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  1. JSchleim18

    WTB: Radiator coolant overflow bracket and/or assembly

    looking for the coolant overflow bottle bracket or the whole assembly if you have
  2. JSchleim18

    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    186587699169516327 Your code expires on December 5, 2021
  3. JSchleim18

    WTB: Switch that goes in place of coin slot on mirror switch panel

    Looking for any of the switches that will fit in the coin slots on the mirror switch panel. Pic for reference: click
  4. JSchleim18

    WTB: Blacktop CAS *FOUND*

    Looking to buy a Mitsubishi branded only blacktop CAS Shipped to NY *FOUND*
  5. JSchleim18

    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    1664063313859234 This discount code expires on October 13, 2013
  6. JSchleim18

    431 has a little brother 584/1000

    Beautiful car Nelson I call dibs when it goes up for sale lol
  7. JSchleim18


    Greg is an excellent guy to work with. Paid promptly and zero hassles. Thanks again!
  8. JSchleim18

    FS: 2004 Acura TSX 125k miles Central, IA $10,300 ***SOLD***

    Quoting ApexHunter: MMMmmm nighthawk black. Love the blue metallic. Reminds me of BMW carbon black. Looks good! I love the nighthawk black pearl. I am having my rear bumper sprayed on my Accord and the blue pops so nice. Best of luck with the sale Heckert... great car here!!
  9. JSchleim18

    FS: Go Away People

    15 to be precise... but she totally looked legal
  10. JSchleim18

    FS: 4G63 Race Short Block $1200 NJ

    Hit up Jay Kohn ([email protected]) and get a quote from him... tell him Jeremy from Iconix recommended you to him. His rates will be half that.
  11. JSchleim18

    Rock auto brands

    Beck/Arnley makes quality parts and some of their parts are OEM
  12. JSchleim18

    kelford 264 vs. 272

    Quoting tektic: Will the 264/260 kelford camshaft combo be a better choice than 274 cams for my goal? I think so. Back when I was going to purchase cams I spoke with Kelford. They recommended the 264/260 setup for a midsize turbo and I wasn't looking to rev past 8,000 RPM. The 264/260 has a...
  13. JSchleim18

    buying from here

    Quoting packersfan814: is buying from here safe just wondering cuz i dont wanna be robbed Check the good guy thread and never send money as a gift via paypal
  14. JSchleim18

    Interesting find today from JNZ Tuning. (wheel bearings)

    Price is per side... Fronts: click Rears: click
  15. JSchleim18

    WTB: Galant GSX rear badge

    Can't find it man sorry
  16. JSchleim18

    WTB: Galant GSX rear badge

    Hey I still might have this. $10 if you want it
  17. JSchleim18

    FS: Mint samsung galaxy sII 350.00 shipped

    That makes me happy to know when I decide to unload mine for the S3. Best of luck with the sale!
  18. JSchleim18

    Tree Fell on Galant but still Going to Shootout

    When I had a tree fall on my car, I had to use my own comprehensive insurance through my auto insurance policy. Even if the tree looked dead, you would have to had told your neighbor that you wanted the tree to be cut down because it would become a liability. Also, that would have to be...