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  1. FS: Part out left over parts. Make me offers everything must go.

    Eprom ECU. No chip. MAKE ME AN OFFER. This is what was posted when I got the ECU.1G EPROM ECU Modded by ECM Tuning, MD193299 (1G DSM TURBO AWD D27A MT E2T60878 EA01 7/92-5/93 FEDERAL). Caps replaced & socketed by ECMTuning. I was going to use it on my GVR4 but I’ve decided on a...
  2. FS: 1g EPROM ECU + Chip. Edit: price drop!!!

    1G EPROM ECU Modded by ECM Tuning, MD193299 (1G DSM TURBO AWD D27A MT E2T60878 EA01 7/92-5/93 FEDERAL). Caps replaced & socketed by ECMTuning. I was going to use it on my GVR4 but I’ve decided on a different management system. Additional mods done by Jeff Oberholtzer (JeffO) so car will work...
  3. Possible a bad CAS?

    Ok I ground the terminal to adjust ignition timing. With a timing light set to 5 degrees at idle. I have a scanmaster 3 on the ignition timing it reading 17-20 degrees adv. at idle. Is that normal? Or should the scanmaster read 5 degrees at idle as well. The car has idle surge. If I try to...
  4. Data logging cable

    I'm having a hard time finding a data logging cable. I have 2 options from the obd1 port or the back of my scanmaster 3 it looks like a phone jack. To a USB plug. If anyone has one up for sale let me know or a link will helpThanks Matt
  5. Adjusting BISS screw.

    Ok I have to adjust my BISS screw. I read how to on Vfaq.clickThe OBD1 connector in the car. You have to ground one of the tab. Now it said if you have a TMO data logger that it already grounds the tab. Now I dont have a TMO logger. I have a scan master 3. Does any one know if the scan...
  6. FS: Power steering pump and reservoir

    Parts: 2 power steering pumps. $30 + shipping (1 SOLD)1 Gvr-4 power steering reservoir for all wheel steer. $10 + shipping1 1g power steering reservoir $10 + shipping (SOLD)
  7. Base timing

    Ok I know what I need to do for getting base timing. Iv been reading. Now I have a timing light that is adjustable for degrees advanced. The question is if I set the timing light to 5 degrees do I line the notch to the T or to the 5 degree mark on the timin cover?Thanks Matt
  8. Knock problem

    Let see I have been having this problem with knock. The car will lose power and it only does when You are cruising and maintaining speed. From a stop as well but only when when I'm driving normal. Now if I take off from a start and into the throttle hard have no knock. I have a scan master 3 and...
  9. A/f gauge question.

    Still having a hard time with my gauge. I found this.clickNow I don't have the gauge ground and 12v power hook up to the ECU. Ground and 12v power is to the turbo time. And the other wire is to the o2 sensor port 4 on the ECU and nothing. But my scanmaster 3 reads o2, and a/f. Could it be...
  10. Prosport wideband & volt

    I just got a prosport wideband gauge. But not sure how to wire up the read wire for the gauge.Wiring instruction: Red-12v Accessory power Black- Ground Yellow- 12v power Now this one Grey- Output signal off the O2 sensor.So do I splice into one of the wires off the O2 sensor? Or.Wideband...
  11. Question on dash pod.

    I'v been looking for this dash pod. What did it come in? And if anyone has one for sale set up gauges let me know. click
  12. A question about knock.

    Not I know what knock is. But what I don't know is what causes knock? I have a scan master 3 in my car and it's throwing at the most 43 and flashes is this bad?
  13. New drive shaft one piece?

    I found a one piece drive shaft that's is like $ 800. Does anyone know of a cheaper one out there?
  14. Keydriver chip...? Is not making keydriver chips anymore. Is there anywhere I can get a chip for my Eprom ECU?Thanks, Matt
  15. WTB: JDM Front bumper and fog lights

    What to buy JDM Front bumper and fog lights? Shipped to 32725 PM. Me price
  16. Intercooler kit?

    I'm looking for a Intercooler kit for my galant. But all I can find is the ETS kit. Does anyone know of a kit that is cheaper and is made for the gvr4? Or should I just stop being cheap .
  17. How to clean 1g maf?

    Ok I was going to get maf cleaner. But on the can it's said Not to use on Mitsu. Is there any other way to clean te Maf?
  18. 5 Lug swap?

    Can anyone help me? Im looking in to doing a 5 lug swap on my gvr4. I was told I can use 3000gt vr4 parts and brakes which would be great. but I dont want it be a big project. If It just bolt on that would be nice.
  19. Need new rocker panels.

    Dose anyone know or have a link where I might be able to get rocker panels? havent tryed the dealer yet but will.
  20. Transmisson

    How much power can a factory trans. hold? Im going to have the tranny rebuilt but dont know if I should rebuild it to stock or just beef it up.
  21. Check engine light ?

    Ok the check engine light dose not come on when you first start the car. It will come on a little after the engine is started. If you roll the throttle and at about 4k rpm the check engine light go's out and the car start to pull harder. Another thing it is doing. say your doing 40 mph in 4th...
  22. What is this

    What is this? Its on a 91 gvr4 its on the fire wall next to the cruise control unit. Its nether a Fuel pressure solenoid, or a Evaporative emission purge solenoid. Red arrow: vacuum lines go.
  23. normal idle

    What is the normal idle on a 1g 4g63?
  24. cam sensor

    this might be a dumb question. But i cant get my motor to idle over 625. So will the car run if the cam position sensor is on backwards will the motor run? I have a 4g63
  25. Off the show room floor

    Does anyone know what the galant vr-4 brand new off the show room floor went for?
  26. What sensor is this?

    I broke a sensor on top of the thermostat housing. I went to the part store thanking it was the cooling fan sensor but the one they had was different. sensor: orange arrow plug for the sensor: red
  27. Looking at Stroker kit

    Let's start here. I have a bare block and get all new parts. Found a stroker kit for a grand. It looks to me to be a fairly good kit but the the reman crank. But hay it's a Grand. Check it out?click
  28. Eclipse front mount kit?

    Looking into putting a bigger front mount intercooler on my 91 gvr4. Now if I put an eclipse J pipe on my galant will I be able to use a eclipse front mount kit with some mods? Has anyone done this before?
  29. HID kits?

    I'm trying to find a hid kit for my 91 galant vr4 can anyone give me a hand?
  30. Projetor headlights?

    I was wondering if there is a company that make's projector headlights for the vr4? Or is there another car that will work with little mod.?
  31. 16g

    i have a stock 1g motor will it be ok to run the 16g turbo at 14 psi? everthing is stock
  32. should i change the pistons

    i thank im goin to run these cuz im bilding a new motor what do u thank?
  33. what to do

    well let start here i got a 91 gvr4 im looking to make a 12 sec car but dont know what way to go so far i got a 16g turbo but not in the car. i know i got to get a eprom, and injector, mas air, and dsm link but what im askin is how is all this going to cost and will 20 psi be enough with the...
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