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  1. jnava

    WTB: a set of galant wheels oe

    About to sell my shell and need replacements for the Volks.LMK is you have a set, it would be greatly appreciated. JN
  2. jnava


    Bought a gvr4 specific JMF catch can, arrived well packaged, very easy to work with. Thanks Ryan.
  3. jnava


    This gentleman has sent a 14b, c&r radiator and fans, wideband, corners, center console lid, fuel pump hanger assembly and so on. Very communicative and sends them and arrives in great condition as stated. Looking to do further business with him.
  4. jnava

    WTB: USDM Front bumper with uncut slats.

    Just looking for a normal bumper for 57.
  5. jnava

    WTB: JDM preface or facelift fogs, gvr4 specific fmic setup.

    I need a set of either one on the fogs.
  6. jnava

    WTB: Anyone selling an ETS Kit or core

    I know, I know. This is the 7th kit Ive had but I need one again.
  7. jnava

    FS: JDM Bits

    I have multiple JDM bits for Galant VR4 that just arrived. Shipment would be out of Texas The list of JDM parts that are going to be shipped next week. ...Eterna black-$200 Eterna Sava- $125 Fuel door-45 x5 Dashmat-40 x4 Underdash-45 x8 Jdm door stickers silver-$20 x8pairs will...
  8. jnava

    FS: JDM Front and rear bumpers with fogs $2k shipped -UPDATE

    I'm having to upgrade from JDM bumpers. One fog is cracked and working on a replacement lense. Attachment will require curtis brackets or self made brackets.
  9. jnava

    FS: AFCO - FIC- Wiseco- Pauter- and many other goodies

    All items will ship out of TexasAFCO Scirrocco radiator-$250 shipped EDM GVR4 amber corners-$80 EVO 560cc injectors-$100 EVO beehives unkn mileage-$75 NEW King rod and main bearings STD-$105 2.3 Stroker crank off a Mighty Max 6bolt- $300 Pauter X beams for a 6bolt-used-$625 NEW Wiseco...
  10. jnava

    FS: new mitsu diamond and mmc badge

    Got the badges up for $85 shipped.
  11. jnava

    988 aka Ahmad Safariza

    Unfortunately, I've had a situation that hasn't been rectified. I purchased a set of JDM foglights for $350 which included complete endcaps. Upon arrival, the endcaps where broken and I immediately informed him of the situation. I asked to have a set of endcaps replaced, as I'd rather have them...
  12. jnava

    FS: JDM fogs with pigtails and endcaps $350

    Have two clean sets and one must go. This set has pigtails. Pp and shipping not included. Pm me zip for specific total amt.
  13. jnava

    FS: 2 HKS GVR4 canisters with maf and intake piping and FIC 1550 w easy tune box

    Have two of the hks canisters with maf and intake piping. $120 each plus shipping. Also selling FIC 1550 with easy tune box for $400 shipped. Pics in a bit
  14. jnava

    FS: Sheepey DSM Twin Scroll T4 manifold

    I bought the mani thinking it would fit with my Scirocco radiator but the 44mm flanges are right on the area of the core support. Would work with a Honda half radiator setup or in a DSM. $800 shipped CONUS. This would ship from Texas.
  15. jnava

    WTB: Drivers side 93 headlamp

    Need to find a 93 drivers side headlamp.
  16. jnava


    Sold me a Griffin Scirocco radiator. Was packaged perfectly to my expectations and at an incredible price. I feel we will be having more transactions in the near future with this guy. Thanks.
  17. jnava

    FS: Amber EDM corners and maybe white Eterna Zr4 4x4 grille

    Eterna Zr4...contemplating if I should sell it. 2 sets of edm corners not perfect- $80 plus pp and shipping each 1 set in perfect condition- $120 One single passenger side edm corner-$60 plus pp and shipping. Will ship from Texas. Thule OEM roof rack -$225 plus shipped 92 white grille-$30...
  18. jnava

