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  1. BEST leather reconditioning techniquwe and materials/compounds

    Hello all!So, recently I've stopepd using #5 as a DD, and now it's become more of a project car. As such, the deep cleaning is about to begin. The carpest will be removed, steam cleaned, interior more than liekly dyna matted and so-on, and I was planning on restoring my seats as well.The...
  2. WTB: 044 inline setup

    As the title states, I need moar fuelz and such. Hoping to find a decent deal on an inline bosch 044 setup.I fyou have one, or know of where I can find a decent setup, let me know! Thanks in advance!-Jake
  3. Bolt on housing options??

    Morning all!I've been toying eith the idea of getting rid of my tubular manifold in favor of an FP or similar manifold, but am left wonderring what my options are for a bolt on turbine housing for my Garrett/Full-Race T67( click ). I saw the FP30 and 35 housings, but cant find specs on the...
  4. WTB: 1600+ CC Injectors

    As the title states, Im looking for some 1600cc+ injectors for #5. Must be in GOOD working condition.PM me if you have what Im looking for! Thanks!-Jake
  5. WTB: known good Green CAS and ICM/TR unit

    As the title states, looking for known good green CAS and PowerTR/ICM units. Prefer local pickup/delivery, have cash in hand.Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. May be able to travel a little bit, but the only car I have is the GVR4, which needs said parts.....Thanks in advance!-Jake
  6. **NOT RESOLVED**Randomly losing cylinders/dying**NOT RESOLVED**

    Good morning!First off:stock 2.0 bottom end 272 cams evo pink 560s SD setup AEM EMS Magnus SMIM OBX ramhorn Full-Race T67(12psi) 7ES(and 6ES) plugs gapped to .23(NEW) NEW Denso Wires known good 2g Coilpacks ICM less than a year old CPS less than a year old(replaced same time)...
  7. GVR4 owners, CHECK IN!

    I know this is just a rough guestimate based on how many people actually use this site, but still. It'd be cool to have a plain NUMBER of how many are still out there, JSB or running!!For Science's sake, let's restrict this to TRUE GVR4 ONLY. Converted GGSX cars need not apply at this time...
  8. FS: **SOLD**2006 Triumph Daytona 675

  9. Hyundai VC

    Morning all!Im sure this has been answered before, but where can I find a gasket and grommets/etc for the Hyundai smoothe VC, or will I be able to use the factory mitsu gaskets from out stock VCs? From looking at it, the shape looks slightly different to me, PLUS, the whole grommet/fastner...
  10. Two "good guy" threads

    Would one of the mods be able to mergethe two for me, please and thanks?I figured posting here wouldA) illustrate the more computer savvy of the mods for future reference to the rest of the boardsB) be easier than sending ALL of you mods PMs....Thanks in advance!-Jake
  11. JDM projector foglights

    Hello all!Im in a pickle, and done a bit of searching but cant find anything thusfar...My JDM foglights work, but will blow fuses regualrly. I've been through the wiring for them countless times and found zero opens/shorts. Is there something Im missing here??So, my questions are:How...
  12. HMMM: Evo VIII/IX turboback?

    Hello, all.In my boredom at work, I've let my mind wander a tad, amongst other things. Basically, whilst cruising the interwebs for EVO8/9 parts, I came accross a very good deal on an Evo 9 3" turbo back exhaust($200). Now, mine isnt terrible, and it works, but for the T67 it's far from...
  13. GENUINE Garrett rebuild kit?

    Hello all!I'm having troubles finding a place that supplies GENUINE Garrett rebuild kits for theit turbos. I need to find a kit and rebuild my T67 in the very near future, as it likes to burn oil a bit....So, where can i find a GENUINE Garrett rebuild kit?Thanks in advance!-Jake
  14. FS: Evo3 16g, FMIC, SMIM, Hyundai VC

    * Name: Jake * Location: Colorado Springs * Means of Contact: Reply, PM, email [email protected], text 719-352-5058I have a few items for sale, all of them came from my car, or were originally planned to be used on my car but decided to take a different route. I will have pics up later...
  15. Exhaust coupler: Torca clamps

    Hello all!I've used these in the past: click but could've SWORN they came in the typical 2", 2.5", 2.75", 3.0" etc flavors....? Since its been YEARS since I've ordered or used them, taking a random shot in the dark on here in case you peoples know.Was curious if any of you could...
  16. [b]RESOLVED![/b]Need some opinions/ideas please. Misfire/crank no start

    RESOLVED!Good morning all!Before I get into the symptoms, here's my mods list:stock c/r 6bolt BC272's EVO pinks AEM EMS V1/speed density w/GM IaT and 5.5bar MAP SMIM 2.0-2.5 C.pipes Aeromotive FPR set to ~40 at idle, 43-ish w/o vacuum 3" turbo back 6ES sparkplugs EIII 16g...
  17. WTB: SMIM, $400 shipped?

    Name: Jake Location: Colorado Springs Contact info: PM here, Email [email protected], or text via 719-352-5058(i work a lot, and cant talk on the phone) Item wanted: SMIMAs the title states, im looking for a SMIM. The one on my car now is a cheapy crap knockoff with 1/4" thick head flange, and...
  18. Whiteline camber arms

    So, im posting this here because i cant for the life of me find where to buy these arms. Every site i've seen only has the bushings with the offset centers, which ive had and found that they tend to come out of adjustment after hard launches.So, in a nutshell. WHERE CAN I FIND THESE!?-Jake
  19. My DD/project Johnny #5

    Hello all!Picked this up early March of this year, out of pure luck. Ive always loved DSMs and really anything 4g63 powered, and always wanted a GVR4 to call my own. One day on a local forum, a fellow member mentioned he had #5 in his garage collecting dust. Few weeks later, i was the proud...
  20. WTB: Radio Mounting Brackets

    Good morning alL!Im looking for a set of radio mounting brackets for our cars. I've been to the junkyard a million times over the past few monts, and havent found any that would work. Shoot me a PM, or text at 719-352-5058 if you have what I'm looking for, please. I've got a radio, good...
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