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  1. FIAV bypass complete!

    Finally, I got 671 alive again and I couldn't be happier! I ordered the bypass plate from STM (great guys), and had ECM Link repair the capped/socketed/eprom'd ecu. Both of which, saved me hundreds of dollars. Shout out to FabLaB Garage for all the help! Without you guys I wouldn't have had the...

    Sup fellas, I'm wondering if anyone has recently ordered from these guys? It seems more than worth it but I'm kinda sketch about em. I didn't get any reply email and the post I found this site at (while browsing through the how to's) is from back in 2011. Any thoughts?
  3. FS: BR front cover assembly

    Just lost my job and 671 fried its ECU. Need this gone ASAP! Help me get her running again.Buschur Racing front cover assembly w/ balance shafts and OE seals (never installed 360+shipping from Buschur) - $350I will send pics to serious buyers just hit me up and let me know. Thanks guys.
  4. WTB: turbo oil return line:: FOUND

    Looking for just the stock one in good, working condition. I think the little middle accordion section is leaking on mine. Needed ASAP. Please send pic with PM.
  5. WTB: side panel stickers FOUND

    Looking for the "2.0i DOCH turbo AWD" stickers on the rear door panels. I tried searching around but didn't find anything. Anyone know where I can find them? I was thinking of having them made also but I need a really good straight on picture ... if anyone has one. PM me please.
  6. 1G to 2G MAF conversion help

    Hey guys, finally got all the parts I needed for the conversion. New filter - filter plate adapter - 3.75 silicon coupler - 1G to 2G harness And of course the 2G MAF... After I installed everything it ran really rough. It seemed like the wastegate was opening at the stock setting (6 I think) but...
  7. Removing the green from the JDM fender markers

    This is my first attempt at a write up so please bare with me. Any additions or feedback would be great.So, I recently was able to get a pair of JDM fenders and upon testing the marker lights discovered they were and old green color similar to that of the dash's green color. Anyway, I wanted...
  8. speedometer/odometer issue

    Hey guys, I have been noticing my speedometer all of a sudden dropping out randomly over the last week. What I didn't notice until last night is when this happens the odometer stops counting as well. Now and then it will pop back on but,usually not until the car is turned off and back on. Does...
  9. WTB: 3.75" Coupler

    Hey guys, I am looking for a coupler for between the 2g MAS and the Dejon style pipe. And, some clamps if any are available. I cannot find a coupler that fits anywhere. I have been trying to find it for about a week now with no success. Let me know, Thanks
  10. WTB: intercooler piping

    Okay guys, I don't really know the correct names for these parts but, I'll try to do my best here. I am in need of a J pipe, I believe it is called? The one coming off the turbo (stock 14b) and then, the upper 90 degree pipe going up and over the exhaust manifold .These are the only...
  11. WTB: 2G air filter adapter(found)

    I am having trouble finding an air filter adapter for a 2g MAS. Anyone out there got one to get rid of? I have my harness adapter coming from iceman already, just need to be able to put a filter on after the install. Shipping to CO 80011. Thanks Guys
  12. Idle Surging

    So now that I finally have 671 back to a daily drivable condition, I have noticed when I am sitting in traffic the operating temperature is completely fine but as I start driving the temp goes way back down, almost all the way to the C. Which, I didn't realize it until I was coming to a stop and...
  13. Glove Box issue

    I know this is going to probably sound like the stupidest thing you have ever heard, but here it goes. I locked the glove box with the key I have for the ignition (works on trunk and gas door as well). Not having any question of being able to unlock it, I shut the glove box. Now I cannot for the...
  14. New owner 671/1000 Denver CO

    Hello everyone,I wanted to introduce myself and my GVR4. I have always loved the GVR4's ever since my brother bought his (crashed, sold, fixed, and running again) about the same time I got my Z32. I just bought a '92 Summit White 671/1000, from a friend that needed the money and I just so...
  15. WTB: 92 VR4 ECU

    Hello, My IAC leaked and fried my ecu and I am need of a new one. I perfer that is a VR4. Please include price shipped to 80011 Thank you guys, Elam S.
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