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  1. Does anyone make a "new" engine/wiring harness for the gvr4

    You could have gotten one here: ;)
  2. FS: 1g to 2g/3g/ Evo MAF/MAS adapter harnesses

    Updates made to first post.
  3. Does anyone make a "new" engine/wiring harness for the gvr4

    Well I'll be. Bit pricey, but nonetheless available.
  4. Does anyone make a "new" engine/wiring harness for the gvr4

    I sincerely doubt anyone does, other than possibly a simplified harness intended for competition. There are also options like Painless, but truthfully, with a good diagram and connectors you will be better off fixing the existing one as it can be clearly understood where everything is intended...
  5. WTB: automatic seatbelt - drivers side

    Is this a US spec car? I seem to recall only US cars utilized the "mouse" automatic belts. What is the VIN? The shape and size of this part will make shipping difficult as you can imagine.
  6. ACT Clutch Install Issue

    I have not used those particular parts recently, but there may be other things to check. Proper pedal stroke and setting. Also, did you have the flwheel resurfaced and the proper step height confirmed before installation?
  7. bent power steering hard lines

    Good feedback. I don't remember actual ratings, but push-lock fittings are probably not good for over a couple hundred PSI of pressure. I think the PS lines go much higher.
  8. VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    Oh no, Mike's back at it. "Hey Turbowop...":LOL:
  9. Another sunroof issue

    1g had a pop-up type, so no go there. 2g and VR4 had different suppliers, so I would not expect much design overlap or parts interchangeability.
  10. Hard to believe I kept my VR4

    Do it.
  11. Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    Driggs, What's up man? I was reading some of your stuff a few weeks ago.
  12. Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    Yes Tim, there is still some good stuff going on here on occasion.
  13. Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    Sent you a pm, or maybe it's a conversation? ;)
  14. Hey. New 6G Owner

    Much purtier than those 3-spokes.
  15. Got another one

    At least for me, pictures not showing.
  16. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    AGX part numbers: Front 734005 rear 741014
  17. WTB: Switch that goes in place of coin slot on mirror switch panel

    Jeremy, I have at least one available also if other offer falls through.
  18. Good 4WS alignment shop in So Cal?

    I second that TSB, in fact next one I have done I will disconnect the rear steering rack myself. If done without doing that, the rear will fight itself. the shop that did mine years ago did not follow my instructions and I had toe-out and bad tire wear as a result.
  19. Can I engine swap a 4G67 to 4G63?

    I suspect engine mounts will be different. The FWD and AWD Galants used different mounts and brackets due to crossmember design and engine positioning.
  20. Lowering Springs. EU available?

    I have the AGX on my 91, which I made into homemade coilover setups. On my 92 daily driver, I used the KYB standard application (I think for Eclipse GSX) and Eclipse AWD springs (fronts cut shorter). I really liked the ride/handling combo for the street and daily use. I don't have that car...