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  1. FS: Complete Thule Rack with roof "inserts" : Located in Hillsboro Oregon

    Have a complete Thule rack with mounting hardware, key lock, and plastic "inserts" for the roof guides.Asking $250 and I take paypal.Id rather have you pick them up as shipping seems sort of a pain in the a$$ for these.Im in Hillsboro Oregon.Please contact me at : 503-863-6596 via text.
  2. WTB: Clean EVOIII 16g

    Looking for a clean EVO III 16g setup, including o2 housing, and manifold if you have it.
  3. Head "nicks" and sealing up to valve cover

    Ive spent some time understanding why my valve cover leaks on a car, only to discover that the previous owner may have gone at the top of the head with the edge of a screw driver or some other device. doh!In any case, it has a few nicks in it, and wondering what you all did (rtv in those...
  4. WTB: ABS delete lines and prop-valve for 1G DSM

    Have a DSM that I want to dump the ABS unit and convert to non ABS. Need the proportioning valve and the lines, if someone has em. I dont want to go the expensive STM route and fine with hard lines.
  5. Head reconditioning

    I picked up a vr4, with some level of tapping that goes away at some level coming from what looks close to cylinder 1 (i havent pulled the valve cover off yet). I also am exhibiting some weird behavior where the car hesitates badly at 4k.Also the car doesnt overheat, but exhibits some white...
  6. WTB: White, Uncut Front Bumper cover

    Looking for a front uncut bumper cover in or near the Portland Oregon area. Happy to drive even out to Vancouver Washington area, if someone has one for pickup.
  7. WTB: Passanger side fender, and side markers

    Hello all,I've been in search for a passenger side front fender. I've gotten a few hits, but once i ask about shipping to 97123 (Hillsboro Oregon, near portland) -- and i got 'crickets'(no responses back).If someone can ship or has access to one, I'd love to pick it up. Anyone?Akash
  8. WTB: white top bumper filler, passanger front fender. corner light

    Need the bumper filler that sits under the lights and wraps around. (sits above the bumper and between lights) Need the passenger side front fender Need the corner light on the passenger side
  9. WTB: Right passanger front fender - white

    Could use the following* Front fender passanger side * the corner light * the metallic trim that wraps around the top of the bumper and under the lights (it wraps across the entire bumper)
  10. Absolutely true of every vr4 ive owned

    Not a single one wasnt on jack stands for weeks...clickOff topic maybe..but completely true and gut wrentchingly sad. Order the parts...Fsck!
  11. WTB: 1G Eagle Talon gray or black leather seats

    Its a stretch...and one hell of a one at that....Want to replace my cloth ones for decent gray or black 1G talon leather seats. (Fronts and back)Need em sent to or near Vancouver Washington/Portland area.
  12. AN fitting size at fuel sending unit?

    I have a braided line setup on my 1G, and it sprung a leak, hoping someone can help me track down what size it should be.I was able to disconnect the blue fitting that attaches to the sending unit - from the threaded red fitting that is actually on the braided line -- as that is the part that...
  13. top oil feed line replacement

    Have a 1G, that it pretty much doesn't matter how much you tighten the banjo bolt down with new crush washers -- still ends up leaking.I've been looking into some of the oil feed lines on line, and noticed a lot dont come with the block off bolt and recommend routing near oil filter.Any...
  14. Adjusting timing - relationship of CAS, timing marks, BISS?

    Ive been through the VFAQ a couple of times, including some pretty nice videos online about setting base timing. I have some questions based on things I see.The idle is erratic, and i've already validated that the biss screw, vaccum lines, the ISC, and FIAV are properly functional.I've set...
  15. Battery relocation - under hood wiring for positive side

    Relocating my battery to rear ...What'd you do to get the small relay box on the positive side, plus the additional positive wires all attached together?Did you guys use a 100amp circuit breaker in this location as terminal post or?
  16. FIAV bypass, EGR removal running vacuum lines.

    I pulled the throttle body of my other 4g63t today,and needed to know a couple of things.1) If i use a FIAV bypass I STILL need to run the water lines through the TB?2) EGR -- If i block it, the total number of vacuum lines going to it is effectively 0 which fine...does...
  17. WTB: Clean set of visors, rear view mirror and the visor 'clips'

    Per $Subject,need a set of the visors, a rear view mirror with no pits in it, and plastic clips that hold the visors in place.
  18. WTB: Stock seats in Socal or AZ

    Need a set of front stock seats located in Southern California or Phoenix for pickupNo rips and in good condition.
  19. HR springs interchange

    Will the HR springs meant for a GVR4 work (correct spring rates) for a 1G talon?
  20. Braided fuel lines to replace hard lines

    I've been told that many people have replaced the hard fuel lines with braided ones that run along the side of the car.Also that there is a pre-fab kit available for the VR4. I did a search and couldnt come up with it.Anyone know where to get this kit?
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