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  1. how many of you have a "budget"build on your GVR4?

    I probably had $11-12K *total* into three vr4s and sold them for $10-11KishAm a big believer that the best money you can spend modding a car is the previous owner's.
  2. Show Off: Audio Installs

    ^ using phone & bluetooth straight to amp / preamp to amp, skipping head unit.Not sure why marketplace doesn't seem to be addressing this niche. makes me question if I'll ever put an aftermarket head unit in again. Ehhh, maybe that IS why....Not for everyone but I love it
  3. Show Off: Audio Installs

    #39/2000 was a audio shop showcar in the early 90's, had some nifty period-correct gear in it when I got her. I think she's somewhere in WI now, no motor much less gear.I got old and stopped giving fucks. Still have various amps around, haven't gotten around to selling em.
  4. New owner 631/1000
  5. E39 GVR4 Buyer's Guide

    Quote: the wiring harness +1 --- huge factor. Entire engine bay, MPI, ECU, fuel pump should not exhibit any wiring funny business. Stereo area wires, meh, those are often a birds nest.
  6. turbo help

    ^+1 looks like a 6cm housing on left, triangular footprint on mating surface vs. rounded on 7cm.
  7. FS: 1961 Comet S22 coupe w/ mustang II, disc, 350 v8 - $4200 (Chi)

    yea I'm content with it. Cars: at least it's cheaper than cocaine & good whores.We'll see if the buyer shows up!
  8. FS: 1961 Comet S22 coupe w/ mustang II, disc, 350 v8 - $4200 (Chi)

    36 hours left on ebay with no reserve, we'll see what teh marketplace says!Got a listing on Daily Turismo too which I think is kinda cool
  9. DSM wheels on VR4

    +1 for meshies. For winter anyway. Can't keep 'em clean for sh*t and yea they're narrow but I like the aesthetic more than swirlies.
  10. FS: 1961 Comet S22 coupe w/ mustang II, disc, 350 v8 - $4200 (Chi)

    Bought a '46 Oldsmobile 98 for my new DD. If this doesn't sell I may just store that one for a year & put another 5K on this guy ^ maybe sort the bodywork a bit further. I think the price is fair but it's late in the year to sell old steel in midwest.
  11. FS: 1961 Comet S22 coupe w/ mustang II, disc, 350 v8 - $4200 (Chi)

    Not a vr4 but, fits well into the style of "rare and WTF"1961 Ford/Mercury Comet S22. Rare car with cool history, modified & daily driven. Chicagoland burbs.> Mustang II subframe/suspension > 4 bolt 350 & TH350 transmission w/ external cooler > Custom driveshaft > 3:00 8" Mustang...
  12. Where should i buy axles?

    ^ that'll do but add one vote for RAXLES and really they're not very expensive.
  13. did i destroy this?

    ^ that. +$4 > a 50% chance of repeating the entire R&R
  14. FS: 1992 VR4 998/1000 in FL with JDM ( Super clean car) SOLD

    I'm sure seller doesn't mind the bumps but cmon guys take it to anything goes. Nice car hoss, GLWS!
  15. BOV Recirc Hose

    Quote: talked them into letting me in the back and started checking each one
  16. FEELER: PickleX20 metal prep / rust treatment - mini group buy

    finally got some bottles to break this out, ready to ship, holler.
  17. FS: Boxee Box - $40 shipped

    ok i'll take it
  18. FEELER: PickleX20 metal prep / rust treatment - mini group buy

    settled - I'll let it ride a few days in case anybody else is in, I had a few other inquiries - then will order, figure out shipping & touch base
  19. FEELER: PickleX20 metal prep / rust treatment - mini group buy

    had a couple inquiries - here's what this stuff goes for direct: 16oz $61 shipped 32oz $97 shipped 128oz $190 shippedYou can see where that gallon price looks tempting. I'd like to get the gallon and split that 3-4 ways, seems like the best deal - $62ish for 32oz shipped. Enough to...
  20. FEELER: PickleX20 metal prep / rust treatment - mini group buy

    sounds good LMK. Am thinking ship to one location and that person packs it in some suitable container then ships to the other. No profits anywhere.It's OK to ship USPS. Should put an MSDS in box and I think USPS has a "liquid" label. I might try UPS too I have great rates at work.To be...
  21. When did you fall in love with the GVR4

    2007 when a minty stock one fell in my lap for $500.
  22. FEELER: PickleX20 metal prep / rust treatment - mini group buy

    I'm looking for someone to split a purchase of PickleX20 with me, maybe split a gallon or whatnot. Not trying to make any money, just trying to keep costs down by buying more than their smallest size. the cost per unit is much lower on a gallon than a pint. I'm curious to see if this stuff is...
  23. I think this car hates me

