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  1. #1607 Destroyed in Structure Fire Yesterday - Need Valuation Advice

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I just heard today : clickAfter owning easily 6 of these cars (And from your post the huge amount of love you showed for this car) I am truly sorry. However, it appears you and your family are safe, and I truly hope all works out.Akash
  2. FS: Complete Thule Rack with roof "inserts" : Located in Hillsboro Oregon

    Have a complete Thule rack with mounting hardware, key lock, and plastic "inserts" for the roof guides.Asking $250 and I take paypal.Id rather have you pick them up as shipping seems sort of a pain in the a$$ for these.Im in Hillsboro Oregon.Please contact me at : 503-863-6596 via text.
  3. FS: 1991 project #221/2000... $1500.00 ...Portland, Oregon

    Hi there.Is this car available? Im in the Hillsboro Oregon, Portland area.Akash (909)664-5103
  4. WTB: Clean EVOIII 16g

    Looking for a clean EVO III 16g setup, including o2 housing, and manifold if you have it.
  5. Head "nicks" and sealing up to valve cover

    Ive spent some time understanding why my valve cover leaks on a car, only to discover that the previous owner may have gone at the top of the head with the edge of a screw driver or some other device. doh!In any case, it has a few nicks in it, and wondering what you all did (rtv in those...
  6. FS: 4 bolt and abs delete

    Ill take that ABS delete if you still have it. Im local!
  7. WTB: ABS delete lines and prop-valve for 1G DSM

    Have a DSM that I want to dump the ABS unit and convert to non ABS. Need the proportioning valve and the lines, if someone has em. I dont want to go the expensive STM route and fine with hard lines.
  8. Head reconditioning

    I picked up a vr4, with some level of tapping that goes away at some level coming from what looks close to cylinder 1 (i havent pulled the valve cover off yet). I also am exhibiting some weird behavior where the car hesitates badly at 4k.Also the car doesnt overheat, but exhibits some white...
  9. tach needle jumps alot

    seems to be a common issue. How did you actually fix yours?
  10. WTB: White, Uncut Front Bumper cover

    Looking for a front uncut bumper cover in or near the Portland Oregon area. Happy to drive even out to Vancouver Washington area, if someone has one for pickup.
  11. WTB: Passanger side fender, and side markers

    Hello all,I've been in search for a passenger side front fender. I've gotten a few hits, but once i ask about shipping to 97123 (Hillsboro Oregon, near portland) -- and i got 'crickets'(no responses back).If someone can ship or has access to one, I'd love to pick it up. Anyone?Akash
  12. WTB: white top bumper filler, passanger front fender. corner light

    BUMPStill looking for a clean fender that's hopefully painted in white, and alsoand the bumper filler if you've got it.Had some PM's with little luck.Need it sent or picked up near Portland Oregon.
  13. WTB: white top bumper filler, passanger front fender. corner light

    Would the filler at least be the same? -- That filler peace appears to be elusive, and i'd love that piece first.How different are the other pieces?
  14. WTB: white top bumper filler, passanger front fender. corner light

    Need the bumper filler that sits under the lights and wraps around. (sits above the bumper and between lights) Need the passenger side front fender Need the corner light on the passenger side
  15. WTB: Right passanger front fender - white

    Could use the following* Front fender passanger side * the corner light * the metallic trim that wraps around the top of the bumper and under the lights (it wraps across the entire bumper)
  16. in depth idle issue.

    Re check for boost leaks with a boost leak tester and soap and water across the ENTIRE system, including near the throttle body and intercooler setup. Id also check for intake manifold leaks. Start there.Then are you sure the timing is set properly?
  17. FS: WEAKVR4 Partout. Goodiessssss

    Shaved and polished Valve cover with -6 Bungs and lines to All Star Catch can 200 Still available?
  18. Absolutely true of every vr4 ive owned

    I did "acquire" the original movie ...the original movie its from is called the Der Untergang - "The Downfall"Its actually a damn good movie if your into that kind of thing....foreign films and allBut the sad truth is how amazingly deluded I felt when I truly believe every Galant VR4 wont...
  19. Absolutely true of every vr4 ive owned

    A tale of anguish and pain....And ive deluded myself of selling all vr4's for a 1g dsm talon some how thats going to fix everything....Sad sad sickness
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