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  1. FS: 3-Bolt LSD - $100 (WA) *SOLD*

    Located in Seattle
  2. Missing files section

    If you have the old links, I'm sure it can be added to the dropdown again. I actually don't recall the links being in a menu myself, but I probably just missed it :unsure: I just looked at the site on and discovered the FAQ section for the first time, so I'm not very observant...
  3. FS: 3-Bolt LSD - $100 (WA) *SOLD*

    Finally swapped to a 4 bolt, so selling my 3 bolt LSD and axles. Ran only Lightweight Shockproof while I owned it, it sounded fine and performed well, but it is used with unknown mileage. Bolts right up for anyone with the stock non-LSD setup, but I do have cups available if you need them. $100...
  4. Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    Looks great so far, nice work! I'm sure the kinks can be ironed over time :D Thanks Chris!
  5. OEM parts?

    I email or call JNZ with a list of what I need. Josh has been really fast to get back to me with what he can get and send an invoice if I want to order it. Mitsubishi updated their system a while back and JNZ lost the ability to offer a full catalog on their website that we could browse, but...
  6. Using foglight switch as off/on switch

    That looks correct, you should confirm it with an ohmmeter before wiring it up. You may also want to use it to trigger a relay depending on the draw from the cutout. I believe that switch only triggered the fog light relay to run the fogs (FSM should have more info), so it's not rated for much...
  7. Is it bad to run without the intake resonator and snorkel?

    It could see a bit more dirt, but its really common for the resonator and snorkel to be removed, since they do restrict a bit. I assume you just mean the snorkel that leads to the filter "box." If so, I wouldn't worry too much about that as long as you keep up on your filter maintenance. When...
  8. CutlassJim

    Sold me a radiator that was in good condition as described, great communication, and packaged like it was a critical component. Shipped fast and packed super well!
  9. Spatchana (aka Pot)

    Received a smattering of parts from Pot in even better condition than I expected. Great guy, fast shipping, will definitely be looking out for other opportunities to get parts from him.
  10. lowcashleblanc

    Bought a few used/new parts and was quick on the communication and payment. Easy to work with!
  11. WTB: Good Front Right Fender (near WA or OR)

    Looking for a good front right fender that I can pick up in Washington or Oregon preferably. Any color is fine, I don't mind repainting it. Just not looking for anything with a lot of rust or damage/bends. I have a set of beat up JDM fenders I will be parting with once I have the front right...
  12. FS: Spring Cleaning (Various Parts) [Updated 6/7/21]

    Spring is pretty well over and I need to free up some space. I've marked the things that I am going to recycle or throw on eBay in 2 weeks. Open to reasonable offers and deals if you're interested in anything. I will be storing the remaining items, so may be a little slower to send anything out...
  13. Non-Destructive Rear Lower Damper Removal

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try a couple of things tonight. I tried a gear puller, but it can't grab on the rubber bushing and I wouldn't want it to dig in too hard anyway. I do have one thing I might be able to try there as well though. Will report back with the findings...
  14. Non-Destructive Rear Lower Damper Removal

    Does anyone have suggestions on removing these without destroying? While removing the damper both bushings came out of the damper and left the lower metal bushing that is stuck and integrated rubber bushing behind. I could of course cut them off, but there's nothing wrong with the performance...
  15. Replaced blown intercooler pipe, runs terribly NO BOOST LEAKS

    By RPMS, do you mean the CAS?
  16. Windshield trim installation question

    I removed mine a couple years ago and at the time they sat pretty much flush if I remember correctly. They no longer sit flush though, as the process of removing them caused some to slightly bend. Someone with lower mileage might be able to chime in with an example that may not have been...
  17. FS: Spring Cleaning (Various Parts) [Updated 6/7/21]

    More parts added, most prices dropped, going to turn into "summer" cleaning at the rate I'm going...