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  1. 1990 GGSX

    This is the Build Thread for 1990 GGSX. Reply below.
  2. Faqinshiet’s 1990 Galant GSX

    Started as a 1990 galant gsx with no motor. Exterior: Evo 9 bbs Jdm front and rear bumpers Curtis front bumper mount Depo amber corner lights 89 all black grill Wingless trunk Keyless gas door Jdm dash mat New safelite windshieldStill need to install: Passenger fender Better...
  3. East coast MOD 2017

    Looks like it's coming soon also! Who is going to be there? I hope I can get the day off! click
  4. Patrick

    Sold him a double din radio trim luckily when I was in San Diego. Paid quickly and responded quickly
  5. Thomcasey

    Fast responses and fast shipping. A pleasure to purchase from.
  6. Mdlimy

    Robbie made me a set of solid lifters. They look great!
  7. Crank gallery ball removal

    I have a crank that has low miles but wondering what everyone thinks about having the oil gallery balls removed and cleaned out? Found this from bigusSVO click
  8. FS: parts want to get rid of

    OEM brake pads mz690568$30 shippedOem cam gears$20 shippedGalant cup holder$25 shippedDouble din radio bezel$25 shippedEco switch$15 shippedOem double din radio worked when removed$50 shipped2g intake pipe with recirculating hose$50...
  9. Mitsufest in Fontana 11/22

    Anyone going? click
  10. Those with ETS intercooler kit

    Hey everyone, I was going to install my ETS kit this week and was wondering what are you using for the front throttle body elbow bolts? Do I need to find two of the rear bolts and use those? Thanks.
  11. diambo4life

    Great buyer! Payment was super fast. I mistakingly forgot to get his address to mail out parts but got right back quickly.
  12. WTB: 4 bolt cups

    Hey everyone I'm looking for one or two rear 4 bolt axle cups. Pm me price shipped to 92114. Thanks
  13. WTB: throttle cable bracket

    Hey guys looking for the two brackets that hold throttle cable to fuel rail. And if it makes a difference I have no cruise control. Let me know how much shipped to 92114. Thanks.
  14. My Galant GSX build

    So I have been on here for a couple years now and have yet to post many of my car. Basically when my buddy SSGdave went on deployment in 2009-2010 he gave me his 1990 Galant GSX that had been sitting for years. My mechanical skills are a bit lacking so I'm learning a lot from this car.Motor...
  15. FS: fender liner

    Anyone looking for front fender liners off a n/a galant? I have all the hardware too. Looking for $75 plus shipping. In pretty good shape will take pictures on Wednesday or Thursday and post them
  16. Heeltoe auto

    Got rear Feal brackets through the site David Apexhunter posted. Excellent communication and fast shipping.
  17. WTB: Jdm rear bumper side clips

    Hey everyone looking for the clips that secure the side of the Jdm rear bumper to the mounting brackets like these in the picture click I would like to buy at least four. Thanks Richard
  18. JDM rear bumper

    Hey everyone with jdm rear bump what holds the sides of your bumper to the body? There is a small tab on the bumper that goes into the metal side bracket but what holds that tab in? I drove mine and when I parked I saw that the driver side was separated from the bracket. Thanks
  19. OpticalPhenom

    Great seller and super fast shipping! Thanks!
  20. WTB: want to borrow gvr4/Dsm ecu in San Diego

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone in San Diego would allow me to borrow a 91-94 turbo ecu for an hour or so to test my car possibly Monday or Tuesday next week. Trying to get it to MOD. ThanksRichard
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