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  1. Fuel filler hose

    After sitting for quite some time, I filled up the tank in my VR4. Was welcomed the next morning with a pool of gasoline under the car.The replacement hose is now discontinued, I did not have any luck finding a new hose. I was able to piece something together, figured I'd share what I was...
  2. FS: Evo IX part out (interior and misc bits)

    I am selling bits and pieces out of a project car, the car now has a roll cage so it will not be needing most of these parts. All pieces removed professionally with no broken plastic.Prices as listedForced Performance Evo Green Turbo: $900Exedy Twin Disk Clutch (used): $900Evo IX Front...
  3. De-chroming 92 tail lights

    Someone backed into my car last month, I sourced a set of 92 tails but im not a fan of the chrome trim. Has anyone tried swapping the black molding from the 91 lights?
  4. Tires for a daily driver

    I've searched around but cannot find info on the widest tire I can fit on the stock rims.Also any opinions on tires are greatly appreciated, so far I've only tried toyo proxes.
  5. Global Rally Cross, april 15th, Snoqualmie washington

    Global rally cross 2011 seasonAnyone going?
  6. Removing the chrome stripping from the galant

    Has anyone successfully removed the chrome from their bumpers and doors? I'd like to see what this looks like on a jdm rs bumper, I like the look on the amg galant.
  7. Sourcing a Evo 1-3 transmission

    The transmission in my car is starting to go out, looks like it's time to rebuild or replace. In my old rally car I had a evo 1 rs transmisison that I fell in love with. I would go with the original supplier, but that was a customers car, no joke, a customers galant gsx came in with a bad...
  8. Single Bulb Dual fillament Corners

    Just recently picked up a set of Ebay Amber CornersI read a post somewhere of someone using Hyundai sockets? I've been searching for the past half hour and cannot find any info, has anyone done this before?
  9. Cam Questions

    So I may have made the mistake of buying a part before researching more into the matter. I picked up a set of Brian Crower 272's for 370 Shipped. Should have I gone with HKS bump sticks? I read somewhere out on the outerweb that the BC cams make more power, but I yet have to find and data on the...
  10. Turbo sizing questions

    I'm going through the process of selecting a turbo, I've definitely decided on the gt28 series but don't know exactly which one to run. Doing some rough estimates at 6k assuming 90% VE and a PR of 2.3 (~20psi) a 4g would flow 439 cfm or 30.7 lb/min. (2.0l*6000rpm*90VE*2.3PR/5660). At 1/2 flow =...
  11. ARP head/rod/main worth it?

    I'm in the process of putting together a new motor for my daily, and wanted to know if its honestly worth the money to upgrade to arp fasteners?
  12. My front end is close to complete.... thanks broxma!!!

    Just got the grille in, thanks broxma came in perfect condition.
  13. Evo 8 Ecu Swap

    Has anyone converted their galant to running a evo 8 ecu? Any info out there on what has to be done?
  14. Car importing questions

    For anyone who has been following my build, unfortunately it came to an end due to financial problems. Good news is the car is being sold to Shamus Burke (the name may ring a bell if you follow the rally circuit).Here's a thread of the car build: clickI've been entertaining the thought...
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