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  1. 1992 Kensington Grey Check in.

    521/1K is in New York state somewhere, last I heard.KG, Sunroof with a CD Player when I got it.
  2. FS: 1993 Eagle Talon TSi/AWD $4500, Haysville, KS

    For Sale: 1993 Eagle Talon, 5 Speed AWD Black Exterior, Grey Cloth Interior, No Sunroof Clean Kansas Title In My Name Originally a Texas Car, So No Rust Underneath It Sat Outside Before I Bought It, So It Needs Paint And Has A Few Dings- Exterior: 6/10, Clean Interior Though Power Steering...
  3. WTB: 1G Engine Lifting Brackets, J-Brace (Intake Manifold To Block)

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. PMing him now.
  4. WTB: 1G Engine Lifting Brackets, J-Brace (Intake Manifold To Block)

    Looking for a set of Engine Lifting Brackets for a 1G or GVR-4.The 3 Point Black Brace that goes between the Throttle Body and the CAS.The Silver Bracket that mounts to the Exhaust Manifold Flange and the Timing Belt Side Motor Mount Bracket.I'm also looking for the "J" Shaped Green...
  5. EB: 15X7 Borbet Type C Wheels 5X120 BMW

    Borbet Type C Wheels 5X120Got a set of Borbet Type C Wheels I bought off a guy in KC awhile ago.When I bought them, they were advertised as 5X100 but it turns out they're actually 5X120. I can't use them on my VW Golf without using adapters as the bolt pattern is different.Turns out...
  6. EB: EVO 9 AEM Series 1 EMS

    AEM EVO 9 Series 1 EMSI have a Series 1 EVO 9 AEM Engine Management System (PN: 30-1320) I got in a Parts Stash, with a 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo that I bought recently.The previous owner mistakenly thought that this EMS could be adapted to work with a 2G like the Evolution 8 AEM EMS, so...
  7. WTB: Blinging Battery Tray

    Here's what I did for my car when I ran into wanting to keep the battery under the hood. A bit expensive, but it worked fine for my setup.Modified Oddyessy Battery TrayHope this helps.
  8. WTB: 1G AWD DSM Fuel Level Sending Unit

    Looking for a 1G AWD DSM Fuel Level Sending Unit. Either the Sender itself, or the whole pump assembly....I'm flexible. This is going on a 93 Talon, so no GVR-4 units. I know some of you guys mess with DSM's so I'm hoping someone has one they're willing to sell. Thanks.
  9. FS: Various Parts Garage Cleanup

    Sold the three gauges in the gauge pod. I guess warped 3 Gauge A-Pillar pods aren't that desirable.
  10. FS: Various Parts Garage Cleanup

    Fan Shroud- *SOLD*
  11. FS: Various Parts Garage Cleanup

    Injectors Sold.
  12. FS: Various Parts Garage Cleanup

    Sold So Far:2G Prothane Mounts1G "Custom" Griffin Radiator
  13. FS: Various Parts Garage Cleanup

    Got some 1G and 2G DSM stuff for sale. Figure some of this can be used on GVR-4's as well. Cleaning out the garage and could use the cash. Prefer pickup if local, otherwise buyer pays shipping and any PayPal fees. Feel free to message me with any questions, offers or snide remarks. Located...
  14. Notable Galant VR-4 Sales

    521/1KAsking Price: $10K Selling Price: $10KHe got the car and pretty much everything I had hoarded for the car, including some stuff I really wish I had held onto. I don't regret selling, but I really do miss the car.
  15. WTB: 4WS Lines

    PM'ed and replied to.
  16. WTB: 4WS Lines

    The new owner of my old car would like to put the 4WS setup back into 521/1K. Thanks to a member on here, he's got the majority of what he needs, but is still missing the front steering rack and a set of intact 4WS steering lines. The buyer is located in New York and willing to pay for...
  17. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    Still have some parts available.3 inch Flex Section, Brand New ISC Motor, Coil Pack, 2G Prothane F/R Roller Mounts, 1G/GVR-4 Radio Harness, GVR-4 Fender Lights and two 1G DSM Radio Bezels.Willing to trade everything for 1 Good Condition EVO 8 Leather Shift Knob, or make an offer.
  18. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    Fuel Injector Plugs, Billet Oil Drain Flanges and STM EGR Blockoff Plate- SOLD
  19. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    2G MAF/Filter- *SOLD*
  20. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    Shawn, I took a picture of the ones with issues so you could see what I'm talking about.The one on the left looks like it just needs to be cleaned up near the edge a bit, but does have some minor crazing at the base of the lens near the weather seal. I think this is the best one besides...
  21. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    "Used" ISC and Ignition Power Transistors- SOLD
  22. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    maroonmetallic: I'll get them boxed up and get a estimate for you. I'm assuming you want the ISC that was never installed before, correct? I should be able to get it all into "if it fits it ships" type box.*EDIT* sh*t. I just got a good look at the fender lights and only one is what I...
  23. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    Sorry, didn't sew the replies to the thread until now.Out of town for the weekend, when I get back in, I'll measure the flex section.Both sets of fender lights are pending sale, but one buyer hasn't responded yet. If I don't hear from him by Monday, I'll get the ISC and lights boxed up...
  24. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    EVO Lug Nuts and 1G Water Neck have been sold.
  25. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    Looks like Dennis is getting the Billet Flanges, Injector Clips and the EGR Block Off.The EVO Lug Nuts, and 1G Water Neck are pending sale
  26. FS: The Last Of My MMC/DSM Stuff

