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  1. I just met "Miles" from here on GalantVR4

    Haha, sorry I mis-spelled his name. Myles!!I was stopped at a light. He pulls up going the other way in a truck. "Is that a Galant VR-4???"I bet he logs on when he gets home.
  2. I just met "Miles" from here on GalantVR4

    Is was nice getting meet Miles, we literally passed at a stop light. 1st board member I've ever gotten to meet, and after only 9 years as a member.Nice to meet you Miles!!!
  3. Getting that urge for another..

    Green is faster...
  4. gizmovr4

    I bought a set of Red Devil skate wheels (Boostx bushings) and a fuel rail of epicness from Gizmovr4. He shipped fast and everything was extremely well packed!
  5. A/C wiring questions.

    Well,if you're replacing the compressor, go ahead and buy the drier and expansion valve and get it over with. Wile you're at it, go to Autozone and get a package of the r134a o-rings. They carry packages of assorted o-rings cheap. Buy a bottle of PolyEster oil (POE), not PAG. PolyEster oil...
  6. A/C wiring questions.

    The 2 wires that go into the back of the compressor is the low pressure switch (I think). I think the one before the drier is the high pressure switch.
  7. A/C wiring questions.

    The pressure switch is on the drivers sidewall near the front. Trace back from the drier. Between the drier and ABS pump. I think you'll need to remove the coolant bottle to see the drier and lines.Also, check the connector on top of the thermostat housing. I seem to remember that coolant...
  8. Citymunky

    I bought a steering wheel, carpet, and an EGR valve. The parts arrived quickly, were well packed, and in great condition. I would definitely buy from him again.
  9. FS: supra tt pump

    Any input on which fuel sock I need or does it matter? Can I get a Walbro install kit and use the parts?I'll be happy to document and post pics for a proper howto.
  10. FS: supra tt pump

    Thanks, definitely a good idea from a safety perspective. Not only the danger of overrunning the fuse, but having the wires heat due to current.I may also look into how the evo toggles the fuel pump voltage at idle Ooooo, I could build PWM fuel pump controller.
  11. Where is the 20g turbo from?

    Well, I guess the small 16g will just remain an enigma.
  12. FS: performance parts - too many to list-prices adjusted 7/12

    Payment sent for the boostx bushings and the fuel rail.
  13. FS: supra tt pump

    Payment sent
  14. Where is the 20g turbo from?

    Quoting RedTwo: No one has come up which car came stock with a small 16g either.I thought the JDM Galant VR-4 came with the small 16G, cyclone, and 510cc Yellow top injectors.JDM Galant VR-4 Model History
  15. Power steering

    Could just be your belt tension. 15000 RPM LOL
  16. FS: supra tt pump

    PM Sent
  17. JSchleim18

    Needed a mirror switch, Jeremy shipped the part and it arrived in 2 days flat.
  18. Rear strut bushing orientation?

    First time I did this with evo spring/AGX in the rear I used what it looked like in the diagram. Although it mounted, if the washer is in the wrong order, it will pop the strut rod up through the mount and into the space in the trunk. The rubber is enough to hold it in place statically. But...
  19. Stalling when decelerating. I Need help

    Check your butterfly gap. Test the continuity of the CTPS again, they are notorious for sticking in one position (open or closed) when they go out. It also relies on the ground of the throttle body.
  20. looking for 278/1000??

    They'll come on here eventually when they need something for the car.
  21. Baby needed a new pair of shoes...

    These were the rims I was considering... I may still go buy them because I think they would almost look stock.Tenzo Morphix
  22. My 116$ engine rebuild

    Outstanding!!! Yep, you are so going to fit in around here. $116 has got to be a record.
  23. aws

    Or you can keep it just for the fun of being able to say your car has it... It is literally one of the rarest features a car can have.Don't listen to all the naysayers... They can't help it they don't have the force and can't feel the road ahead.
  24. Baby needed a new pair of shoes...

    I consider that the real savings is in not having to spend the gratuitous $18 per tire to have them mounted and balanced.I was this close to getting a set of Tenzo Morphix 17" rims (I really liked the way they look and I think they would compliment the Galant more than these) for $150 and...
  25. Baby needed a new pair of shoes...

    ROFL!! Touche! It has been a while. After I got laid off 2 years ago (and then moved to Salt Lake for work), everything pretty much changed. I do lurk periodically (and I have a few people from the board on FB). But I stay so busy with work I barely have time for anything. The Galant is...
  26. Tensioner Pulley Tool

    You really don't need it. The trick is to install the hydraulic tensioner with the pin in. Use a socket wrench on the tensioner and a long "L" shaped allen wrench that will fit in the tensioner pulley hole. As you rotate the allen wrench clockwise, it will rest against the socket, giving you...
  27. Baby needed a new pair of shoes...