    WTB: nonrecirc fp intake pipe

    As stated on the title...ship quote to 76010 zip.
  19. jnava

    WTB 93 driver side headlamps

    Need the drivers side crystal headlamp pm me
  20. jnava

    FS:jdm fogs, grille, roof rack,new arp main-rods-headstuds and more

    Prices do not reflect paypal fees nor shipping. That will be calculated when zip is provided.JDM Fogs $200 92 passenger tail- $55 92 summit white grille- $38 OE Thule roof rack-$200 2 of the rubber bottom missing New arp headstuds- $75 New ACL race main bearings- $45 New ACL race...
  21. jnava

    FS: GVR4 Keychains- Donation for Austin Stanley- $13each

    As many of you have read, one our members brother has passed away. I've donated already but I believe I can help more. These 5 keychains was donated to me by a good friend Andrew Fletcher. I've found a good use in selling for donation purposes to Austin's educational cost.Here...
  22. jnava

    FS: Gvr4 Thule foot pack

    $100 plus shipping and PP. Will ship from Texas They do require some sand blasting and a coat of black paint.
  23. jnava

    FS: HKS EVC 4 and 3 and chrono gauge,2 fp intake pipe, dual gauge pod, and other

    These are DSM\ GVR4 goodies that will ship from Texas. Shipping cost will be determined when you provide a zipcode... Powdercoated FP intake pipe w/maf and filter adapter-$120 FP non recirc intake pipe with reducer for 14b/16g/18g turbos-$90==sold One jdm foglight pigtail-$20 Gvr4 specific...
  24. jnava

    WTB: ETS compressor outlet pipe

    I need this part.....unless someone is now making them since ETS no longer provides them. Also ambers are still needed.
  25. jnava

    FS: HKS 4g63 cam gears-$310 shipped- PRICE DROP

    Used set of cam gears $310 shipped.
  26. jnava

    WTB: ETS compressor housing outlet pipe.

    I have a stock unit but I'll have to modify it but if I can find an ETS version that would be appreciated.
  27. jnava

    FS: bov, pillow balls, brackets, fuel pump hangar

    Hks type1 race bov $140 shipped Tein E39a rear pillow ball mounts $135 shipped Curtis JDM bumper brackets for E39a $56.80 shipped-2 sets left Tial wastegate bolts -$20 shipped Greddy EGT used-$85 shipped DSM injeector plug to EV6 aka Injector dynamic plug-$25 shipped Mitsu oil filters-$10...
  28. jnava

    FS: Tein rear pillow ball mounts

    $135 shipped
  29. jnava

    WTB: facelift fogs....

    Does anyone have a set?
  30. jnava

    FS: CF RS hood vents

    $175 shipped from Texas
  31. jnava

    WTB: passenger side 93 headlamp

    If you have a spare one, lmk.
  32. jnava


    Sent me Dsmlink V3 full, was shipped perfectly, just like I would ship it out. Great guy to deal with, I'll probably have future transactions with the level of service he provides.
  33. jnava

    FS: Curtis JDM bumper brackets $56.80 shipped

    I have 4 left out of 9 that I posted.
  34. jnava

    FS: misc items

    These items are up for sale. Paypal and shipping not included. These items will ship from Texas. 92 grille-$27 Garrett compressor cover, backplate and clamp kit $80, chra is free Dimmer switch-$15 Rear defrost switch-$15 Oem cassette player-$35 Gvr4 oem bov pipe-$35 Arp MSK 4g63 $35 DS window...
  35. jnava

    EBAY: Autoplas Dual Fog Grille

    Good Luck--- Ebay Listing of the Grille
  36. jnava

    FS or FT AMG Grille- $150 plus shipping

    I'll take cash or something interesting.
  37. jnava

    FS: amg grille, amg corners, garrett comp cover, fp oil filter, gvr4 eprom,

    Need to sell a few things. Headlamps-$250 plus shipping SOLD AMG grille-$200 plus shipping SOLD FP BB oil filter-$30 shipped SOLD Gvr4 eprom ecu-$125 plus shipped AMG mint amber corners -No longer for sale. Garrett 3582 compressor cover Compact version- $145 shipped w/clamps...
  38. jnava

