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  1. BeerySquash

    Anybody know what mirrors these are?

    They don't look like Galant mirrors, they looks smaller and the folding section is different. I can't find any other Mitsubishi mirror from the late 80's - early 90's that looks like the one in the photo either.
  2. BeerySquash

    Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    I picked up this Galant GSX in January just after new years, it had been sitting in a field for a couple years and all I knew about it was it had rod knock, flat tires, and some rodent activity in it. The tires were cracked badly, so I put in just enough air to get it rolling without blowing out...
  3. BeerySquash

    Which rotors for Diamante calipers?

    I picked up a pair of early dual piston front brake calipers from a 94 Diamante, as far as I can tell they're the same units that came on the NA 3000GT's. I'm trying to figure out which rotors I will need to run these on a 90 Galant GSX. I want to stay 4-lug, the rotors I've been looking at on...
  4. BeerySquash

    Intercooler Identification

    I was told this is an Evo III fmic, but I believe it's a JDM Galant RS later model intercooler based off the measurements and appearance, can anyone confirm? I'm referencing an old thread on here with specs but a lot of the photos are missing. The core (not including endtanks/brackets or...
  5. BeerySquash

    WTB: OEM Galant GSX Trunk Badge

    I'd like to find an OEM trunk badge from a GSX. Someone removed the badges from my car before I bought it. If anyone has one for a reasonable price, please let me know. Thank you.
  6. BeerySquash

    LSD rear in Galant GSX Question

    I have a 90 Galant GSX and found a 1G VLSD 3-bolt rear I want to use in the car. The GGSX has a 2.846 diff ratio, the VLSD is a 3.545, can I swap this into the car or will I need a matching transmission from the 1G dsm also?I'm used to working on 4wd's with conventional front and rear diffs...
  7. BeerySquash

    Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    I picked up a Galant GSX last week and have been going through it over the past couple days. I noticed the timing belt is lined up on the cam gears, crank gear, and tensioner pulley, but it's not lined up on the idler pulley. It seems like it's the wrong pulley and is offset too far forward as...
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