    I had been noticing a vibration that had been getting more and more prominent and the feeling of the suspension and steering had changed. Sure enough, it was one of the rear tires (they lived a long useful life). Today I went and picked up a new set of rims and tires. I am once again reminded...
  28. Lead Foot mpgs

    #918 has 188,950 miles and I just got 371.5 miles on a tank last week. I pumped 14.3 Gallons to top it off. I have recently moved up to Park City, UT so I'm commuting about 60 miles a day up and down the twisties on I-80. I wouldn't be surprised if I was running a bit lean.
  29. The answer to a long standing question... 17 Gallons

    Quoting gvr4ever: How many miles did you get out of that tank? Or, did you start out with a full tank...Also, I didn't think turning the key on started the fuel pump. Unless you rewired something.I didn't look, I was somewhere around 300 but my wife had been the last one to fill up and...
  30. The answer to a long standing question... 17 Gallons

    That is how much fuel I was able to pump into the Galant after running out of gas (only had to push the car about 50 feet, which is about as far as I would ever want to push this car).I have rarely ever been able to get more than 15.4 gallons in the tank when filling up. The capacity of the...
  31. New Problem No Pull after 3,000 RPMs

    Quoting NateCrisman: Check your cam timing, a timing belt that has slipped one tooth can do this: good low end power, early spool up, and dog poop top endNotwithstanding anything like timing belt itself, I would think insufficient fuel, or a vacuum leak at the FPR (possibly bad FPR...
  32. Smog testing and general tuning in Salt Lake, Utah

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!! You know how these Galants are, Road Warrior car but they cost a mint sometimes to keep on the road, especially if its a daily driver. Mine probably emits more oil vapor than fuel at this point so the CAT is probably long gone, I know the O2 is about due as well.
  33. Should I buy this?

    Replace all the normal rubber that will like have begun to dryrot. You may need tires and the spare will probably be flat. Then start with the radiator and heater hoses, and the short turbo water hoses and sandwich cooler hoses. Check the intake snorkel/turbo hose and intercooler hoses to...
  34. AC Compressor GVR4 vs DSM

    The compressor on the galant is actually quite common and used in a bunch of vehicles. The DSM's are not the same compressor as Iceman said.You have to be careful of a couple of things if you consider a compatible compressor from a different car however:One is that some compressors do not...
  35. Smog testing and general tuning in Salt Lake, Utah

    Quoting UtahGalant: Emissions aren't bad. I've taken my car in with all kinds of mods and they didn't say anything. I always put all the smog stuff back in the car before I take it in, though (cat, egr, solenoids, basically everything on the sticker on the underside of the hood.)Cool...
  36. Smog testing and general tuning in Salt Lake, Utah

    Can anyone give me the rundown about how invasive the smog testing in Salt Lake is? Do they look for mods (or just numbers), or do they care?? Is the stock emissions equipment sufficient on a GVR4? What are the gotchas(O2, Air Filter, EGR, etc)? Does leaning out work? I noticed a lot of...
  37. Umm, 4x4 Jeep Recovery with my galant vr4 (video)

    I pulled out a Ford F350 LWB stuck in mud, turned sideways from around a tree using steel cable (run around the tree) from pavement with the VR-4. Took three times to accomplish it, the cable kept snapping. Bent the tongs on the front but pulled it out.There's very little this car won't do...
  38. palm error

    Definitely check power. Some people make the mistake of tapping into the fuse box on the on a lower finger of a fuse, I think the upper side of the fuse is 12v. Its tough to see into the diagnostics plug, so make doubly sure you connected the leads onto the right pins and didn't miss a pin...
  39. palm error

    Was it ever working or is this a new install? What kind of logger cable, passive or active? Check that your getting power to the cable if active. Is this a logger cable made for the palm or one made for the PC??? The PC version will have a 9 pin D shaped serial connector.Do you have a null...
  40. idle surge vs my sanity

    Do you have your ABS disabled?
  41. Engine teardown after 3 years of track/race use

    Quoting Brianawd: Looks good. Good oil is the key.+1 on good oil. I use Mobil 1 and I'm in the middle of changing the timing belt/water pump at 170,000 miles. I blew the turbo coolant hose and although it caused no damage, the water pump diaphragm began leaking soon after. while I'm...
  42. idle surge vs my sanity

    You likely still have too much air passing through. Is this a slow steady up/down even surge or a fast (once every 1 to 2 seconds) surge that ramps steadily up to an RPM threshold then drops quickly and repeats.If the BISS is opened beyond a threshold that the ISC can control, then the...
  43. Wierd ignition issue? Possibly CAS related?

    Your FPR could be supplying insufficient pressure as the engine RPM increases under load. Might not show up until the engine gets hot.
  44. JDM shop manuals. photoshop help required.

    If your going to put them in a format that is universal just use Adobe PDF. If you just want to do watermarking, just go download BIMP Lite (Batch Image Processor). It will let you do text watermarks and its free.
  45. Terry Posten

    Terry Posten is the KING!! THE king!! Hail to the king baby!!!My Marshall gauges arrived. They are awesome. Two electrical gauges with senders for less than a C note. Shop smart... Shop S-Mart!!!
  46. Acronym Lexicon for this forum!

    EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation (Valve) BCS = Boost Control Solenoid BISS = Base Idle Set Screw CTPS = Closed Throttle Position Switch TDC = Top Dead Center BTDC = Before Top Dead Center VC = VCU = Viscous Coupling Unit VCE = Viscous Coupling Eliminator CV = Constant Velocity (Joint) NA =...
  47. Ball Joint

    Quote: I just got my four new ball joints from JNZ. They're $37.50 each, and the part number is MB241883.The circlip doesn't have any holes in it to stick a tool into, so I assume I should just pry it open to slip over the ball joint once it's installed in the control arm?Still waiting on...
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