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  1. Rear Windshield Wiper only on JDMs?

    You are correct it was only on the Japan home market cars as saloons. All the bracketry is present to install the rear wiper on the other cars. All the euro cars I have come across had the body loom wiring from the factory to support it already installed. I think there are a number of rear...
  2. Get your Galant badges in the right place! Factory specs inside :)

    Hi Allan. I havn't seen them. I'll keep my eyes peeled. In the mean time here are a few more Ive had aside for uploading: FTO: Evo 5: Evo 6: L300 Delica Star wagon etc (from a german service manual): These have been in a folder on my desktop for about 4 years as I waited for the photo...
  3. Missing files section

    Perfect! Glad it's not walked. When stuff goes missing its a downer for us all. This site is pretty unique as it's majorly factual, and the roots are deep back into time. Cheers! Rich
  4. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Awesome I will. Cheers! Rich
  5. Missing files section

    Hi, Thanks toybreaker. thanks for the link. I meant the dropdown menu at the top. There was loads of cool stuff in there. And thats where the Homologations and some manuals I scanned in their entirety sat. There is the tyre size calc and a few items, but there used to be loads of stuff in...
  6. Missing files section

    Hi all, I just logged on after the password change from the forum resurrection and I'm looking around. I don't see the files section (I scanned the JDM trans, Engine and Homologation papers which were uploaded there for the community.) Am I looking in the right place? Is it still coming...
  7. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Hi, I went to look for the members showcase, but i hit upon a functionality issue with the search. Is there a how to for it? so we can trawl the hugely useful back catalog of stuff. I used to post lots of archive stuff and kinda use the board as a public library to file stuff. I need some...
  8. Using foglight switch as off/on switch

    These are the same as the latch on demister switch too. the middle part comes out and you could add a different emblem. IIRC there should also be a pilot you can patch in so the switch changes colour when activated. Rich
  9. Misterfixit's information archive and scans index

    Checked back after a little while and loads is missing here, so lets add these in too: 89.01 EDM (NL) Hatch Brochure: click 89.03 EDM (NL) Saloon Brochure: click 89.06 JDM Galant click 1989 NZDM Galant Brochure: click 91.06 Galant Freindy E37A (Scroll down): click
  10. Need help, Galant door molding

    There were only two types of door moulding (lower cover) One with a wavy profile and one with three narrow grooves in. they changed from year to year. If its the half door covering moulding, and it's the wavy profil one then you are good. Rich
  11. hello everyone how to define this car..

    Post or PM the vin on the firewall, i'll let you know what it was built as. Being in turkey, LHD and with big bumpers, I'd suggest it was a GCC destination car. Lets get the vin and work from there. Cheers Rich
  12. Anyone know a part number for JDM GVR4 o2 Sensor?

    You can use a 4 wire one and leave the heater wires disconnected. All you need to do is de-pin the connector and swap the shell of your one on. Leave the heater wires off or cut them back. I believe the EPS rack (2WD GSR) and AC Clutch use the same connector family, You might find the same...
  13. Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    You can use a 3k dsm headunit with this changer too it'll work, but you need to add an exta line to the illumination. It's set up in the 3K with a dimmer. So if you really desire you can hook up a dimmer feed to it too. That's what I've wired in mine. Rich
  14. Get your Galant badges in the right place! Factory specs inside :)

    I have also found what I can of the CJ series '98 up Lancer and mirages.
  15. Get your Galant badges in the right place! Factory specs inside :)

    While we are all on lockdown, I was looking around for some other stuff, I just found the badge dimensions for '98 Up EA series Galants. Enjoy! I hope this helps! Rich
  16. Get your Galant badges in the right place! Factory specs inside :)

    These pics should show the Galant trunk badges better (apologies for the flatness in the first image, I think it's this that makes the badges look 'non parallel') I hope this helps, Rich
  17. Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    Here are the factory upgrade options from 1991 to give an idea of the 'styles' when in a galant console. There are four pages on headunits click Rich
  18. Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    I see you found my orig radio rebuild thread. click I like the look of these, but I don't like leaving a headunit in the car with a face on. Currently fitted is a random head unit that has a usb jack on a cable and animated dolphins.. very not period. Once I can find a usb type changer thing...
  19. Get your Galant badges in the right place! Factory specs inside :)

    Hi Allan, I have not seen it as a specific image otherwise i would have scanned it here. I've not noticed it show up in the 89.10, 90.03, 90.10 or 91.10 books. Could the door badge separation cover it? Rich
  20. JDM AC Compressor Diagram

    I don't think such a thing exists. I have the manuals in the linky in my signature. I do have others, but there are some elements that only show up in the Japanese books. Rich