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  1. WTB: evo8 ecu

    If anybody have one or the harness, let me know, shipping to 80128, thanks.
  2. Ignition Coil questions

    Hello all, I've acquired a set of Ignition Coils for LS1 and I am not quit sure how to wire it up to our car.... can anyone help? I've purchased from an old DSMer he parted out the car and doesn't know what coil is from and how to wired it up, only knows that it worked on is a Pic...
  3. WTB: evo8 seat rail adaptors

    anyone have the evo8 seat rail adaptors for gvr4 that is not using it and willing to let it go thanks
  4. WTB: body parts in good/excellent condition

    I need Passenger Fender, Passenger door, trunk lid. In white please, located in Colorado, but willing to drive for the right parts or all parts
  5. WTB: Quaife ATB Limited-Slip Front Differential

    Wanted Quaife ATB Limited-Slip Front Differential ('90-'99 AWD) CODE: [QUA QDH8B]
  6. EVO 8 seats

    anybody with the seats, are they lighter or heavier then stock seats?
  7. clanky clunk

    Car at rest, two hands on top of wheel and rock back and forth, I get a loose clank noise. Any guess what it might be? I think it's either wheel bearing or lower ball joint...
  8. FS: Stock automatic seatbelts

    I have a set of stock seatbelts from my 92 vr4 $100 for the pair. Excellent condition
  9. T3 manifold options?

    Okay, I am getting a little antsy about putting on the T3 that I have for over 5 years lol, what are some good T3 exhaust manifold option that you guys recommend? I kind of like the Treadstone Performance 4G63 Cast Turbo Manifold M121, any experience? ideas? thx
  10. Speedo Limits

    Anybody knows how the speedometer works? what happens when you hit the stopper right after 150mph? would it break? or would the speedo simple stop as the car continues to speed pass 150mph?
  11. need ideas

    car won't idle past couple of minutes then will only restart when cold, fire away!!
  12. Air conditioning removal

    Okay guys, I've got this, so AC have to go:Now, my question is, how do you guys evacuate the Freon?! that is in the ac line, do you call someone? I hate to just let it loose into the ozone....
  13. us vr4 rear bumper cover

    Anyone knows the part number for a white one? are they still available from dealer?
  14. shop for turbo rebuilt

    Okay, after tearing into it, I found out my turbo is leaking oil on the intake side, so I need turbo rebuild, any recommendations?
  15. Air duct

    I am trying to remove AC in the car as clean as possible, now in the manual 55-30 there is a Duct(vehicles without air conditioning). What is the part number for this, is it still available? It is used to bypass the Condenser, if I am correct.
  16. easy way of pulling engine

    Can I pull out the engine with tranny together in our cars? anything I should look out for? I've only done tranny and engine separately, never the two together. Yes, I did score the Force engineering engine over the weekend
  17. WTB: new engine

    Prefer 2.4L, built or not built. willing to ship or meet me half way for pickup. 2.0 6 bolt okay too, let me know.
  18. FS: Cleanup Garage (more parts)+

    I have couple of stuff for sale, trying to clean up, so I'll add more as I get to them.I have a tranny that needs synchro, but it's got CUSCO FRONT DIFF and CUSCO CENTER DIFF!!, just the DIFF's alone cost well over 3k! since it's not new(20k) and tranny need new synchro, make me offer...
  19. still got me home tonight!

    This was the fuse I put on the fuel pump rewire, don't know what caused it, but I got home. Weird part is that when I turn the key to off, the car still runs, that's what got me to trouble shoot and found this.
  20. B16g

    Where can I get a brand new authentic B16g now a days?yao
  21. FS: scirocco aluminum radiator

    I've an aluminum radiator that was used on my 1g, $130 shipped.
  22. WTB: OEM boost pressure solenoid

    if anybody have one in working condition, hit me up. thanks.
  23. 1g intercooler

    Okay, it's time to do intercooler upgrade. I am looking at 1g VRSF Kit. Just one question, anybody knows if a 1g front bumper mount is similar to vr4? They don't have Gvr4 kit, but I think it might work, no?
  24. why no boosting over 22psi

    K, found what why it wouldn't boost past 22psi and dropped boost to 14psi at 6k.What could cause this?? my manifold is whitish looking too, here are the pictures, is my tune off??? running too lean?
  25. WOT wastegate

    Hello all, I've been very active on tuning the car with Speed Density and unleashing more power then ever I've seem to hit a wall and wanted to see what you all think.boosting 22psi on FP18g timing at 6 with 91oct, Zero knock with A/R at 11.5:1 all the way to 6k rpm. Right after 6k, the...
  26. FPR kit

