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  1. Miscellaneous OEM parts

    I have a lot of extra OEM parts that came with my car. I’m not sure what these random parts are worth, so make an offer. Items will be shipped from TN. Text preferred since I’m never on here. 4235028657
  2. MB520774 New OEM passenger parking brake cable

    I have a brand new oem passenger parking brake cable. Part#MB520774 If you’re looking for one, I’m sure you know how scarce these are. My price is $150+shipping/fees. Driver-side is not for sale. First come first serve. [email protected] is my PayPal. Thanks.
  3. OEM parts?

    Most of those sites don’t actually have the parts in stock. I’ve ordered from almost all of them and always get an email the next day saying my order was cancelled and my card won’t be charged. They refuse to update their stock because it brings traffic to their websites. Parts are scarce now...
  4. WTB: driver-side parking brake cable

    I’m looking for a new driver-side parking brake cable. It can be oem or aftermarket, I’m not picky. OEM part number is MB520774. Message me pics and price if you have what I’m looking for. Thanks!
  5. New owner of 1458

    If anyone has a new driver-side parking brake cable (MB570774) message me. 😬
  6. PSA - check your fuel filler hose

    Ty. Mines leaking so I’ll have to replace it soon.
  7. Recommendations for IC piping

    I’d recommend finding a local welder and have them build you some. There aren’t any ready-made kits available now that I’ve seen and what is available is expensive to the point of having one built locally is cheaper.
  8. Need ECMLink mentor in So Cal

    Check out Scott laird on YouTube. He has some good tutorials on ecmlink.
  9. New owner of 1458

    Pressure washed the bay and looking better already. I’ve rebuilt the rear calipers and resurfaced the rotors for now. Passenger side parking brake was completely froze, but managed to find a new oem one to replace it. The driver side isn’t seized but doesn’t want to release pressure when the...
  10. New owner of 1458

    Sure is! Other than a Ching Chong turbo that was put on right before the damage, this car is pretty much stock. Not only factory intake/exhaust but still has the tb/cas brace, ps heat shield, all emissions, no vacuum deletes, etc. and PLENTY of rat turds. Honestly I wanted to keep everything on...
  11. New owner of 1458

    So I found this vr4 1 mile from my house that was on a dead end road. I work for the post office and had to fill in for this route and that’s when I found it. The owner said it’s been parked for the past 5 years (yes, literally parked 1 mile from my house for 5 years) after money shifting it...
  12. The "Registry"

    JA3CX56U9NZ017672 378/1000 Sunroof car I currently own it in Tennessee. Zero rust but has been professionally primed black. Clean title w/ no accidents according to the carfax.