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  1. terminals and connectors

    How do you separate the wire terminal from the plastic connector? I have tried for 3 days to figure it out. It seems like all the connectors are about the same but the ones I am working on are the ones around the thermostat housing. When I started I thought all female connectors had a tang on...
  2. Installing engine and transaxle

    What are your thoughts on installing engine then trans vs attaching trans to engine and installing both together? Seems like putting the trans up and getting input through clutch is a hard, heavy chore. Is it easy enough to do both together with all the harness' and controls hanging down?
  3. miscellaneous mounting bolts

    Rear roll stopper coupler bolt M10 x 110 tapered cone end Front roll stopper coupler bolt M10 x 75 flange and locking flange nut Front engine mount bolts at firewall side of the mount M10 x 73 washer assembled - two of these.I may cut down some new 75mm ones for the front mount. I can not...
  4. Rear roll stopper bolts

    Need the two flanged bolts that attach rear roller stopper arm to the block. 12mm x 28.5 long. MD077190.
  5. exhaust manifold

    I have a fp racing manifold and I was told it is way too big for a 14b or 16g. I bought an ATP stock replacement and the interior of the runners are quite rough compared to my old cracked one. Should the ATP be smoothed out or will it not hinder exhaust flow enough as is?
  6. replacement motor/trans mount

    Is Prothane 13-1902 kit a perfect fit for engine and transaxle brackets? Has anybody tried ones from Mad Polly out of Australia that specifies it is for E38A and E39A?
  7. engine/trans mount replacement

    How long will the rubber in the mounts last? Mine are not torn but they are 31 years old. Is it smart to replace while engine is out? How flexible should the LH roll stopper attached to the firewall be? When I put a screwdriver in bolt hole and move it horizonitally it is very flexible.
  8. splicing in pigtails

    I would like to know the proper way to splice in pigtails in engine bay.
  9. Antenna needed

    I need a antenna. My motor works but shaft is broken. Can mast be obtained or does motor and whole unit need to be replaced?
  10. balance shaft removal

    Biglady112 is helping me put 1551 engine back together. I had planned on keeping balance shafts, Steven suggests removing balance shafts. This is not a racer but an almost stock daily driver. Pros and cons anybody?
  11. WTB: catch cans

    I need 2 cans for 1551. Something that can fit on stock car with all accessories and be serviceable.
  12. smoothcustomer

    Thanks for good transaction
  13. effective intercooler upgrade

    What would be a few good intercoolers to use to upgrade over stock that would provide a worthwhile and effective step up? I would not want to eliminate a/c or fans. I also would not want to chop up a bumper except minimally in order to keep the horizontal bars to somewhat cover the stuff back...
  14. larger fuel pump, injectors and tune?

    When I get my engine back together it will have been bored 1mm, racing FP manifold, small 16g. Would this require larger injectors or is getting my stock blue ones rebuilt enough? I am thinking this would be a good time to replace the fuel pump (175k), should I go with a larger one? If so what...
  15. metric size for adding oil pressure gauge

    Regarding picture of RRE turbo oil supply line shown on following How To post "Best Place for Oil Gauge":clickDoes anybody know the size of the BSPT where turbo is attached? I would like to use adapters on that in order to put on oil pressure gauge unless you can suggest a better spot or...
  16. cobrajetguy

    Received part very quickly in good shape as he indicated. Thanks for good service.
  17. WTB: inlet air box with hinged lid

    The one by the battery and radiator support. No cracks or splits and look nice.
  18. valve lifters (hvl) check

    I soaked my valve lifters in diesel fuel for three days and I need to know how they should feel when they are good. When you hold one at the base and turn the knurled small end what should happen? A couple of mine rotate easily, a couple do not rotate, and most rotate with different amounts of...
  19. head studs vs bolts

    I have always worried that a head bolt will break and create a huge problem (pre gvr4). Much easier to get a nut off if needed over drilling a head stud. Therefore I always felt studs would make me much more comfortable. But I have never used them or broke a head bolt but when I had to use a...
  20. clearance for transaxle drop

    How much room is needed below the bottom of the trans to get it out? I have about 13" now. Can two people, one at each end remove it? Will a big saddle floor jack work easier? It appears there are 6 bolts around the clutch housing holding it to block with 3 top bolt heads facing wheel and 3...
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