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  1. WTB: Factory intake air duct

    Looking for a factory intake air duct that goes by the passenger side fender, thanks.
  2. WTB: Rear engine mount

    Looking for a rear engine mount, MB436495 ..seems like these are discontinued for a while from Mitsubishi? Surprised there's no other third party supplier makes them anymore either.
  3. WTB: Front stock spring and spring seats

    Trying to look for a set of relatively clean front spring...mine seems been cut and the front wheel gap is smaller than the rear
  4. WTB: Passenger side bumper support bracket

    Looking for a passenger side front bumper support bracket, part No.2 in the diagram, thanks.
  5. FS: Comp 101-200 cams $300 obo shipped

    For sale is a set of comp 101-200 (FP2) cams, came from my VR4 with about 10k miles on them, bearing and lobe surface feels very smooth. I'm going for stock cam for my current turbo set up.$300 obo shipped
  6. Unmodify the front knuckle.

    So I guess I should post a bit as my first contribution to the how-to archive.If you have modified 1g/VR4 front knuckle's hole to 14mm to accommodate EVO strut, but you want to switch to 12mm hole struts, here is a very easy and simple way to do that without swapping out the knuckles.Click...
  7. WTB: Stock camshaft

    Looking for a set of 1g/VR4 stock camshafts, thanks.
  8. Alternator options

    So my headlights and interior lights starts flickering/pulsing recently, specially noticeable at idle, battery still holds charge and starts fine so I figured the regulator in the alternator is start to go out... so question is, which alternator would you guys recommend? Reman Denso or Brand new...
  9. Concourse d' elegance of America

    First big thank you to Gabor for the wrist band, would never imagine meeting a forum member there, I was feeling like driving a Mitsubishi there was like crashing into a fancy dressing party 594 lurking in the background of the McRae Focus WRC Grp. AWalk around video with classic rally cars
  10. Leather shift knob

    If anyone is looking for a factory or factory like 5 speed leather shift knob but don't want to pay 200+ to get one from JNZ, still have them in stock and they also made a similar looking aluminum version which is twice as heavy as the stock one.Stock leather knob3sx aluminum...
  11. galantgti

    I bought the 4ws decal, quick response and the product is well made, well packaged and quick shipping consider it's from Europe.
  12. WTB: washer fluid bottle cap and coolant expansion bottle cap.

    So another thing on the list to redo the damage. Looking for these two caps, anyone have these around feel free to let me know. Thanks.
  13. OEM style radiator performance

    So... I'm finally trying to address the slightly high water temp, currently the water temp is between 203-215 when just cruising around the block with a 180 thermostat. I looked at the radiator the other day and believe it's a spectra 1" thick Full size radiator. So any one else who runs this...
  14. 68HTA oil feed set up

    Just curious guys who run 68HTA, what is your oil feed set up? I know the FP website recommend running from OFH, do you need any restrictor? Thanks...
  15. FS: Garret GT3076R bb turbo SOLD

    Selling a Garret .60 A/R compressor housing and .63 A/R turbine housing Gt30r bb turbo, comes with a custom built O2 housing and DSM flange, and all the hardware for a near direct bolt on including manifold bolts and 3AN oil feed and 10AN oil drain lines. The O2 houaing has a similar flange as...
  16. ARP turbo to manifold stud socket size...

    Anyone runs these studs? Just curious what size of the socket would fit on them, are they the same as OEM 17mm?
  17. WTB: AC compressor, lines and idler

    Looking for a complete set of AC compressor, lines and idler. Thanks.
  18. WTB: Stock flex hose off turbo J pipe and lower heat shield

    Looking for a stock upper flex hose off turbo J pipe and a lower heat shield. Thanks.
  19. Battling the knock

    So the good old knock problem, just got my Link V3 in, seeing 15 degree of knock around light throttle cruising, mostly notable when turbo spools up during up hills or start from a stop, about 0.7-0.9 load factor. Lift throttle off and push it again sometimes will take the knock away. No knock...
  20. More clutch adjustment...

    Shifting has always been a little bit notchy, so wedge myself under the dash yesterday readjust the clutch pedal, thread out the rod a bit more and also adjust the stop switch according to vfaq, make sure slave still can be pushed by hand.Test drove for a while and it shift like butter...
  21. Fixing the stock cassette / radio

    Here are some interesting write up on mitusbishi/ Chrysler infinity head unit systems. Apparently most of them were built by mitsubishi and thus shared a lot of components.In case you ever attempted to fix your stock unit, the first one is the same unit that offered in 91 model:91 double...
  22. FS: head unit and knock sensor

    Fully functional 1 DIN CD/MP3/AUX/Satellite ready Panasonic C3303U head unit with remote control, with 2 plug extension cord, basically plug and play. $60 shipped, AUX cord included.Known working OEM 1g knock sensor, as knock count is the same when swapping between this one and a brand...
  23. Exhaust system options

