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  1. WTB: Factory intake air duct

    Looking for a factory intake air duct that goes by the passenger side fender, thanks.
  2. Fractured Lower Engine Block Tab - Can It Be Welded?

    Seems like a common issue around this bolt mounts? I had the bolt snapped in the bell housing when some other trans bolt shake loose, eventually lead to shift problem. It started as noise that I thought was throwout bearing. But after fix this and bolt the transmission down tight again, all the...
  3. CM exhaust

    Youtube Link Use a headphone or stereo with good bass. 2.5 inch CM dual tip exhaust with CM high flow cat and 2.5 inch down pipe. Driving on the same roads in 4th and mostly keep at 2800-3000 rpm. Showing two scenario which one has one exhaust tip plugged, one unplugged. Very noticeable...
  4. Blew a Rear Brake Line. SS Options?

    Agreed...mine blew while I was driving on the back roads, luckily was able to pull to the side without hitting anything. If you are using stock style lines make sure you properly mount them to the struts, mine wasn't and it's been flexing and bending with the suspension movement and eventually...
  5. Olympus, Washington Rally

    I'm going! Only 40 miles from me via beautiful Kitsap back roads. I read it somewhere that the Olympus rally in late 80s is also where the Grp.A Gvr4 made its first debute on a rally stage.
  6. 18GVR4

    Mark was very patient when I was there taking some bits off and I was able to find what I was looking for, thumbs up~
  7. Rear Sway End Links

    The Mevotech MS80812 looks like it has a shorter stop nut mounted closer to the pillow ball housing, perhaps this will fit better?
  8. DSM vs GVR4 power steering rack/ tie rods

    2 wheel steer rack, and all the in and out tie roads are the same... You need to adjust your toe whenever you swap steering rack, did you measure the total length before the swap?
  9. Volvo peeps

    Volvo uses 4x114.3 bolt pattern only on first gen S40/V40(98-03), not sure about exact year though...
  10. WTB: Rear engine mount

    Looking for a rear engine mount, MB436495 ..seems like these are discontinued for a while from Mitsubishi? Surprised there's no other third party supplier makes them anymore either.
  11. Anyone using ECMLink to control rad fans?

    What kind of picture? The simplest way of configure that is just one wire running from the fan switch plug to the fpr plug, if you can't find them here are some service diagram to help: Number 4 in this one for the fan switch And number A-46-2 in this one for fpr solenoid plug...
  12. Anyone using ECMLink to control rad fans?

    Similar set up, i actually made a male to male and female connector and connect the fpr plug to both the fan control harness and the water temp switch on the t stat housing, so I can use ecu to control fan and the switch still functions as a fail safe.
  13. Anyone using ECMLink to control rad fans?

    The fpr just gets grounded on the ECU side, it's the top - pin on the FPR T socket. So use it to ground relay only.
  14. Anyone using ECMLink to control rad fans?

    Here is my setup, basically the lower end of the coolant temp is what determine what temp the fan should kick on, you can experiment with this value to see what best suits you, also speed is a determine factor as well, put it under 35 mph and it should be fine. Low RPM should be somewhere lower...
  15. WTB: Front stock spring and spring seats

    Trying to look for a set of relatively clean front spring...mine seems been cut and the front wheel gap is smaller than the rear
  16. WTB: Passenger side bumper support bracket

    Hmmm, I just finished fixing the one I have and already put it on the car already...I may buy it for spare
  17. WTB: Passenger side bumper support bracket

    Looking for a passenger side front bumper support bracket, part No.2 in the diagram, thanks.
  18. 1991 Radio - Rebuild and install.

    Only 2 DIN comes with aux jack, there's actually two kinds of them, I think one of which is the MB649778. They both look the same except one is 2 plug the other is 1 plug. I have one that is 2 plug, it has some issues, cassette won't play, one channel is dead, volume encoder is bad, etc...
  19. EVO Suspension Strut Bolts and Nuts

    If it's the OEM camber bolt that you were looking for, I asked the guy from STM racing, they said they have pretty much all the OEM evo stuff in stock and they managed to find a set for me. Try contact them for these 14mm nut and bolt set.
  20. FS: Comp 101-200 cams $300 obo shipped

    For sale is a set of comp 101-200 (FP2) cams, came from my VR4 with about 10k miles on them, bearing and lobe surface feels very smooth. I'm going for stock cam for my current turbo set up. $300 obo shipped