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  1. FS: 1976 Dodge Colt Sedan - Runs Great - 4G63 ready - AZ - $2700

    If this was a 1975, I'd be trying to find a way. Damn California.Looks awesome, I hope it finds a good home.
  2. how many of you have a "budget"build on your GVR4?

    When I had mine...$3,000 in Car $3,000 in parts + maintenance crapWhen i sold it all: $3,000 in Car $3,000 in partsI think I did ok, it needed ~$1k in work when I sold it (driveshaft rebuild and some odds'n'ends)Shopping for a $15k Evo right now...
  3. FS: Custom Galant VR-4 Shift knobs round 2. Updated 1st post! Pay by 2/28

    Quoting Racah15: Next paycheck (Around the 1st), I get a Commision bonus, and my holiday pay check. I will give you guys each $10 to refund the shipping and paypal cost to those of you who waited so long.I don't want your money, I just want my knob. You can keep the $10.
  4. FS: Custom Galant VR-4 Shift knobs round 2. Updated 1st post! Pay by 2/28

    jnava - thanks for the updates and help.My big concern is he's not updating anyone about the status. He obviously has these things ready to go but doesn't have money for shipping. He also continues to have costs come up, like the recent headgasket and timing belt failure on his Galant VR4. I...
  5. FS: Custom Galant VR-4 Shift knobs round 2. Updated 1st post! Pay by 2/28

    From Abe last night: Quote: Hey bud, Yeah, I have had them all in all ready to ship, all labeled and such. What I meant by last shipment, was the shipment I was suppost to sent last, but I wasn't due to financial reasons. Sorry I haven't been active much on the board, I've been crazy busy. And...
  6. FS: Custom Galant VR-4 Shift knobs round 2. Updated 1st post! Pay by 2/28

    PM'd him on Facebook asking about it.
  7. FS: Custom Galant VR-4 Shift knobs round 2. Updated 1st post! Pay by 2/28

    Still no knob. How many people have NOT received their knobs?JCorbo25 - knobless
  8. FS: Evo 8 Rear Seats (mint) - Sacramento, CA

    I still have these. Would prefer pickup.
  9. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 #912/1000 - CA - $3,000 (sunroof) ***SOLD***

    Quote: troll A person who, on a message forum of some type, attacks and flames other members of the forum for any of a number of reasons such as rank, previous disagreements, sex, status, ect. A troll usually flames threads without staying on topic, unlike a "Flamer" who flames a thread...
  10. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 #912/1000 - CA - $3,000 (sunroof) ***SOLD***

    So the 'fav turd herder troller' is saying to not feed the trolls. I like irony.
  11. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 #912/1000 - CA - $3,000 (sunroof) ***SOLD***

    Quote: So you actually valued the turbo at 500 dollars even though it needed to be replaced immediately? Interesting. And that "DSM Expert" knew what a turbine housing was and you didn't? Nor could you verify whether or not it was a legit MHI turbo.And in regards to your "condescending...
  12. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 #912/1000 - CA - $3,000 (sunroof) ***SOLD***

    Quote: umm. I didn't offer 2k. I offered 3k plus 200 for the turbo you had. You accepted 3k, but wouldn't sell the turbo. I opted not to buy mainly because there were too many unknowns, and everything was zip tied together. I also didn't feel like paying you my hard earned dollars because of...
  13. Those with evo seats

    They seemed centered in my pictures... but I never took a straight on shot I guess.Sorry I'm not more help, never measured it.
  14. FS: Evo3-16G NIB with hardware ****SOLD***

    This sold immediately after posted.I actually bought it from a Galant VR4 guy and felt compelled to sell it for what I paid.Yes, I got a screamin' deal and am sad I won't be able to use it.
  15. FS: 1992 Galant VR4 #912/1000 - CA - $3,000 (sunroof) ***SOLD***

    ^ Yup, I have only had one person come out and check the car out. He said it was the cleanest one he has seen for sale and he's been searching for 2 years. Sadly, he still didn't see the value in it and wanted to pay $2,000... but I've had three offers in the last 48 hours on Craigslist for...
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