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  1. yubh8tn

    Main Bearing Specs

    I remember struggling with this on my rebuild. I ended up ordering 3 sets of bearings and only one worked. I couldn't figure out the part number I needed so I called King Engine Bearings, the manufacturer of the most widely recommended bearing for our platform, but they made an error and gave me...
  2. yubh8tn

    Installing engine and transaxle

    I've done it both ways. I've had good luck doing trans separately. After putting the engine in, benching the trans up isn't extremely difficult. Just make sure you align that clutch well so you don't have to redo it after struggling to put the trans in for a while. Definitely not speaking from...
  3. yubh8tn

    Centre Gauge Pods

    looks like this guy has one
  4. yubh8tn

    Centre Gauge Pods

    Here's a write-up thread I dug up for you, it's called the ECS pod. I suppose that stands for Electronically Controlled Suspension, as Iceman said. It looks to be some sort of control/monitor unit. Pretty nifty. The only problem is availability. Definitely a hard to find piece...
  5. yubh8tn

    Blew a rocker

    You are genuinely evil. How dare you suggest I run a 2g head on my 1g? I have scoured the dsmtuners forum and now I am questioning many things. It seems the consensus of reputable people (notably Kiggly himself) that 2g heads are superior due to their higher casting quality and more...
  6. yubh8tn

    Blew a rocker

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my galant on the road again (for the 3rd time) and besides my massive oil burning issue I found some damage in my head. It looks like I absolutely disintegrated a rocker and damaged my cam, retainer, and lifter. I believe the valve is fine but will inspect it when...
  7. yubh8tn

    A/c system

    Also, performance partout has just about everything you need.
  8. yubh8tn

    A/c system

    @pot might be able to sell you what you actually need
  9. yubh8tn

    exhaust manifold

    Are we talking about the classic FP cast manifold? If we are, I'm sorry but this just doesn't sound right to me. Many vehicles have proven to run extremely well with a big 16g and fp manifold. I have read on some forums that changing away from the FP manifold helps spool on LARGER turbos as it...
  10. yubh8tn

    fwd to rwd

    The lazy way to do it would weld some covers over the front axle outputs on the tranny, put some CV axle ends in the front hubs, and weld the center diff. Then you're RWD. But you're gonna break stuff. You could get a super-built tcase that'll hold the power but who knows how the rest of the...
  11. yubh8tn

    WTB Tail Lights

    @pot Got anything for him?
  12. yubh8tn


    Hello, hopefully looking for the whole assembly. Just the housing and the foglight switch would work, or just the foglight switch itself. Don't really need rheostat just housing, figured I'd buy it all as an assembly so I have a spare. Regardless, would love to get the housing and/or foglight switch
  13. yubh8tn

    FS: 2G DSMLink v3 (no cable) SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Hoping for $500+shipping but open to offers as I'm not sure what's fair. I can get a brand new cable for you for an additional $90edit: SOLD FOR $500+pp and ship
  14. yubh8tn

    WTB 91 awd shift rail (1-2)

    broke my 1-2 shift rail end, right on the bottom lug used to shift into first. Hoping to find a new one but can't. Gonna use one out of my spare trans that has 280k on it but need to replace that. Thanks. Code is NPXV
  15. yubh8tn

    OEM Radio Pinout

    I think he was looking for the pins direct out of the radio
  16. yubh8tn

    First trans rebuild questions

    Thanks for the info, especially the training manual, that'll come in very handy.
  17. yubh8tn

    First trans rebuild questions

    I have two broken GVR4 trans. One broke a while ago shifting hard into 3rd gear. Got stuck in 3rd gear. Newer trans broke after spinning all four wheels on an ice patch in 1st gear. I drove it to a parking spot after spinning it and a couple hours later when I tried to drive away it wouldn't...
  18. yubh8tn

    Stock leather seat height adjustment, how does it work?

    I'm pretty sure he meant the frontmost lever on the side. I have no idea how that lever works either.
  19. yubh8tn

    No crank/no start

    I'm not sure if you came to this conclusion already or not, mk2davis, but when you're replacing the starter you may as well follow their suggestions and rebuild / repair the small harness that goes with it.
  20. yubh8tn

    Factory amplifier for radio

    Like gvr4ever said, this forum generally specializes in sixth generaton (E39A) Galant VR4's. With a google search I found that it is most likely under either the driver or front passenger seat or in the trunk behind the carpet parallel to the backseat of your 8th gen. In the future, please try...
  21. yubh8tn

    Well, I boogered up a 35 dollar seal

    I have no answers for your rear main problem or the pulley question, I did my seal with the engine out of the car and had no trouble, I don't remember having to risk tearing the seal. But, when I last removed my oil pan I bent it too. What I did was bend it back to shape the best I could and...
  22. yubh8tn

    Palm solutions

    This may be helpful, i didnt look through it very much though. Looks like it eliminates the need for virtualization and teaches you how to use the serial cable on linux
  23. yubh8tn

    Palm solutions

    I haven't an idea of what program you're talking about, but I assume you're somewhat computer-savvy if you're on Ubuntu. I have used Oracle Virtualbox (download is pretty far down the page) in the past. If you install Windows 98, XP, or 2000 onto a Virtual Machine using Virtualbox you can use...
  24. yubh8tn

