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  1. FS: 1992 VR4, 324/1000, 134,xxx miles - Bozeman, MT $4000obo

    No need to PM brother did it...bought some CF fabric, covered it in FG hardener and let it's hard as hell and shows the CF weave nicely...cost about $4 to make...look on eBay for the fabric or go to an upholstry shop and buy 2.25 square feet of it (18"x18") and the FG hardener...
  2. FS: 1992 VR4, 324/1000, 134,xxx miles - Bozeman, MT $4000obo

    Made it...took the original leather off and wrapped it in CF...Car is again tentatively sold locally...
  3. FS: 1992 VR4, 324/1000, 134,xxx miles - Bozeman, MT $4000obo

    Being trailered to Washington Memorial weekend...bumpity bump
  4. FS: 1992 VR4, 324/1000, 134,xxx miles - Bozeman, MT $4000obo

    CF speaker gauge pod, CF arm rest, CF blinker intake scoop, CF center consoul gauge holder (where stereo and aux gauges could go) be specificDoes NOT have a CF hood or trunk...just interior bits.
  5. FS: 1992 VR4, 324/1000, 134,xxx miles - Bozeman, MT $4000obo

    Yes it is...I haven't got a lot of interest in this car in MT so if I cannot get rid of it by May 20 where it is, I'm trailering it to WA for better luck.Email me for details: [email protected] or call me at: (406) 595-4874
  6. FS: 1992 VR4, 324/1000, 134,xxx miles - Bozeman, MT $4000obo

    Make an offer...I need this thing gone ASAP...Considering bringing it out to WA for more people to see it...
  7. FS: 1992 VR4, 324/1000, 134,xxx miles - Bozeman, MT $4000obo

    I have a great purpose built autocross car that is 99% done in Belize Green drab. Runs strong, drives well, and here's what it has:Muscle: 1000 miles8.5:1 JE Pistons Ross Rods ARP Hardware all around SS Fuel Line & Clutch Line Vacuum Manifold AFPR, Walbro 255 with relay kit 4-ply...
  8. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Toooo sexxxxyyyy!!! Damn that is coming together better than the factory! Nice work!
  9. EVO8 Suspension and making it align....

    Wow....Roger that makes sense and I will try to draw something up to better visualize the product. I like the idea stated in option #3 as it can knock two things out with one modification. Caster being a good thing isn't my biggest problem and I honestly feel I should fix one aspect of the...
  10. EVO8 Suspension and making it align....

    I have EVO8 Suspension on my car and hoping to address the camber issues that are now present; I am at a lost of how I need to go about it. There's rumors of the EVO8 setup pushing the knuckles outward and that seems to be an issue I observe every time I drive the GVR4. I was going to mill...
  11. Manual Steering in the GVR4

    I appreciate everyone's advice and explanation of their experiences. I have not had the belt hooked up and its really not bad but just leaky...I'm going to stay clear of the manual rack and de-power my existing rack and be happy once it's done. Thank you everyone and I'll post my experiences...
  12. Manual Steering in the GVR4

    The car is not a DD and is leaking fluid like crazy from the PS rack that we looped lines too and from. We eliminated the PS pump and pulley and now we have this leak...I wanna try and get it taken care of ASAP to try in a local Autox event in July. Would you convert to a manual rack and if so...
  13. Heres the pics of 651

    Lookin' clean! REALLY clean!
  14. Alaska?

    I went to HS in Colony in Palmer to be more specific...Now down in Montucky...quite a few GVR4s here in town...Wishin I was into them up there...I was more into the SyTy scene. Good luck on your're going to have better luck with DSMs up there than the GVR4s so...
  15. Oil amount

    I'm at 6 quarts FTW!!!
  16. power steering delete?

    It's very stable at highway speeds. I like it a lot and it certainly freed up a lot of room in the engine bay. Speeds less than 2 mph tend to become an "arm-strong" moment but how often do you travel at such low speeds?! I think it's a good thing to do as long as you do it correctly.
  17. mad ground clearance

    Looking pretty damned montly. I kinda like it
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