate,how quick/fast is that in the 1/4mile with stock weight GVR4?
  24. Is a 2.5" full exhaust with E3 16g ok?

    I remember way back in the day,at least one person with a GVR4 running in the 12's with a "3in downpipe and the stock catback. I doubt you'll see any real gain with "3 versus "2.5 on a avaerage 16g setup.
  25. What happens when injectos are to big

    Quoting JNR: PVC is not a good material to use under the hood, gets brittle too easy and especially never use it under pressure; well a turbo doesn't put out a lot of pressure like an air compressor does (big no no on PVC unless you want it to blow up, lol), strictly speaking about...
  26. What happens when injectos are to big

    The "3 fernco couplers will stretch over the MAF and they are cheap,don't do tape.
  27. What happens when injectos are to big

    I'm not totally sure what you are talking about doing but if it's what I think it is-yeah,it'll work great until the tape gets sucked shut then into the turbo.You'd be better off going to lowes and getting some "3 pvc and fernco couplers.
  28. Any Flat Black GVR-4 s around here?

    I don't think a GVR4 lends itself to the satin/flat look,and to me the look is played out anyway.I had a car that was single stage black with flattener added 20 years ago. Those satin jobs look ok when they are fresh,but are a PITA to maintain. Touch it,and it leaves fingerprints,any oil or...
  29. dump or no dump

    Having two cars,one dumped external and one not,my opinion is "NO" to the external. Maybe it's me getting old,but the noise is annoying anymore. Like someone else mentioned on a low boost 16g setup that thing will be more noticable and annoying driving under normal conditions,like merging into...
  30. #431: Photoshoot

    Nice pics,I love that car. What a sleeper. Other than the chute,If you told 9 out 10 people that car ran 11s, much less making license passes to run low 9s high 8s,they would think you were full of sh*t.
  31. Best way to get gas out the gas tank .

    Quoting vr4junkie: Drain plug im ganna go check that out weres it by just incase i cant find it.On the bottom.
  32. 2004 Vr4 meet in NO. VA pics

    They used to do the DSMCA meets at James Long park,but I think this was just a Galant meet. I think there was a at least one held there,I had my car to one of them as well as a couple DSMCA meets.The old DSMCA meets were fun. Turnout always seemed good. Won some cool stuff in the...
  33. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Subtle but hard as nails looking at the same time. I dig it.
  34. FS:SOLD '91-Nile Black(1564/2000), Martinsburg, WV- $5000(price drop)

    This car has been around locally and owned by friends of mine almost 15 years now,since I got into these cars. Kinda sad to see it go.
  35. What gauges did you start with?

    When I started,the setup was a boost gauge,and a multimeter to monitor O2 voltage...there wasn't widebands or even pocketloggers yet. Just realized it's been 14 years. Yikes.
  36. Ocean City, MD cruise week-May 17-20 2012, Who Goes?

    Had fun once again. Streets were packed. One thing I noticed this year was how many more supercharged and turbo'ed stuff was running around this year,particularly V8 cars. If you have a run of the mill 12 second car,I would think it would be a turd compared to a lot of stuff running around...
  37. new vr4 ???

    Neither of my GVR4s are stock,or ever have been during my ownership. A stock GVR4 runs like a fat 14-15 sec turd,no way I could go that route-defeats the whole purpose of these cars for me! There is no reason a well maintained simple setup like a 12 sec 16g car should be any less reliable than...
  38. 14b hotside on 20g

    The tdo5h exhaust wheel is the same for both the td05h 20g and the 14b.The exhaust housings are also externally the same and will interchange,but a 14b is 6cm,the 16g variants/tdo5 20g generally has a 7cm housing. I would imagine the 6cm "might" spool slightly quicker,but would likely...
  39. FS: GTS Headlight covers.

    Wow,something else I would have figured nobody would want. Takes me back to the days of chrome hammer wheels,chrome wheel well trim,black windows,pantom tops,big "mitsubishi" letters across the windsheild,monza exhaust tips and big MTX boxes in the trunk. Oh,I forgot the "No Fear" sticker on...
  40. FS:SOLD '91-Nile Black(1564/2000), Martinsburg, WV- $5000(price drop)

    What the hell are you going to trade it for that's cooler than a GVR4? Just keep it you knucklehead.
  41. Ocean City, MD cruise week-May 17-20 2012, Who Goes?

    I've been going the past few years with some freinds with air cooled VWs. Since the spring event is really for the pre-'75 stuff,I've never been tempted to take a GVR4-it doesn't look cool enough (compared to the old hot rods running around),nobody seems to really care for imports, and there...
  42. FS:SOLD '91-Nile Black(1564/2000), Martinsburg, WV- $5000(price drop)

    So,a '99 Sable isn't cool? You know the '99 Sables were only made one year right? 3.0l small block V6,power interior..sick. Man I can't imagine anyone on here not jumping on this trade. Kris,you loser.
  43. FS:SOLD '91-Nile Black(1564/2000), Martinsburg, WV- $5000(price drop)

    Relax,Kris isn't on here 24/7. In fact,looking at his profile,he hasn't been on since 1/24,the day before your first post. Hang tight.
  44. NON vr4 galants in us?

    There used to be a ton of non VR4s around here when they were new,and there are a couple on the road I see from time to time. A neighbor has a fairly clean '93. Back in the day they seemed to be one of the cars of choice in the 'hood,a lot had black windows,chrome fender trim and old school five...
  45. FS:SOLD '91-Nile Black(1564/2000), Martinsburg, WV- $5000(price drop)

    How about my '76 Chevette Scooter and a collection of mint in box Cabbage Patch dolls? Hit me up bro.
  46. FS: 1972 Datsun Wagon Rolling Shell, Clean body Tons of parts! Chesapeake, VA

    Neat car.A neighbor of mine had two of those wagons when I was growing up in the early 80's. One was jacked up in the back with a glasspack muffler and had 4-lug Crager SS wheels,with wide white letter bias ply tires in the back that stuck out of the fenders.. They were really nice shape...
  47. What car do I have?

    Quote: Im @ about 5000 now after restoring/painting/rebuilding/turboI take it the pics of it sitting in the driveway are the before pics? That thing looked like a heap. I guess you couldn't have hurt it,anything was an improvement,but the filler in those channels IS going to crack...
  48. #431 runs single digit passes

    HOLY sh*t. Congrats!
  49. Disassembly and paint of 692

    Looks great! Congrats on the business,a buddy of mine opened a restoration shop a couple years ago when the carpentry work dried up. I started working part time for him about 6 months ago,in spite of the economy there seems to be PLENTY of restoration work right now!I'm not really into the...
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