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  1. ECMLink V.3 with ECU and Map Sensor Harness

    All,I am selling my Galant and won't end up needing the ECMLink I purchased. I bought it from JSchleim and I purchased an additional MAP sensor harness. I am asking 800 for it.Thanks, Mikey
  2. WTB: Radiator Fan Plug

    Hi,I am needing the pigtail for a fan off the radiator. Please let me know if you have one and a price.Thanks, Mike
  3. 1991 Summit White Partout *UPDATED 6/14*

    Do you have a radiator fan plug?
  4. 2 - EVO 8 ECUs (1) with DSM Jumper Harness

    Had the thought about running an Evo 8 ECU, but ultimately decided against it. However, in my haste, I purchased an Evo 8 ECU I was planning on making a harness for. Then I found an Evo 8 ECU with a DSM harness. I haven't used either, but both came out of running cars.Asking 250 for Evo ECU...
  5. WTB: Ecmlink and Eprom

    Parts have been found! Thanks for everyone who assisted.
  6. WTB: Ecmlink and Eprom

    Hi, I am looking for an ECU and Ecmlink. Decided that an AEM or Evo8 ECU isn't right for me. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Mike
  7. WTB: EvoScan Setup

    Does anyone have an Evo 8 ECU and/or a jumper harness to make it plug and play?
  8. FS: Samsung Moment Andriod Smart Phone Sprint 65.00 Shipped

    Sent! I will send my address via PM too.Mike
  9. FS: Samsung Moment Andriod Smart Phone Sprint 65.00 Shipped

    Great, I will take it. Do you Paypal?
  10. WTB: Amber corners and fronts

    I have a set of painted ambers. They were sanded and coated. I can get some pics for you soon.
  11. FS: Injectors, Fuel Pressure Regulator, CF grill, Throttle Body Elbow

    Sold the AFPR, but everything else is for sell. Injectors are reduced to 175.
  12. FS: PTE 1000cc Injectors Sold!!! and Evo 3 510cc Yellow top.

    5. You are limited to 1 "bump" of your thread per week (a bump is replying to your own post with the specific purpose of moving it to the top of the post list). If you insist on bumping your thread all the time it will be locked. Please give everyone else with posts that have interest and...
  13. FS: PTE 880's 175 Shipped

    Three day bump!
  14. FS: cop magnus ect

    I want the Ipod....20 bucks?
  15. FS: PTE 880's 175 Shipped

    Someone has to need some injectors!
  16. FS: PTE 880's 175 Shipped

    These are sitting in my parts room and I would like to move these quickly. Please let me know if you're interested.Mike
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