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  1. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Put me down for one aswell!
  2. WTB: OEM head unit / radio

    I have one available like the one pictured. What are you looking to pay for one?
  3. Which radiator?

    If you go the 1g route you pretty much have to delete your ac, use the 1g fans and thermostat housing. With that you gain alot of room and your coolant fill point is a bit higher at the head. Also any stock replacement you find will be aluminum and much lighter.
  4. Pull engine to replace oilpump?

    I don't have a garage is the main reason..
  5. Pull engine to replace oilpump?

    Quoting turbowop: Yup, just replace the seals. (It can be done in car), but I wouldn't bother unless there was something actually wrong with the oil pump itself.I like Marks optimism saying it can be done lol. Seeing how I do already have a kevlar bs belt and I wanna keep the bs for smoother...
  6. Pull engine to replace oilpump?

    It's an aftermarket high volume pump made by I think Toga or something like that. The motor has about 17k but the oil pump has seemed to always whine under acceleration since I've owned the car. About 10k miles. I just really would like to go with an oem for logevity.
  7. Pull engine to replace oilpump?

    I still have my balance shaft belt for drivability. I couldn't find anything if someone has done it with the bs.
  8. Pull engine to replace oilpump?

    Hey guys, I'm doing a timing belt and headgasket overhual because of a crank seal leak. I was planning on doing the oilpump aswell. My question is weather or not I have to pull the block to put a new oil pump on?
  9. WTB: 2g stock intake and tailights

    I need taIL lights for my 97, also I'm looking for a stock intake without the maf or filter. How much would you want for your metal intake with the recirc. Would you want to trade a injen with out recirc?
  10. WTB: 2g stock intake and tailights

    Looking for a stock intake and set of tails. Let me know thanks!
  11. WTB: 1990 ofh

    Want to buy foward facing oil filter housing. Let me know thanks.
  12. WTB: 10an return line

    I have the line pictured above unused id let go for 40 shipped
  13. Citymunky

    Great person to purchase parts from.
  14. Is this shifter cable toast?

  15. WTB: 2,4,R shifter cable

    Let me know thanks!
  16. act pressure plate problems

    Well it was the pressure plate even though there was no obvious sings of spring wear or finger issues, cars shifting better then ever. I did email act and explain the situationnow that I know it was the pressure plate so we'll see. Thanks guys..
  17. FS: badges

  18. FS: Super awesome oil drain line 50obo shipped

    Quoting mitsuturbo: Pretty typical. PTE turbine housings move the CHRA toward the transmission about an inch vs stock or an FP turbine housing. A lot of guys wind up hacking on their mount to get return line to fit right.Yeah I notched my mount and still had to fab a soft line up.
  19. FS: Super awesome oil drain line 50obo shipped

    Doesn't fit my setup with 6262 mhi exhaust housing, was close but no cigr so its new. Might work easier with a smaller turbo or probably with a t4 set up. Word work on a 1g or 2g easier.
  20. FS: badges

    But it's to the hands of gti now lol
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