    LSD rear in Galant GSX Question

    As long as the axle is a manual axle I believe they are the same and therefore interchangeable. Hopefully someone who knows for sure can confirm though
  25. yubh8tn

    LSD rear in Galant GSX Question

    You'll need another trans and/or transfer case. This might be a good place to start.
  26. yubh8tn

    Fuel and temp gauges not working properly

    we're allowed to. i'd be ashamed if we werent. information is information.
  27. yubh8tn

    WTB: VR4 back seat upper - in Colorado

    You already made a post about this except this time you left out the bear lol. Please try to avoid double posting
  28. yubh8tn

    Scirocco radiator question

    I'm not an experienced GVR4 guy. I'm not even an experienced car guy for that matter. But everything i've read has made me never ever want to do the scirocco radiator mod. Engine bay space is nice and it looks nice but i've heard far too many problems caused by it than benefits. My two cents is...
  29. yubh8tn

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    It was the bald dude at English Racing. I think his name was Aaron O'Neal. I forgot to mention but I have a 2.5in exhaust all the way back, no muffler cats or resonators.
  30. yubh8tn

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    I'm running 20lbs of boost on pump 92. I have a 68hta and a bigger treadstone tr6 intercooler. FIC 1000's, and maperformance beehive springs with titanium retainers. DSMLink v3 with a 3g eclipse maf. Similar to ur evo one but worse
  31. yubh8tn


    My battery was sitting at a like 45 degree angle resting against the radiator fan shroud cuz I didn't have a battery tray. So i made one out of 22 gauge steel, allthread, nuts, a grinder, and a drill. Not perfect looking but gets the job done. My battery is also oversize so its good to have a...
  32. yubh8tn

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    Hey, I'm going to spam you with questions. Have you been on a dyno? How much whp are you making? With 2150's i'd imagine its relatively high. What cams do you have? What's your intake setup? I see ur running maf but I was kinda under the impression you needed to go SD to not restrict yourself...
  33. yubh8tn

    TMZ Throttlebody Rebuild or S90

    I've read some mixed reviews on the S90 throttle body. My throttle body seals are all smoked and i'm pretty sure its the source of my idle issues. I wanna rebuild it with TMZ which is $140. I can get an S90 for only a little more on extremepsi. Should I go for the S90? Not only does it cost more...
  34. 1384/2000

    Street 1384/2000

  35. yubh8tn


    This is the Build Thread for 1384/2000. Reply below.
  36. yubh8tn

    bent power steering hard lines

    Can confirm: tyeler was right. I got some JIC lines made and that compressor shop fitting I mentioned earlier that was the correct thread and had the O-ring is actually AN so the JIC lines I had made just screwed right on. No leaks :DIn case anyone does this in the future: Get the rack side...
  37. yubh8tn

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Some of my photos are gone too.
  38. yubh8tn

    Coolant issues

    Let us know how it goes after putting the new head on. I'm new to a lot of this so forgive me asking, but how will a new head help? Are you worried the head surface is messed up? How does that affect coolant flow if its not leaking?
  39. yubh8tn

    Coolant issues

    Radiator was the only possible red flag I saw. You're sure the system's fully bled?
  40. yubh8tn

    VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    1384/2000 here
  41. yubh8tn

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    I also like this idea. I think it will encourage more people to post about their car as it will feel better to make a dedicated car build thread than just replying to the same thread over and over in the general section or something like that.I'm sure you're already working on it, but another...
  42. yubh8tn

    bent power steering hard lines

    Over a year update: Don't do push fit. They will pop off. It may be okay to run it on the return side but the feed side will pop. It lasted a while for me with the multiple tight hose clamps but over time it eventually blew and now it wont stay on. Try and do AN if you can, the difficulty though...
  43. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Yes, you're right. I'll figure it out, fix it, and post what the cause was.
  44. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    i just dropped my broken head off at the machineshop and told the dude to fix it. on my receipt i paid for new intake valves and guides and "rebuild service". I then reinstalled it reusing everything including headgasket. Important note is that I had pulled pistons to replace the piston heads...
  45. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    i ran the car with the line from the pcv to the intake manifold unhooked and no oil came out but smoke still came out of the exhaust
  46. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    its oil burning. i thought it was a white smoke but its definitely more blue and gets real bad on acceleration/takeoff. so rings then?my afrs are perfect, i dont have stock o2 sensors just a wideband with narrowband sim. it idles fine most of the time but my throttle body is toast so its...
  47. yubh8tn

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Hey guys, just got the car running after skipping timing and destroying valves and guides for the second time. The car runs great but smokes like a motherf****r. It smokes instantly on startup and constantly the entire time the car's running. Always smoking like crazy. Not many miles on it but...
  48. yubh8tn

    FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 #282/2000 $1000 OBO. Not running. Not title, but can get

    Would pick it up if you were closer. glws
  49. yubh8tn

    Using foglight switch as off/on switch

    Good info. I was planning on popping that middle piece out but wasn't sure if it was possible or not. Thanks
  50. yubh8tn

    FS: 319/1000 - Rolling Shell - $3,000 - KC MO

    How much for the tb and how recently was it rebuilt?
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