    Got the last of my things left from my GVR-4/DSM days. It's not much, but it's all listed below, so feel free to make offers, ask questions etc.I don't really visit that much anymore, so shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you. I'll try to pop in here at least once a day, but PM would...
  27. WTB: EVO 8 Leather Shift Knob

    Looking for a good condition used EVO 8 leather shift knob. Let me know if you have one available and price. Thanks.
  28. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR-4 (521/1K) Arlington, TX $10K OBO

    It is.I've been going through my apartment and garage tracking down all the things I've squirreled away over the years, and it's been a trip down memory lane. Relief, yes, but a little sadness. I was really pulling for you to get the car though, but the buyer slapped down a deposit...
  29. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR-4 (521/1K) Arlington, TX $10K OBO

    He paid it off a few days ago. The buyer is opting to let a local shop finish a few mods I put off or partially completed and address a few minor maintenance issues, before it goes onto a truck to its new owner.*Car sold for my asking price of $10K. The buyer bought it for his father as a...
  30. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR-4 (521/1K) Arlington, TX $10K OBO

    Deposit has been placed. Pending Sale.
  31. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR-4 (521/1K) Arlington, TX $10K OBO

    It does. Only things deleted were cruise and 4 wheel steering. I still have the old cruise control assembly as well if someone wanted to reinstall it.
  32. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR-4 (521/1K) Arlington, TX $10K OBO

    At this point, I've had two people contact me about the car. One seems pretty serious, and the other might be as well, I don't know. He registered on the board after the ad was posted, so I'm not sure what to make of that. If I get what I'm asking for it, then it goes. Someone else can...
  33. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR-4 (521/1K) Arlington, TX $10K OBO

    Thanks guys.At this point, I'm not even sure I want to let it go. It's just that I've sank the time and money into the car to get it where it's at, and it just sits there in the garage. Wasting away. There's still a laundry list of things that I'd like to do with it, but at this point...
  34. SOLD: 1992 Galant VR-4 (521/1K) Arlington, TX $10K OBO

    Hey, I can't believe I'm really doing this, but I think it's time to let the Galant go. Between work and life in general, I don't have the time to either work on the car, or even drive it at all anymore. At this point it's a garage ornament, and I could use the money and space at this...
  35. FS: 1997 Volkswagen Passat TDI Arlington, TX

    Price drop.$3000 includes everything previously mentioned plus a complete rebuilt GT-15 turbocharger for the car, and a set of Bentley Factory Manuals, which are supposedly stupid hard to find for the B4 Passats.Who wants a reliable 5 speed daily driver that blows a good sized black...
  36. FS: 1997 Volkswagen Passat TDI Arlington, TX

    This thing is dead nuts reliable, and if I didn't get a great deal on this 05 Golf TDI, I'd still be driving it and racking the miles up on it. Open to offers.
  37. FS: 1997 Volkswagen Passat TDI Arlington, TX

    If you're looking for a good little daily driver, that you can tinker with then you might want to consider this car. It's an older TDI, which means less emissions BS, more fuel efficient than the newer models and the easiest to work on. This is not one of the models currently under scrutiny by...
  38. #461... Soon to be a real car again (again)

    God, I really want those wheels.Car looks amazing!
  39. 5 lug peeps

    I had these on my Talon for many years before I finally sold the car. Went 5 Lug on the Galant just so I could justify keeping them.
  40. Fluidampr peeps

    I'm using a stock belt on mine as well. It was tight, but I got it to slip on over the Fluidampr with the alternator up against the block.
  41. FS: evo seat brackets interest

    I'm in for a set.
  42. FS: Magnus Oil Filter, HKS TB Elbow, Accufab TB And Other Assorted Detrius

    Cleaning out some stuff around the garage, and found some items I don’t really want or need , so it’s for sale. Prefer a local buyer, but I will ship at buyer’s expense, unless otherwise noted. You've seen my Goodguy thread, and all that gushing praise still applies. If you want to use...
  43. small battery tray

    Quoting EMX5636: That is a nice clean setup Ed. Looks really good!Thanks!! I just wanted something that would allow the use of a DSM style intake, and wouldn't require running new leads or grounds. It seems to work pretty well for me.As for the longevity issue with Odyssey...
  44. small battery tray

    This is what I did when I went to a DSM style intake pipe. Primary advantage was that there was no lengthening or alteration to the the battery cables, and everything still fit under the hood.Odyssey Battery Relocation In GVR-4
  45. Back into it after many years

    Welcome back! Got some pics of the car? What are your plans for it?
  46. FS: Clearing Out Some Stuff From My Empire Of Dirt

    Sorry, I haven't been on here in a bit, so I missed some of the replies. If you want the axles, I can meet you halfway. I'm in Arlington, between Dallas and Fort Worth. I have a VW TDI as a daily now, so driving for a bit isn't a big deal for me. If that sounds doable, shoot me a PM and...
  47. FS: Clearing Out Some Stuff From My Empire Of Dirt

    Updated original post with status of items.Still have both Talon Grilles, Accufab TB, Magnus Billet Oil Filter/Tool, SS Heatshield, and 2G Prothane Inserts along with anything else not listed as SOLD.
  48. FS: Clearing Out Some Stuff From My Empire Of Dirt

    90-91 DSM Front Light Set- SOLD90 Throttle Bodies- SOLDEverything else is still available.
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