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  1. WTB: dash badge

    Need a 92 dash badge. Someone let go of just one out of your collections. PleaseDiego
  2. FS: Gvr4 AC compressor

    As the title states, GVR4 AC compressor. Took my AC out, don't need it in the garage.$50 obo+ ship/pp feesDiego
  3. FS: 1309 part out. There's prices now

    So my life has flopped, old lady cheated on me and booted me from the house almost a month ago. So instead of sleeping on Steve's couch and the car, I have decided to sell as is or part out 1309.Those here that know me know the build, time and money spent over the 8 years I have owned it...
  4. FS: Cold weather gear

    This cold snap has had people asking me to do another run for us cold frozen people. I've done about 5 GBs and had no problems so I'm doing again!Link is here. clickAnd the list starts below!1. Shane Hewitt TransparentDSM (His order I will paste here in an update)And GO!!!
  5. MTXL logging question

    On the MTXL it has two wires that can be used for logging the AFR signal. Those wires are brown and orange. My question is, do I need to run those wires ( I assume Link will have an option?) or can I just leave them be and keep the gauge running as is in my pod and not mess with anything else...
  6. WB question

    I have V3L and want to log my MTX-L... Reading the directions provided what would be the best place to put the wire(s) provided with the gauge.Also best place to source a 12v switched power source. When I picked up the Galant years back everything was ran through the LF speaker and there is...
  7. FS: FP2 bumpsticks inside!

    Used set of FP2 bump sticks.Would like to fetch $275 local or $300 shippedfor them, I had them cleaned at my shop to have the surface rust removed from them sitting about for some time.I would be up for trades as well. I really need a WB, and maybe other trades as well, I'm open to various...
  8. Anyone ever heard of Saftey Devices?

    Found a company that makes a cage for the Galant. I had to email them and this is what they said."Diego,Well Safety Devices does make a full 6 point bolt in cage for the Galant VR4. They are available to order and are built when ordered so we do not have it in stock.The roll cage would...
  9. WTB: Roof Rack, JDM Non projector fogs or covers

    As the title states I am looking for these items.Thanks
  10. Honda half core

    I have a Honda Mishimoto 3" half core and I was wondering what the people here that have them are using for a thermo sensor on the bottom. The stoc thermo sensor doesn't fit, and I went to the yar today to see if I could source one but all the Hondas I found don't have one on the radiator.So...
  11. FS: Oh look another Hasegawa model

    I have a factory PAINTED in box Hasegawa Galant VR4 model that I have taken the plastic off opened the box moved a few things and put back in the box. I paid somewhat like $80 for it and would like to get $50 shipped for open box.I do have some paints. Not sure if they're good anymore but I...
  12. WTB: 38mm EWG, 880+cc injectors. WB gauge with wiring

    Needs 2 bolt EWG and a set of injectors as well as a WB gauge wig wiring I have a sensor already.Diego
  13. My progress on 1309

    I haven't posted much of any of the updates I've done this year. That an I haven't take many pictures to document my build. Today me and Steve (92gvr4num65) did some pipe routing and radiator mount fabbing.But in the last few months I've added the Evolution RS front and rear bumpers, deleted...
  14. FS: 23 spline x case/ balanced 6 bolt FW/ Narrowband AF/ NT TB/ PTE 880s etc

    I am listing a few parts I need to sell. 1. Nt TB came out of a 93 talon DOHC no sensors pretty clean-$45 shipped obo2. I have a old school HKS SuperMega intake canister with new 200mm green filter- $75 shipped obo3. Polished exhaust manifold heat shield- $25 shipped4. USDM...
  15. Short route cold pipe

    I picked up a short route cold pipe and its been less then awesome trying to fit this pipe. I went from my turbo TB to a non turbo TB and back again. Added a 2G elbow and I still can't get passed the radiator. I will not cut the frame rails to make this work nor do I want to smash a coupler to...
  16. WTB: non cruise cable

    Need one in a fly to get to the races in a few short weeks...19-21...Someone help!Thank youDiego
  17. FS: 1G shifter

    I have 2 91-94 Dsm shifters (about 1-2" shorter then stock VR4) for sale.$25 a piece shippedWill post pics in a secondDiego
  18. Do I need a check valve

    Pulled the Emissions last night with a local VR4 guy, and he was talking about needing a check valve in the trunk or some business like that...Can someone clue me in?Thanks guysDiego
  19. WTB: Random Galant Stuff

    That is right, random Galant stuff.-ABS delete full setup -JDM fogs or covers -Manual rack -CurtisCo Subframe connectors -93 crystal lightsAnd well Im not sure what else I will be looking for.... LMK 970-573-6006 for fast response
  20. FS: SOLD

    Trying to sell a F38 2 bolt wastegate, has the big blue spring (1 bar) has a nick in the top cover, doesn't effect the item.Looking for $95 shipped with a dump tubeSold
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