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  1. Anyone attempt removing frost plug from driveshaft yoke

    Seeing that i am the guy that made that guide and that yoke has been on my car for many years with zero leaks I would say it is!
  2. Output shaft that goes from AWD transmission to transfer case

    The auto trans output shaft normally has a clip on the end the same as the passenger side axle on a manual car. Mine is long gone and I don’t have any issues!
  3. Radiator Fan Configuration Change

    Mark, the fact that we both knew that proves just how old we both are now!
  4. Radiator Fan Configuration Change

    I recall that there is a wire running to a temp sensor on the rear of the thermostat housing that will turn the fans on permanently if you ground it?
  5. 1988 VR4 Parts suppliers

    Check out megazip as well. I’ve bought from them a few times with no issues.
  6. Cabin noise/rattle

    Is this Mo’s car? If so you will have nothing mechanical to do to it. He is pretty anal when it comes to upkeep on his cars!
  7. JDM Galant VR4 Chime

    There is a screw on the back of the cluster with a wire that you need to remove. The pic in JDM Chime this link will work if you click it!
  8. Ecm Link

    Looks like a Keydiver chip. As Mark said just pull it and replace with ecmlink.
  9. Power steering delete rear subframe rack question.

    I think that you will find that none of the works rally cars had 4WS fitted. Fuel will be able to 100% confirm this. It is usually removed because it is prone to leaking as the cars age and it is easier to just remove the whole thing. I removed mine almost 10 years ago after it leaked badly and...
  10. Old newbie

    Wow, haven’t seen that name in a while! Welcome back Mike. If you message Nathan I’m sure he would work something out for you. Try looking for him on Facebook too. A complete 5 lug swap just sold in Brisbane I think 😩
  11. is this a vr4 4g63t?

    Yep, as per above posts this is from a RVR sports gear auto.
  12. Timing belt gear markings

    Check this out too. Vfaq timing belt change
  13. Timing belt gear markings

    The timing marks on the cam gears should line up close to the top of the head. Give it a couple more turns to see if they end up ok. The oil pump timing mark isn't lined up either. I normally lie a metal ruler along the head between the gear with the valve cover off of course. You will have...
  14. big power help with 565

    I hope you made the appropriate turbo sounds whilst "test driving" it for that last pic
  15. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    It's the temp sensor on the front of the housing. It has 2 pins.
  16. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    Also check the coolant temp sensor that the ecu uses. If it's dead it will default to a temp in the negatives and the Ecu will over fuel the motor causing it to start then stall.
  17. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Looks like I got lucky!
  18. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: The adapter plate bolt holes do not line up with the bolt holes on the pinion flange for the third section of the factory driveshaft closest to differential. I looked on DSS's website, and the adapter I received is clearly different from the one pictured for the Galant/DSM...
  19. How about some updates???

    Quoting GSTwithPSI:f*** it, I guess we'll have new a 5 car listAwesome! Only way i'll get into the top 5 anytime soon!
  20. To Auto or not to Auto (GVR4). That is the question...

    Good choice Barry! You staying manual gives me more of a chance at having the fastest VR4 in Australia with my auto setup and stock block until you see the light
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