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  1. WTB: Q45 Throttle body

    In search of a Q45 tb for my GVR4. Thanks for any replies! you can also text me at 7175528179
  2. WTB: COP setup

    Looking for a COP setup for my GVR4. Thanks for any replies! you can also text me at 717 552 8179Mitch
  3. solid mounts?

    I have been slowly putting together 1972/2k and after a few years of running stock mounts and wondering if my motor moves too much I'm starting to kick around the idea of solid welded mounts. I have access to a laser to cut out washers to weld in my factory mounts after all the rubber is cut...
  4. WTB: Tuning laptop

    I was thinking of putting this in the parts wanted, But its not really a part. I'm trying to find a cheap laptop someone may have laying around. Recently my gf left me and took ours with her because she paid for it, Which is fair but now I need one for my link setup that I just ordered! You can...
  5. Ocean City, MD cruise week-May 17-20 2012, Who Goes?

    I will be at the car show/cruise week in may at OC was hoping to meet some fellow gvr4's there, Does anyone go to this event?
  6. top mount oil return route???

    I've been searching around pictures on the internet and cant find any pictures of setups that you can see a clear shot of a turbo oil return on a custom fab top mount. maybe I missed something but I cant seem to find a route for my return without running it right into the manifold runner or...

    I'm looking for a decent fwd clutch setup for a project of mine. Stock flywheel or lightweight, Need a pretty good clutch to hold power to a good size slick. Please contact me on here or on my cell phone at (717)-552-8179.Thanks, Mitch
  8. WTB: trans around PA/MD

    broke the 2nd trans in my galant last night, just looking for one locally around me hopefully. I live right above the pa/md line around waynesboro/hagerstown. I may be interested in one anywhere, depending what shipping costs on a trans. If you can just text/call me at 717 552 8179. thanks for...
  9. Holeshotmoe and MitchooO's cars together!

    I had just found that a new guy in town has another galant and we got to meet up and actually have 2 gvr4's in the same place! I have been the only one around my area since I had aquired my car a few years back. Its very new to me to see 2 of them locally in person at once! enjoy.
  10. Mike and I vr4s

    heres a few shots of the only 2 vr4's in the area! pretty exciting actually seeing 2 together where we are from!!
  11. Squeeling belt?

    So I've driven my car for years, had it apart for 1 1/2. Put it all back together with no power steering, No A/C, All I have is the waterpump and alternator. for some reason if I have any power load at all on the alternator the belt will squeel If I dont keep the RPMS above 2k. if it does start...
  12. 1972/2000 Build!

    I have been putting it off for a long time to post everything up here, So I'll do it now to see what you guys think!! So far I have nothing done to the body as far as paint but have the gallon of bright white that I wanted to do the entire car, I swapped out all 4 doors, both fenders, and the...
  13. Measuring a v band wastegate

    ok guys ive been putting it off untill now and my car is comming together, i bought a top mount manifold and have a big arse WG v band flange... i dont know how to measure it to get the right one? do i go by inside diameter, outside, or the first lip inside the flange? the inside is close to...
  14. Greddy E-Manage Ultimate><dsm link v3 lite

    i am gathering the final major peices and dont want to leave out the ecu...i was thinking on the new dsm link or w/e its called, ecm link? but i have been talking my friend who has just got done taking the classes at efi university and we have looked very hard at wat i really need to run my...
  15. wastegate setup for gt40 on the street

    hey guys i am getting ready to finally put everything back together the way i wanted it on the vr4, built bottom end with a good head and valvetrain, im going to be running a GT4094r on a big ol top mount,850 inj for now to get it on the road on 15-18 lbs. and a set of 272 or 280 cams, i havent...
  16. i feel like an idiot.... search help!! please..

    the forum search is not my friend, i know the intake manifold shoot out is a post on here, and now i cant even find it threw a search with 30 different keywords...? would anyone happen to be a little smarter than me and know how to find it?
  17. power steering delete?

    ok so i did a search or 3 and didnt find anything but i was thinking of not running power steering and finding a manual rack to put in my galant, i hate the space they take up in the engine bay and im willing to struggle and have a sacrifice of being rid of it completely ... i know the 4ws is...
  18. FS: SOLD > 85 MR2 $1300 PA < SOLD

    delete... car is sold
  19. clutch system issues.....

    ok im about to throw the "D" word at my vr4 in another clutch has been doing this for the past has: no more rubber lines, new slave cylinder, new master cylinder, new clutch fork, throw out bearing and an 1/8" washer on the pivot doesn work to just pump it...
  20. rear axles???? wtf

    so i proced ONE right rear axle today...and i thnk the guy was smoking crack because he said 800...something....and i said, what!?!?!? i thought he was messing with me, and their was a pause, and he said. 800 i told him to have a nice day!....would that be pricing for a trans...
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