    Hello all,I want to see if anybody have a recommendation for a good Fuel pressure regulator return kit.
  27. power lock no working right

    Hello all, I've taken apart my passenger window in attempt to clean it/grease it. Didn't think anything of it, then today I accidently hit the lock with the key in the acc, and to my suprise, it locked?! isn't it suppose to jump out of lock if there is key in the ignition? did I mess up...
  28. bushings

    Hello all, I think it is almost time to replace all the suspension bushings for a 20 year old car. Does anybody have a list of ALL busing upgrades and where to purchase them? I am thinking 4 wheel bearings, tie rods, swaybar links, ball joints, pretty much a major overhaul and what needs to be...
  29. FS: FIC 1600cc injector

    I have a set of (NONE BLUEMAX) FIC 1600cc injectors from two years ago. Only have about 20 miles, parked the eclipse since. I decided not to run E85 on this car, so I am selling them. $400 shipped.
  30. Ticking/knocking noise

    Hello all, I am on a quest to take care of a very annoying problem. I have this ticking/knocking noise that went as far back as I could remember, since when the car is new. I have determined to track down this little annoying tick that made my g-vr4 felt extremely cheap. This noise in...
  31. WTB: Carbon fiber hood

    Anybody wanting to part with one around colorado?
  32. stumped

    I need to have some idea bounce off you people. The car misses when ever underload badly. Tried new sparkplugs/wires, still does the same, I am gonna look at the coils this weekend. Anymore ideas?
  33. 2 step

    I had msd-dis2 for studderbox, but recently it died. So I want to activate the ds-map studderbox. Quick question, I love the way the MSD does the studderbox, which is very fast rapid pop-pop-pop. I've also heard others 2 steps and they sounded pop(wait .5sec) then pop(wait another...
  34. Tuning ?

    Okay, now I have been very actively tunning with my DS-map this last couple of weeks. At first I work on my Air/fuel ratio to around 10.5 to 7k on third, then cold idle/enrichments ect.... now I am on the timing. I have timing the way I like it everywhere, except the TOP end of the spectrum...
  35. Buying new front wheel hubs

    Where can I get a complete new front wheel hubs? I've looked high and low, but none of my local auto store got them.... any suggestions?
  36. wheel bearings

    Where in the world can I get a set of Front wheel bearings? seems like every auto parts store I go to, only have FWD rear ones.....
  37. Clutch

    Hello all, I have been out of galant scene for a while now and am trying to make my galant daily driver again I need a good street clutch recommendation for my Galant vr4. I have had ACT 2600 in there for a long time, and recent month of driving it in traffic and old age is getting to me. I...
  38. Ds-Map

    Anybody that is local to Denver could help me tune Ds-Map?
  39. melting fuese but not blowing it ??!!

    I was inspecting fuse box due to Alternator problem and found a 30amp fuse in the fuse box labeled condens fan, lower right corner if viewed standing by the right wheel. What is this fuse and why did it melt/warped/bubbled but not blown? is there a hidden problem? see attached pics.
  40. FS: FIC 1600cc Injectors NEW

    I have a set of FIC 1600cc injectors(not blumax) that was installed in my eclipse but never ran, the car sat for 2 years and counting. $400shipped
  41. Alternator :(

    I know there is an 110 or 140 amp alternator in place of dsm and vr4, but I don't remember from which car that mitsu made.... is it 92 galant GSX? anybody knows?
  42. How to High Impedance Injectors and MSD wiring

    Hello all, I am trying to run a set of High Impedance injectors and I know I have to disconnect the resistance box at the firewall, but Do I just disconnect or I have to loop the wires? If I have to loop them, How? which wire-color to which? If anybody have done it, please let me know...
  43. FM interfrence from the engine

    Not sure when this started or what this is, but I had my radio on th other day and noticed the whine from speakers that associates with my Engine RPM???!! it's driving me nuts now that I know what I am listenning. What could be the cause or cure for this?yao
  44. 4thStroke

    Great communication good product and shipped on time!
  45. fresh oil supply

    I read it somewhere, but can't remember where. Anyway, I am trying to see if I taped the right oil hole on the 90's oil filter housing for turbo oil supply. You know after the filter with clean oil. If anyone can help that would be great, thanks.
  46. Good guy, mario

    Brought a set of Poly mounts from him, fast shipping, just as described. Good guy.
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