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  1. 690/1000 bites the dust - part out/sell

    Hit a stopped vehicle sitting at a green light. Didn't swerve enough to miss. Sucks. I think this ends the GVR4 adventure for me.PMs/comments welcome for any interest (parts or car as a whole)Damage is likely repairable with new hood, right fender, right front frame rail, core...
  2. Galant VR4 spring kits

    Hello all, I currently have cut stock springs and hate the ride.Looking for a kit that does NOT have a rake..H&R kit appears to keep the factory rake, thus I do not want it.I've searched a bit and found mention of the Eibach ProKit but I can't seem to find links or part numbers.I...
  3. Galant VR4 wiring harness part numbers?

    Can anyone check their manual or CAPS for me and tell me our wiring harness part numers? Please?(eg MB822103 = main body harness I think)
  4. Wanted - Picture of GVR4 A/C Compressor

    Hi All, I have what I think is a GVR4 A/C compressor, but my mechanic is telling me it is not a DSM compressor. I know our compressors aren't the same. Can someone please post a pic of their compressor? Also list the brand? Any help appreciated.
  5. WTB: 23 Spline GVR4 Transfer case

    WTB: 23 Spline GVR4 Transfer caseWill trade a 22 spline xfr case in great shape if interested.tags: xfr case
  6. 1G DSM, get it up and running thread.

    ******The problems described in this first post have been solved, see subsequent posts for update..******I've got a 1G DSM with some issues.. I'll try to describe as best I can.. hopefully someone can help me get this sucker started.I've been told the car ran fine before being parked...
  7. Stock vs Clevite thrust bearing question..notches??

    I've just taken the crank out.. and looking at the stock thrust bearings, I've noticed they have notches machined on the inner surface, where the two meet, while the Clevites do not. It seems i have heard that some Clevite resellers 'mod' the bearings (FFWDConnection). Is this what they are...
  8. suggestions (or a FAQ) on removing/replacing wiring harness?

    I'm in the process of removing my engine harness.. have it completely d/c from the engine bay.. but having trouble finding the firewall entry point from the inside of the car.. It looks like i'm going to have to remove the HVAC blower assembly or more.. but i'm curious if anyone can offer tips...
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