    FS: AMG Body Kit-

    This is the majority of the body kit except for the corners. Front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, doglegs, exterior door panels, wing, grille, and fog lamps. $5k will purchase this kit but it doesn't include shipping. This would be shipped from overseas to your front door. I do also sell jdm...
  39. jnava

    WTB: Stock gvr4 turbo compressor outlet pipe.

    If you have one, let me know.
  40. jnava

    FS: Two Driver Side A-pillar- $35 shipped each -

    I have two of these, one is charcoal in color and the other one is brown. Also have brown 89 glove box and a clean set of 89 rear tail lights. 89 Glove box-40 shipped 89 tail light set, $100 plus shipping. Fog Lights-$100 shipped. Pillars- $35 shipped
  41. jnava

    Turbo Lab of America

    I was sold a supposed Garrett BB GT3582R cartridge from Turbo Lab. I specifically asked them if it was a Garrett cartridge and they confirmed it was. This turbo sat in my office for quite a while as I purchased the compressor housing, turbine housing and all the goodies associated to make it...
  42. jnava

    FS: USDM foglights, rear window visor:non-oem

    Galant Rear window visor, non-oem-$150 shipped or OBO USDM foglights- $125 shipped. Driver Side A-pillar-$45 89 Glove box-$45 shipped Eterna grille- $125 shipped Greddy EGT gauge used- $95 shipped PLX DM-6 gauge BNIB- $60 shipped Speaker cover-$15 shipped- Use for gauge purposes with...
  43. jnava

    FS: AWD JDM rear bumper $576 shipped

    This is a black bumper with AWD support brackets. $576 shipped. This would ship from the Phillipines.
  44. jnava

    FS: Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 -- $950 shipped

    Will need a harness, you can get one from Haltech directly Part Number: HT-041343. offers are welcomed and trades are entertained.
  45. jnava

    FS: Clean 89 taillights, 89 grille, eco w/pigtail, DS a pillar, 89 under dash

    Clean 89 tails no cracks on center bezel $150 plus shipping AVAILABLE 89 grille- $40 plus shipping- SOLD 89 glove box brown -$35 plus shipping Eco switch with pigtail and plate- $37shipped 89 under dash w/ vent tube- 45 plus shipping SOLD Drivers A pillar $40 plus shipping...
  46. jnava

    EBAY: 2.3L stroker kit

    I decided to post the kit on ebay was at 1 penny a few minutes ago but it's at $500+ right now. Bid if you want it. I'd definitely go lower for org members on the buyers it now.4g63 6bolt Stroker Kit
  47. jnava

    FS: jdm bumper w/preface, stroker kit bnib...

    JDM Galant VR4 bumper with fogs $550 plus shipping 2.3l stroker kit which is BNIB Eagle rods setup for 22mm wrist pins, BNIB Wiseco 2g/Evo 85.5 stroker pistons, and BNIB Eagle 100mm Stroker crank, and BNIB ACL Race Bearings STD main and rod bearings. $1500 +pp &shipping. Eterna Grille-$125 plus...
  48. jnava

    FS: jdm white bumper with preface fogs... eterna grille optional

    I have a white jdm bumper with preface fogs 480 shipped from Texas. Eterna grille optional at a discounted price. Bumper metal skelenton is not included so you would need to fabricate it.
  49. jnava

    FS: Spare set JDM facelift foglights for parts

    this is a set to use for parts... $75 plus shipping ... up for obo or trades...need to pay for a haltech.....
  50. jnava

    FS: Eterna Grille $125. shipped UPDATED 12/29

    Eterna Grille -$125 shipped NOS AMG spark plug cover-$120 shippedThese parts would ship from Texas...
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