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  1. WTB: 6 bolt bottom end (Northeast US)

    I am in upstate new york, looking for a bottom end to build for my car. I will take a long block if I can get it, or just a bottom end if necessary. PM me if you have something. Thanks!
  2. FS: Stock intake, filter and maf.

    need this gone by saturday. Selling for 10$ plus shipping. Let me know via text. Worked great when I had it on. (843) 743-8539
  3. WTB: White JDM Fuel Door

    Every time one pops up I am the last to know. I want one. Will pay slightly more than it is worth because I have more money than brains. Tired of seeing them up for sale and then missing them...MX4 I am looking at you...JK yur awesome...but still guys hook me up!!!
  4. Still having Clutch issues...

    So, for those of you who don't know me/my car, I have jumped through almost every hoop to fix my clutch issues. The clutch disengages wayyyyy too close to the floor and it bugs the crap out of me...Consequently it's also a good way to destroy synchros. So, I have replaced all of the easier to...
  5. WTB: Clear cam cover.

    I actually want this for safety reasons, I have a little edge wear on my belt and want to keep an eye on it. Help out someone who is trying to be safe!!!! Thanks for reading.
  6. Common cause of inner timing belt wear [Resolved]

    My Brand new timing belt is rubbing on something...It is on the valve cover side. Anyone have any experience with this? Any recommendations on where to look first? Thanks in advance!
  7. WTB: 1g SMIM

    I have a 2g SMIM that is brand new in box that can go in trade if interested. The one I have goes for 500 new plus shipping. Just looking to get what I need for my car ASAP. I also have cash if need be. Thanks in advance!
  8. FS: JMF Race 2g Manifold 400$

    Brand new in box. Never installed. Comes with a thermal manifold spacer. Buyer pays shipping.I am selling it because I wont be able to use it on my new setup.
  9. Slowboy Racing (Built 4g63)

    I have had more trouble with this company than I would like to admit. I Purchased a race head from them in 2010, it was supposed to be a 7 bolt head that was ported with a 1mm overbore on intake and exhaust. New valve guides, manley springs and retainers and new valve seals.I ran the head for...
  10. WTB: Eterna Grill, Amber bumper markers, tail lights.

    I am looking for an Eterna grill (any grill with raised mitsu emblem), some amber bumper markers, and some tails with no VR4 logo. Euro preferred, but interested in options. Thanks for looking!
  11. Badams

    Good buyer. Quick response and pay pal was prompt. I would 100% sell to this guy again.
  12. Front end bushings

    Maybe this should be in tech, but I felt pretty newb asking so here goes. What are all the bushings in the front called? I know there are sway end links (1 per side), inner and outer lower control arm bushings(2 per side), and a set of uppers (1 per side), and there are also some subframe...
  13. FS: EH Motorsports Short Shifter like new. 90$ SOLD

    Installed for a month. I don't like having a short shifter. 90$ will take it. No core, buyer pays shipping.
  14. FS: AEM Uego less than 1,000 miles on it. $ 125 OBO

    I have an AEM Uego wideband for sale. Less than 1K on it. Harness is perfect, zero scratches on gauge, just doesn't work with what I want to do. I bought it new 6 months ago. Here is a link to amazon...165 new. AMAZON Buyer pays shipping.
  15. WTB: Eterna Grill, or GGSX grill.

    I would prefer black, but I will probably paint/Dip it anyway. Thanks for looking!
  16. WTB: White rear dog legs in good shape.

    Title says it all. Shipped to 97330.
  17. Different versions of tail lights that fit our cars.

    I know that there are 89, 91, and 92 tails that fit our cars. Are there any others? Also, I am trying to get a few pictures of each style on the car so I can compare them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. Is this a travesty?

    I am thinking about painting my Summit White car Summit with pearl...anyone care to tell me how much of an abomination this would be (or how awesome it would look)?
  19. FS: HKS 272/272 $325$

    I have a set that I had polished and inspected at my local machine shop. I don't plan to swap them any time soon since I think I will be doing a higher RPM build anyway(9K RPMish). Price is 325$ plus shipping. I will go to the shop and get pics if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  20. WTB: Amber bumper markers.

    Turn signals, bumper markers, whatever you want to call them...I would like to find some clean full amber bumper markers.
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