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  1. FS: FP3065

  2. FS: FP3065

    No I do not have the O2 housing.
  3. FS: FP3065

    Thanks, but I'm looking for something bigger. Probably going to go with a BW S366 or GT40R possibly.
  4. FS: FP3065

    $700 plus shipping.
  5. FS: FP3065

    Still available
  6. FS: FP3065

  7. FS: FP3065

    I held onto this hoping to use it with my new project but it's proven to be too small for my setup. I am asking $800 plus shipping fees, I may consider trades for something bigger. The turbo spins freely and has very little play, no more than I've seen in any other ball bearing turbo. One of the...
  8. FS: 1411 Part out

    Bumping this back up.
  9. FS: 1411 Part out

    Quoting Stikiller4g63: Info on the stock head? Mileage comes with valves springs and retainer? Cams? Price shipped?It has the stock valves and retainers. Mileage is unknown. It does not have cams. I will have to check on shipping and get back to you.
  10. FS: 1411 Part out

    Just so everyone is aware. I am not parting out the car itself. What is on the car now will remain.
  11. FS: 1411 Part out

    According to their website it does work with E85.
  12. FS: 1411 Part out

    Got a few too many projects going on. Time to clear some things up. Going to post things up as I sort through and find them. Prices do not include paypal fees or shipping costs. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.Stock 6 bolt short block with BSE already done.$400 Stock 6 bolt head...
  13. EHmotorsports

    Bought a boost gauge from Evan. Was shipped out promptly and came well packaged.
  14. cOmpressor

    Bought some head parts from Scott. Shipping was quick and came packaged well. Thanks!
  15. Quite possibly a build thread..

    ^^^ I'm slowly gathering parts. Just paid for my transmission and will have the stuff to finish my head soon. Soon enough ill actually start putting things in the car.
  16. Proud New Owner of #77/1000

    I know the building. I was at RLS from 2011-2012. I still have some friends at RLS with some wickedly fast cars.
  17. Proud New Owner of #77/1000

    Nice car! I used to work in Roanoke at RLS. Lived in Christiansburg for a while before moving back to NC.
  18. Quite possibly a build thread..

    Wow, I applaud your work and detail.I wish I had the means to give my Galant that kind of attention.
  19. My restoration and build of #1444/2000 - lots of pics and video!

    Those are the same reasons he traded his in on a Focus ST.
  20. Where can I find a pigtail to install Evo 9 OEM stereo?

    3rd gen Eclipse or 8th gen Galant had those controls. I think...
  21. Where can I find a pigtail to install Evo 9 OEM stereo?

    If I remember correctly. Just buy a harness for a Galant and wire it in. I had an evo stereo for a while but can't remember having to change anything for it to work.
  22. My restoration and build of #1444/2000 - lots of pics and video!

    It's amazing what space the back seat and trunk has. I went with a buddy to watch him race at VIR with his Evo X. He could not load up half the stuff he had brought with him. I ended up with everything he had in the trunk and the pop up canopy laying in the floor board of the rear seats.
  23. Back Seat

    You're pretty close. It was the SSL package (sunroof, sound, and leather). I'm tempted to go the evo seat route considering mine are so worn.
  24. tried joining an evo group and i get shut down xD

    Quoting Steve885: Don't sweat it the guy can't even spell galant...probably doesn't even know what a vr4 is .....they never do !!!!I actually know the guy that denied his access to the group. Maybe I should try and join the group and see what they do.Don't worry about it. You're not...
  25. BoV suggestions (flutter dump w/ stock BOV) - Resolved w/ Dodge Mod

    Evan, I'll talk with you more about this on FB.
  26. 1411/2000 build thread.

    Well most of you know I recently purchased 1411 from Mitsuturbo. After picking up 555 he just wasn't able to give 1411 the attention it needed to be restored. This is the first car I've ever bought that wasn't a running and driving car from the get go. The best thing I can say about that is that...
  27. BoV suggestions (flutter dump w/ stock BOV) - Resolved w/ Dodge Mod

    Quoting EHmotorsports: are you planning on running low boost with the 50mm?Yes at first I will be. Not sure how low as I'm far from that point. I've personally seen these run between 10-15 psi with no issues. Just have to know how to set them up.
  28. BoV suggestions (flutter dump w/ stock BOV) - Resolved w/ Dodge Mod

    I have had good success with the Synapse BOV's and DV's. Ran them on my Talon, Evo, and Galant. They make a flange that bolts onto our stock dsm flange. I will also be going with there 50mm on my 3065 as it works in place of a 44mm WG.Synapse Engineering
  29. FS: Dejon intake with filter and MAS

    You would need a reducer to run this intake on a 16g.
  30. FS: Dejon intake with filter and MAS

    Is the intake setup for a 2g maf or is that just what you have installed? I'm interested in the pipe without the maf as I already have an Evo maf.
  31. I kinda want some mudflaps...

    Quoting Paddy1337: few years back, people were making mudflaps out of some Ikea chopping boards. The material was sturdy, but somehow a little bendable. And they came in a multi-pack. At $15 for a set compared to rallyarmor prices, it was a no brainer.I know a lot of people that have used...
  32. What happened to the(how many of you have RS hoods) topic

    Quoting jnava: One last thing. Please contact BoostedTalon. I know that he is specifically working on a major container shipment. I'm small potatoes in comparison on what he is working on.For those that are interested. I am working on getting some parts from Japan. Once I get the list I...
  33. Another day being a galant owner

    Sucks to hear. I had the same thing happen with 192.hopefully you get it back up and running soon.
  34. EVO 8 beehive valve springs

    I'd be interested in a set of springs and retainers.
  35. In your opinion what is the best head gasket..yes I've searched

    Stock MLS with ARP's worked for me.
  36. Evo wheel

  37. FS: aem wideband

    Paul, can you send me pictures of the 2nd one. I may pick it up.
  38. Evo wheel

    If you're referring to the evo wheels, than coyotes is correct. If you are referring to the steering wheel than you need to swap the hub from your steering wheel or find a 1g steering wheel to tear apart. There is a thread on here explaining exactly what to do.
  39. BMW e36 headlights on vr4

    I was wondering what the heat shield in the back was for. That is a unique setup for sure.
  40. The ongoing wheel hunt. Lancer OZ wheels?

    I know I've seen a few members in the past that had them on there cars. Definitely agree with Josh about needing some spacers.
  41. Let's talk about boost gauges.

    I've had autometers, stock Mitsubishi, and plan on going with the AEM analog boost gauge in my next setup.
  42. Parts for head build?

    Ok to update this some. Thanks to Anthony, I just bought a set of standard sized supertech valves. Gotta hold of on the parts buying this month as I just traded my RX8 and my girlfriends car in on a brand new CX-5. Next up will be valve springs and seals. Slowly but surely coming together. Guess...
  43. FS: 550 injectors, ported 2g O2, and Evo gauges.

    Need to get rid of these as they will not work with my new turbo. Only trades I would consider are 950 or larger injectors or an FP O2 housing.Evo 550 injectors $120 shipped.2g O2 housing ported $75 shippedEvo MR gauges $60 shipped- does not include the wiring harness.
  44. Parts for head build?

    Yeah that was the place Mitsuturbo suggested too. I was going to check with them first.
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