    So I'm really getting tired of the full 3 inch exhuast that came with the car, right now it has only a glass pack resonator and a straight through glass pack muffler. Not bad at city cruising but high way speed the drone is just terrible...So whats the option here? Getting a baffled...
  24. FS: Brand new 3sx rear upper control arm SOLD

    Have a set of new 3sx upper control arm, sealed and never mounted. Good for dial in correct camber for lowered cars.SOLD, thanks for looking.
  25. Driver seat cushion rattle

    I have been having this rattle since I got the car... the front pins that mount the cushion to the seat frame is coming loose inside the frame bore after all the years of servicing, now the cushion have some up and down play and rattles when going over bumps and getting on/off the car.I...
  26. WTB: Under hood insulation and turbo heat shield

    Looking for the under hood insulation and turbo heat shield, looks like JNZ no longer carry the insulation anymore...
  27. Cardone CV Drive Axles 66-3102 fitting issue

    I wonder anyone have bought this axle for the front passenger side? Although most of the site states it's a direct fit I found out it is too long... can't bolt the hub to the strut after axle is in the way.Link to the partAfter I took it off I compare it to the stock one, it's about...
  28. Bolt size for skirt/dog-leg bolts

    I'm wondering what's the bolt size on these parts, those on the bottom there looks a lot smaller than the ones on the side...
  29. WTB: Intermediate Shaft

    Anyone have one already taken out and seperated? Without the cv shaft.
  30. WTB: Front ABS ring/hub

    Looking for a set of front abs ring with or without the hub, must be out of the spindle already. Thanks.
  31. Front knuckle inner hub

    When the knuckle came off the car, does the inner hub with the abs ring came out as well or it need to be pressed out?
  32. Yet another isc question...

    So after getting my rebuilt t body a few days ago, I found out that the old isc was bad, so anyone running without an isc but still with FIAV? How's the cold start looks like in this configuration? Mine has a very low cold start rpm...Also, how much voltage should I get from the isc plug? I...
  33. Engine Coolant Switch positions

    When Looking at the FSM I noticed there is a switch for radiator fan on the thermostat housing (number4) :However when looking at some pics online I noticed in a 90s housing it has a thermo valve at where the #4 coolant switch is according to FSM:I wonder what's the difference between a...
  34. WTB: MHI 14b or small 16G turbo

    Gonna go for a smaller turbo set up, so looking for a 14b or small 16g set up. Needs o2 housing and turbo outlet as well.
  35. FS: Used Cusco camber plates, Galant specific, $250 shipped obo

    For sale a set of used cusco camber plates, Galant specific, has less than 500 miles on them. Spins smooth and no play. 250 shipped obo. Also open to trade for turbo kits. Thanks.
  36. Camber plate and EVO spring fitment

    I have looked at different camber plate options, wondering if anyone running it with EVO springs and structs? Does it have any clearance issue with the inner strut well if running some negative camber? Thanks
  37. EVO front suspension fitment

    Quick question... When swapping in the EVO front suspension, if Using the stock top hat then which upper spring perch to use? The EVO one or the stock one? Thanks...
  38. WTB: Passenger side front fender

    Looking for a passenger side front fender in good shape, preferred in white. Thanks.
  39. Turbo water line

    Having some problem trying to figure out the water pipe B set up.The one pipe here:Q1: Is this section of water pipe a hard line or a rubber line? Mine seems to be a rubber line that runs all the way up to the lower thermostat housing.Q2: In the above pic where should the pipe B connect...
  40. WTB: Reverse/Back-up light switch connector

    Looking for the connector that plugs on to the back up light switch on the transmissionAnyone have one of these around? The switch seem to have very tiny contact taps...
  41. WTB: front camber plate

    Looking for a set of front camber plate, prefer GVR4 bolt pattern ones, thanks.
  42. Front drive train noise

    Right now I have a humming noise coming from the front when turning left, specially over 30 mph and it gets louder when I turn more. Could it be bad CV u joint? Or carrier bearing?
  43. WTB: VR4 steering rack near MI

    Looking for a front steering rack for sale here.
  44. Power steering issue

    Has any one have a similar issue where the power steering only works when turning the steering wheel to one side?
  45. WTB: Shim/spacer for mounting EVO front lower struct mount

    Any one have a set of these spacer at hand for the evo front struct? Thanks.
  46. WTB: Passnger side fender

    Looking for a passenger side fender, preferred in white. Thanks.
  47. WTB: front door speaker covers

    Any one have a pair laying around? Been looking for that for a while.
  48. Drive train clunky noise

    I noticed a metal rattling noise coming from the front when the car is under load with very little throttle( when the exhaust shakes most). Jack the drivers front wheel up and turn the wheel by hand, it has about 10-15 degrees of play and a clunky noise before it engage the viscous coupling...
  49. How to take the side marker off?

    Anyone knows how to take those off? Also is there a service manual for the body section of the galants? I have been looking at the library but didn't find any there.
  50. Galant VR4 side decal

    Just wonder is there any place that make those side decal on the rear doors? The ten8teen site has been down for a while. Thanks.
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