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  1. Rear brake lines

    I live in new england. Thankfully my vr4 is not swiss cheese but my rear hard lines are. I patched a small section with compression fittings to get to an event last year. Now I want to fix it right. Can I buy prebent lines from the dealer? I couldn't find the rears in caps. Only the front. If...
  2. Site with 32 images of sales brochure.

    Sorry if this is a repost for those that have seen it.Maybe the owner of this page is a member here? If so, nice collection.For those of you who have not seen this..enjoy!clickSorry, I couldn't find the index for the page.Just the change the number from 1-32 are all Galant images.
  3. Will a #501 MAS choke a Evo 3 Big 16g

    My girlfriend and I are each building b16g cars. This came up in discussion today and I thought I would see what you guys thought. A 501 mas is rated at 210 liters/second, converts to 445 cfm. I figure the b16g's efficiency is exactly that...445 cfm. Would a 501 mas get overrun? I think there...

    Ordered some rear rotors from them because they were more cost effective for me than my usual vendor.Ordered 2 rear rotors for a 95 Elantra pn: NB4886518.What I got in the mail was a 4x100 rotor.Day 1, When I explained to customer service that I got the wrong rotors they gave me a retun...
  5. Damills

    Purchased GVR4 Front Knuckles and 4 lug hubs from David for another project car of mine. We agreed on a price and the shipping ended up being more than he expected. He still sent the item off anyways, shipping clear across country. He didn't hold the item on me while asking for more money...
  6. MAC515

    Have done a couple of transactions with Mike. Very good seller.I was unhappy with a deal we did, not his fault. Even still knowing I was upset he went above and beyond to correct the problem.I bought a second item from him. He let me come up in the late evening, He was nice enough to...
  7. phantom battery drain

    Just got back to Connecticut from Ohio Went to start the vr4. The battery is as dead as can be.Any idea what might cause this phantom battery drain? Anything that is a common cause? Do I have to start chasing shorts with an ammeter?
  8. Strange Fluid Leak from rear, What is it?

    So I finally thought I had 1933 in order, but now I have a strange fluid leak coming for the above the rear diff and I don't know what it is. It's leaking down on the exhaust and burning off. I also noticed some of the fluid dripped on the passanger side driveshaft as well. I tried to trace...
  9. Installed Clutch...Can't shift

    I finished installing my clutch for 1933 yesterday.Seemed to row through the gears fine with the car off.Started it and the car jumped forward. Figured out that the I was not in neutral (like the clutch won't disengauge.I was able to get it into neutral with the car off, restarted and was...
  10. 1933..time for a new clutch.

    So....The previous owner of the car bought this thing with a major boost problem (Demolished wategate). Just to flip it. I guess he didn't know much about these cars because when he replaced the turbo he thought he replaced it with a stock unit, turned out it's an evo 3 big 16 g which I found...
  11. Walboro Install Kit.

    Didn't know which to go with. Can anyone reccomend a kit? A part number would be a huge help.I didn't see any kits that specifically mentioned gvr4 but I was thinking 1g awd.
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