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  1. Spatchana (aka Pot)

    Great seller, quick, flexible and honest!
  2. FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (xxxx/2000) NB *Updated June 2, 2022

    Does your parts car have an automatic retractable radio antenna? I need the male harness and clip that plugs into the antenna motor, mines been damaged.
  3. Bolt on GVR4 front mount intercoolers

    Im interested also
  4. Twin Disc Clutch Survey

    Thank you for the info, I see there are several Quartermaster 8 Leg twins on there I'll do more research. Did you use their hydraulic release bearing or stick with the stock mitsu T/O bearing and fork? Also how does the clutch pedal pressure feeling compare? Im trying to find one close to...
  5. Twin Disc Clutch Survey

    This is just a survey so see which twin disc clutch setup you guys run/prefer on your GVR4’s. I'm in the market for one and would like some feedback good/bad from those that are running them.
  6. 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS)

    Who makes those wheels and what are the off set and dimensions? They look sick!
  7. FS: Jdm Vr4 RS Hood $300

  8. What coil-over setups are you guys running?

    What are the k-sport specific top hats for the GVR4? Did the 1G Megan Racing Coil over top hats not work or are you running a different spring?
  9. What coil-over setups are you guys running?

    Just a survey to see what everyones running and what people like:What coil-over setups are you guys running, especially those with the 245+ width tires?
  10. Rattle can

    Tom's Turbo Garage had some info on this when he touched up his Galant in his video segment.
  11. Turbo rebuild suggestions.

    For the time money and trouble of rebuilding you could just get a FP 68HTA and be done with it.
  12. FS: evo seat brackets interest

    I would like a set, thanks for making these.
  13. FS: Vr4 RS Intercooler Is Back!!!! >>> SOLD <<<

    How is this still posted? This is a $50.00 used setup that he wants $400.00 for?$200.00 for the intercooler + paiping(whatever that is) + 200.00 to ship unless you live in Malaysia. You can buy a custom FMIC for that money!
  14. FS: Delrin, Nylatron & shifter extensions

    Any shifter extensions left?
  15. FS: tel short shifter for gvr4 25.00 shipped!

    Do you still have the short shifter?
  16. FS: OEM bushings for rebuilding shifter

    Do you still have a set of shifter bushings for sale? If so I would like to buy them.
  17. FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    Any idea when this year you will have more VR4 hood strut kits in? I'd really like one.
  18. 2g Dip Stick Tube and O-Ring Dip Stick in a 1g

    When you say "Break too easy" what exactly do you mean?Do you mean the plastic handle gets brittle over time and breaks when you try to pull the dip stick out or something else?
  19. 2g Dip Stick Tube and O-Ring Dip Stick in a 1g

    I couldn't find anything in the forums about this.Does anyone know if a 7bolt dip stick tube and 7bolt oil dip stick will work in a 6bolt motor?I have always liked the 2g dipstick with the o-rings a lot better than the 1g and i'd like to make the switch.
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