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  1. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 -All Original 90K miles SOLD

    What was the final selling price? We should keep this info available for future values. maybe even add it back to the title. thanks
  2. WTB: 5 lug swap

    i have 1 rear 5 lug hub
  3. GSX_TC's Galant VR4 Build Thread #550/2000 (Samara)

    not sure if you think its cool or not, but you have a pedophile sticker on your car for some reason??? just thought i would warn you. JDM yo (i guess!)
  4. FS: 17x8 fifteen52 4x114 clears 3000gt big break kit

    i wonder if i could get someone local to drill out my cobra fitment rotors for the 4 lug. I like these wheels.
  5. VR4 Clothing

    not sure about a group buy, but to keep these screens around for the random sale is not doable.we need to:pick a design pick a color for the shirt or hoodie (black,gray,white) pick a fabric quality (low, standard, or high end)then we can get prices. but yes we would still want to make...
  6. VR4 Clothing

    Quoting iceman69510: Just watch the mixing. On some of the samples you have the later, newer "GALANT" font.It was a quick rendering. only artwork i could find. looks much nicer but if we can find old artwork absolutely can be swapped if that part of the shirt is even wanted.
  7. VR4 Clothing

    Quoting transparentdsm: ok, so cost for 1 ? i haven't added a cost because i don't know what it will cost yet for me.cost would depend on what style is chosen, how many screens or heat transfers it will need, shirt/hoodie sizes have different costs, quality of the shirts and hoodies etc...
  8. VR4 Clothing

    So i read this 30 min ago. This is what i do for a living. i made up some quick samples pics. i can mix and match any part of it. the org as a whole should decide on 1 style and then i can make it happen. These would be professionally made and the org would get 10% as requested. I would...
  9. WTB: Complete ETS setup

    I have a refurbed ETS 1g Kit that was bolted into a galant. It has a TIAL Bov Mount. there is 2 (dents, impression) on the top, i'm assuming it was needed for the install in the galant.It was first pressure tested, then it got a light coat of stain black paint on the intercooler and the...
  10. EVO Suspension Strut Bolts and Nuts

    I was looking everywhere for the info on these OEM strut bolts and trying to find part numbers and even created some search posts looking for them with no luck. SO i found these and they are a perfect fit. Just wanted to share the linkclickand the ebay listing i bought...
  11. FS: 17x8 fifteen52 4x114 clears 3000gt big break kit

    do you have the matching 4 lug rotors for the 3000gt calipers?
  12. *SOLD* FP 68HTA Turbo Internal WG, Coated Housing

    i am looking for one of these but i want to pay less than they are new and i also don't need the wastegate or coating.
  13. EVO 8 teins install question. Aluminum Bushing?

    I got the Flex Z setup. I read they are great for the street and good for occasional track use.
  14. FS: EcmLink v3 with VR4 ECU no cable

    $500 shipped firm, works as it should. caps were replaced also. text me for fastest results 5 zero 8-889-2030
  15. EVO 8 teins install question. Aluminum Bushing?

    Thanks for the link ApexHunter. After looking at them adapters some more, i found you can buy just the rear adapters for $94,or $105 shipped. i found the tein setup for $769 shipped so i am happy for less than $875 total all said and done.
  16. EVO 8 teins install question. Aluminum Bushing?

    thank you for the reply, that is i guess what i was looking for. but at that price i would almost be at the price of the feal kit that is galant specific.
  17. EVO 8 teins install question. Aluminum Bushing?

    The teins have an aluminum mounting bracket. Where are you guys getting an aluminum bushing to weld on tot he rear shock?
  18. FS: Aluminum Upper Radiator Brackets

    any news on these
  19. WTB: Turbo Waterpipe

    going back to a stock setup. lmk thanks
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