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  1. FS: Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras $350

    This is the item for sale: click$350 shipped Includes all original packaging, lens cap, rear cap, carrying case, and documentation, plus a UV filter. I never had any problems with this lens. I am selling because I jumped on an opportunity to step up to the f/3.5 version of this same lens.
  2. TAKEN (SOLD): 2-1/16" black gauge cups

    I have 4 of these that have been sitting in my cabinet unused for years. I want them out of here. Anybody need them? Just pay the shipping. Comes with mounting brackets/hardware.
  3. FS: Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX lens $180 shipped

    OK, this is a great portrait and low-light lens, but I just NEVER USE IT! Thing is like new and includes all original packaging. Trying here first before eBay.
  4. Adorsey

    This dude rocks. He sent me his original key fob to use in the effort to have replicas made. When I got his original back, I mailed it back to him via USPS with tracking. Then, it fell off the map. No updates to the tracking, no help from the various postmasters that we contacted, just...
  5. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated MAY 2020

    UPDATE MAY 2020 I have '91 and '92 fobs available in stock.The keyfobs are not engraved with any numbers. You'll have to get your number (or your name or whatever you want) engraved at a local jeweler or "Things Remembered" store. Near as I could figure out, the original engraving was...
  6. Original vs Replica Keyflobs

    Got the originals back, here are some pics of the "real deal" and the "knockoffs".If anyone knows Spyke169, I have his flob but I don't have any record of payment nor an address. No reply to PM.
  7. FS: '91 and '92 replica GVR4 key fobs

    All of these are now spoken for!I have 7 blanks of each year available for sale. Pricing is the same as before. These are blanks, I'm not offering any engraving you'll have to go to the mall or something.READ CAREFULLY. Reply to this thread and state HOW MANY and WHICH YEAR you want to...
  8. FREE: Stock GVR4 headrests

    I have 4 of these in my Hyundai, and I'll be selling the Hyundai so I put the stock headrests back in. These VR4 headrests were generously given to me, so I'm passing them on if anyone needs/wants them. Two of them have the posts cut down a bit so I could get them in the rear seats. The other...
  9. FS: Electronic Oil Press and Mech Boost gauges -- SOLD

    SOLDI have two of the Marshall Pro-Street II gauges for sale from Terry's old group buy. These have the "smoked" lens style. Size is 2 1/16". $45 shipped each OBO.Mechanical boost gauge: clickElectronic oil pressure gauge: clickThey are both BNIB with install instructions...
  10. FS: Key Fob replicas

    Please provide your screen name and shipping info on your payment!Please do not send funds as "Gift" anymore. PayPal is hassling me about it.OK here's the deal. If you haven't read the other thread, here is a quick recap.Member RayN identified the manufacturer of the original...
  11. A call for a '91 key fob

    If you have a '91 key fob you'd be willing to loan for the replica effort, please send me a PM. I will make sure you get it back, and also will offer you a free pair of keyfobs for your trouble. We already have a '92 lined up.
  12. wickedwrx

    Just sold #167 to Ryan yesterday. Good dude, and I think the car will be in good hands. Would not hesitate to do business with Ryan again. Thanks!
  13. She's gone!

    Just dropped off #167 with Ryan. His buddy owned 8 Talons and accordingly has a stockpile of parts. I think she will be in good hands. We had a good run #167...
  14. gone?

    1990ggsxnj pointed out that this site is linked in this How-To: clickbut the site gives 'Not Authorized' responses for any request I try. Anyone know of an alternative?
  15. CarRacer has knock issue

    posting for CarRacerHey fellas,I have a 91 Galant VR4 with a running issue.It has a 1G 7 bolt and it hasn't run much in the last year. I've slowly been working on it and I'm almost done, but need a little help.I've recently upgraded to 750cc injectors, 3G MAS, and Keydiver chip with...
  16. Reviving 167

    So after having a bunch of stuff stolen out of the car, its been sitting for a few months. I finally made time today to dig into it. Thanks to the generosity of many of our members, I was able to get going on this thing. Replaced the a-pillar trim and roof trim pieces, wired in the...
  17. Is your Throttle Body grounded?

    We were talking about this at the NY meet and even though I knew about this, I never realized that my car was missing the grounding bracket.Basically, the t-body needs to be grounded because the closed-throttle-switch on the back of it needs a ground to tell the ECU the throttle is closed...
  18. SOLD: 91 Galant VR-4 #167 in Central NJ $5000

    Up for sale is #167/2000. I have owned this car for 3-4 years and it has been good to me. The rack was replaced with a 1G power steering rack, and the rear lines were blocked off when the 4ws hard lines rusted through and started to leak. The previous owner had a stock OEM clutch put in. It...
  19. 14bCrazy

    I'm surprised this is Rick's first GG post. Rick did some photo printing for me of birth announcements that I created in Photoshop. He cleaned up a few things in the image, and did an awesome job printing, trimming, and shipping them to me quick. Thanks again Rick, they came out perfect.
  20. SAFC install in GSR Dash Pod - Info Archive with Pics

    I know its been done a bunch of times, but here's a few pics. I couldn't find pics of the holes under the dash cover so I snapped one for future reference.I used the Apexi mount but flipped it upside down and stuck it to the 'ceiling' of the pod:And now I just have to secure...
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