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  1. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 (#1444/2000) $9500 Knoxville, TN

    Wow, thats clean. Your mirage/website got me hooked on those probably almost 15 years ago. Do you still have it? Good luck with the sale.
  2. FS: Burned VR-4 #1607

    Damn. That sucks. I assume the mini is now in similar condition? Do you know what started the fire?
  3. FS: $3500 95 Montero SR on 35's NW indiana

    that was quick. You have me somewhat interested in these trucks, is there a good forum for them? I actually think I liked your older one better though which I believe went to your brother. I'm probably going to need something like this this winter.
  4. SOLD 91 Green Galant VR4 (774/2000) SOLD $900 SOLD

    oh thats sad... you bought it just to part it out? I always liked that car
  5. FS: 774/2000 $8500 obo located in orange county NY

    whoa... for $5500 I might have to buy it back.
  6. FS: 774/2000 $8500 obo located in orange county NY

    Maybe you've seen this on the front page (if anyone goes there anymore) Back when Wei (Hksvr4) owned it. It's still just as clean. I bought it in 2007 and then sold it to Donovan shortly after as I was barely using it. However I think he uses it even less than me. He's added so many new...
  7. APRIL 10th, NEW YORK MEET in Lindenhurst

    I'll be coming by with my s4.
  8. FS: 4 bolt lsd, brakes, greddy egt, rre downpipe, recaro seat, more

    4 bolt is sold, edited original post as well to show whats left.
  9. FS: 4 bolt lsd, brakes, greddy egt, rre downpipe, recaro seat, more

    yes, downpipe is for the vr4. pm's have been replied to.
  10. FS: 4 bolt lsd, brakes, greddy egt, rre downpipe, recaro seat, more

    Getting rid of everything left in my basement, unfortunately we had a water problem because the drain in front of our house was clogged, so some of this stuff has been wet/damp.4 bolt lsd with passenger axle only. The previous owner of a car that I had bought kept this as a spare. I don't...
  11. FS: 91 VR4 774/2000 in NY 8K

    I bought this car back in 2007 from member hksvr4 (Wei). After owning it for about a year I realized I was barely driving it and at the same time a friend of mine was looking for one, so I ended up passing it on to him. So he's owned it for the last couple of years and put a bunch of...
  12. FS: #1285 91 Galant VR4, NY, $1500

    sold. I saw it pass through town on a flatbed tonight.
  13. SOLD Black 92 2.3 stroker, many extras, runs poorly $3900 NY

    Yea guys, Nate has a deposit on the car, so as long as nothing changes I will consider this sold. However he isn't taking all the spare parts, so look for a future for sale post from me.
  14. SOLD Black 92 2.3 stroker, many extras, runs poorly $3900 NY

    And now a new option. I didn't think I would do this, but a few of you have been asking me to trade and with the way this economy is right now it might be my best option. So I will be considering trades for a daily driver/winter vehicle. preferably with awd/4wd. Preferably a station wagon or...
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