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  1. Wilwood brake parts, direct fitment?

    Hi all,I wonder if anyone tried to use these calipers for direct replacement of 1990-1991 OEM calipers?Front: Wilwood 120-6816 Rear: Wilwood 120-9690Thanks A
  2. FS: Original Galant VR4 four lugs rims, 3 available

    Hi guys,As the title says, I have 3 rims in good condition. Make me an offer, located in Toronto, Ontario, buyer pays shipping, local pickup is always free Cheers Alex
  3. FS: OEM Radio/Cassette player/EQ

    OEM Radio/Cassette player/EQ. Was working fine when pulled. $60. Shipping not included. Note: shipping from Toronto, ON.Cheers A.
  4. FS: Mechanical belts

    Mechanical belts. All were working when I pulled them from the car. No cuts. What you see is what you get. $60 for the entire lot. Note: shipping from Toronto, ON. Shipping cost is not included.Cheers A.
  5. Gear shifter cable question

    Hi guys,I wonder if anyone has experience with shifter cables interchange. 1G versus Galant. My E38A as well as E39A have a part number MB484539. Eagle Talon of similar year has MB484624. Are there any major differences other than in gearshift control (I have both and able to interchange)...
  6. Innovative LC2 O2 sensor and ECMLink

    Hi gurus,it might sound like a redundant question, so I apologize in advance: Do I need to have Innovative controller to connect LC2 O2 sensor to ECMLink if I'm not using a gauge? Can I connect it straight like this:"1G DSM"RED wire -> 102 or 107 pin SWITCHED 12V BLACK...
  7. ECMLink ECU, current vendors

    Hi all,I have an ECU from 89 Colt and was wondering if I can convert it to ECMLink. Couple years have posted a question to ECMTuning folks and they confirmed that it can be done. I can't get hold of them now for some reason. Are they still in business? I see there are a few other sites...
  8. Clutch drag

    Hi gurus,Most likely you were through similar symptoms. In fact I was tooLong story short:I have Exedy Stage 2 clutch with Fidanza aluminum flywheel. Runs like charm, no slipping on any RPMs. Pretty happy with it. During last race I have noticed difficulty engaging the first gear, which...
  9. 2G MAF issue

    Hi gurus,Just wanted to pick your brains, may be someone had similar issue. The engine quit on a very hot day (well, we were running it quite hard to be honest). Symptoms of running on 3 cylinders, but with no power whatsoever. It appeared to be a MAF supplying twice as much frequency to ECU...
  10. Connecting an additional tachometer on 1g

    Hi guys, I need to install an additional tachometer with rev light. Before I burry myself into the world of circuits and figure out where to pickup a rev signal, I wonder if anyone of you has done it already on 1g/vr4? Mine is 91.Thanks A.
  11. WTB: Front bumper cover for Galant Vr4 89-91

    Hi folks,Interested in front bumper cover for 89-91 Galant Vr4 in any condition. Cracks and etc does not matter, has to be "fixable" though, no large missing partsThanks A
  12. FREE: interior parts

    I have 2 boxes full of interior parts, plastic panels, central console, front seats, complete sunroof assembly. Come and take it, it is FREE. Local pick-up in Toronto, Ontario only. No shipping.NO APRIL'S FOOL jokes, the above is true!
  13. 200-300 AMP Alternator alternatives for 1989-1992 VR4

    Hi guys,I wonder if anyone installed high power alternators. Direct replacements maybe? If not, what would be the brand/model with minimal change?Thanks A
  14. light rattling noise from the rear

    Hi gurus,After installing a viscous rear diff I have noticed a slight rattling noise coming from beneath towards the rear of the car, while not under load or breaking in the gear. At first I was thinking, it would be the driveshaft as bearings were a bit loose and universal joints had almost...
  15. [N/A to Turbo conversion] hesitation after 3000 RMPs

    Hey gurus,Once again need your help! I'm converting my N/A Galant to 90-92 RS spec. Have MD165808 ECU, 510cc injectors and TD05 16G turbo, 2G MAFHere is my setup: 1. Newly build engine, oil pressure is fine, compression is fine, spark plugs are new, wires are fine 2. Turbo is new...
  16. Oil pressure drops completely after oil thermostat opens

    Hey gurus,After engine rebuild and added an aftermarket oil cooler I see red light coming up after a few minutes of engine running. Obviously I shut the motor right off. Did not have a chance to install the proper oil pressure meter or do other diagnostics. So, I wonder if I did something...
  17. WTB: water pipe, thermostat case, turbo version

    Need a 4g63t original waterpipe, which has a turbo feeder. Goes along the block from the pump, along with thermostat case with turbo feed coonector.
  18. MD131842 ECU

    Hi guys,I have MD131842 ECU with E670 sticker on the EPROM. I have been told that it comes from 89 Mirage Turbo and can be used for 4G63T. I have two qustions:1. Can I try it straight without any modifications with 510cc injectors? I should be running too rich, right? 2. Can this EPROM can...
  19. Balance shafts eliminatator kit, stub shaft question

    Hey engine gurus,I have noticed that some of the kits have an oil groove on the stub shaft and some are not. Mine has none. I see that there are two oil feed holes in the aluminum cover where the shaft goes. I wonder if that groove is a must. I might be cutting the oil supply if I put one...
  20. Piston Ring Gaps

    Folks,I have been told that the gaps should be:1st ring: 0.016-0.018 2nd ring: 0.018-0.022However, the set I have got already has 0.022 in the first. I measured the old, original Mitsubishi ring, and it gave me 0.018What are the typical gaps you make in your racing engines?I have...
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