    If the last line means you're considering ECMlink, do it. you'll never look back. Plus you'll sort out idle easy.
  24. FS: 1991 vr4 new price 2700.00 come get it DesMoines Iowa

    Previous owner again here - it's not 'rust free' but I had NO concerns about any rust, as I recall any seen was cosmetic/flashing type. Underneath, very good. It's clean
  25. FS: DONATION: Mitsubishi JDM hat

    Sold to #1 gaijin ductsan. Domo
  26. FS: DONATION: Mitsubishi JDM hat

    OYAMAA this red mitsubishi hat is so JDM! This fine red mitsubishi hat has been on my garage shelf for a few years. Could use a bit of dusting off, and has seen a total of maybe 3 minutes on a head. JDM tyte velcro makes this a perfect fit for your melonMin $10 plus shipping - Sale price...
  27. overheating

    If your fans are coming on & pointed the right way, and your thermostat is opening, you have a circulation problem.Is this overheating based on temp gauge, do you have any hard temp numbers? What's been done to this car, since it last was able to keep temp?
  28. So I entered 1051 in a street car competition

    VR4s need redemption after that one what, 6-7 years ago that puked its guts during a magazine shootoutPlus building a vr4 and declining an offer like that (fee aside) is like getting fake tits and not dancing for money.
  29. Final product of the shortened USDM bumpers

    I like this for both aesthetics and practicality, and hope it gets legs. $600+ for a clean painted JDM bumper always seemed over the top to me for most vr4s.BUT where will you put tools when the shelf is gone
  30. FS: 1991 vr4 new price 2700.00 come get it DesMoines Iowa

    JC's a rock solid seller, I've bought this very car from him before! Easy a transaction as you could want. GLWS
  31. Voltage Surging/Spiking While Driving

    +1 change this asap, and get an alternator from a respectable rebuild shop. it's well worth the extra few dollars.
  32. Fuel Pressure Check

    an inline AN fitting with port is cheap and simple.
  33. Curtting springs.

    You might hear 1, maybe 2 real-experience opinions on cutting stockers if any at all.Go for it, you sound like you know what to do and what to expect. It's free, easy, and if you mess them up I'm sure someone here has some stockers sitting on a shelf anwyay.
  34. speed density good OR bad

    +1 you know what's bad about SD? all the BS posts. Good on anyone for taking the initiative to learn, but it's just another doodad.Buy it, learn it, good on you. DIAF if you later post about the SD coefficient of RTV*o2/MTV² on teh dingleberry gear while in WOT, when your 1992 DSM leaks...
  35. shipping a hood

    greyhound if you can, otherwise uship. Where to where and how much packaging/handling dictate price.I just shipped a trunk lid for $150, 900m all highway, about the size of an Evo 3 hood. no packaging.
  36. Cover Spoiler Holes

    I think anything short of filling & painting looks half ass. Welding is best but not easy for most - there's other ways you can close it up. From there a lil' filler, & even brush on touchup looks way better.
  37. MPG Numbers

    My best was ~28 driving from FL to IL on a e16g w/ 264 cams and a solid tune. 17-24 more typical, driving like they should be driven
  38. Extremely high fuel pressure

    + a billion, I've a close friend still walking with a cane and can't remember sh*t after a near-death fire fluke accident. He knew his sh*t too, better than most, 10x better than me. Just got careless.
  39. Your Bad VR4 Story?

    Quote: finding a turbine wheel stuck in the muffler.... yes this really happened. that's awesome. Shoulda ran a fartcan, they can pass more parts
  40. Your Bad VR4 Story?

    ---relatively speaking--- I've had very good luck and no really bad experiences across DD'ing three vr4's across 4-5 years. Never even pulled a head off a 4G63.
  41. What's your Fuel Pressure set to?

    Lots of AFPR's out there leaking air @ adjusting screw, lots of inaccurate fuel pressure gauges.I did raise FP slightly on my last car but it's a baseline adjustment, not a final tuning bit.
  42. How does this look for an intercooler upgrade over stock.

    As well it'll reduce need to hack into the bumper reinforcement metal
  43. alternator testing

    sounds like you may already know, but the adjuster bracket bolt passes through coolant channel - tighten it back up and see where you stand
  44. Stock Upgrades

    ^ 260 sounds right to me with a good tune, 300 no chance.
  45. Stock Upgrades

    most 14b's out there are on their last leg. Old injectors need cleaning. Those are maintenance as much as upgrades after 22 years. Those, a rewire, FMIC and definitely maintenance and you're a happy camper.
  46. Stripped turbo mounting holes

    ^ but give them both ends to keep them honest. It's not all that difficult to warp the hotside enough where the two parts don't mate right, if they use heat instead of drilling.sexual innuendo thread here I come
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